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Muscular Catholicism

Back to the gym.

July 7, 2017  0


With rare exception, no Catholic under the age of 50 has any real living memory of a robust, muscular Catholicism. What they have experienced because of the feminization of the liturgy and other important aspects of the One True Faith, owing to effeminate clergy, is a wimpy Catholicism.

Imagine the scene in a gym where a bunch of muscular gym rats are standing around grunting and lifting heavy weights and getting stronger. Then there is the wimpy dude, sort of hanging out in the corner, afraid to get in and start building himself up. Wimpy Catholicism — is there anything more repulsive to the soul?

See, the evils of the Left, which have also invaded the hearts and minds of many Church leaders, are represented by gym rats. They're always there lifting and pushing and straining, getting bigger, stronger, faster. The wimpy guy is intimidated by them, so he hangs back a little, willing to engage them on any topic and every topic other than his gym routine. The feminized or effeminate wimp will not confront anything directly — not himself and certainly not them.

Yet confrontation is the name of the game in Catholicism. You cannot be a faithful Catholic without a spirit of confrontation. You must move from being a wimp to being the biggest, strongest, fastest guy in the gym. And here's the sad reality: We actually used to be the biggest, strongest, fastest. The gym rats have always been strong, but not as strong as we once were. But Catholics gave up the challenge. We got soft. We started skipping the gym, at first not very frequently, but then more routinely. We got off our protein-rich diet and slowly introduced sugar and bad carbs. Meanwhile, the evil gym rats grew bigger and eventually overtook us.

And too many Catholics have now become terrified wimps. Afraid to get back in shape, they have tried to completely change the game. These girly-man Catholics want to go back to the gym and tell the rats how happy and joyful they are, thinking such news will make the evil rats put down their weights and walk away from admiring themselves in the mirror. Good luck with that gym evangelization technique.

Evil loves the confrontation. Evil loves the fight. That's why evil is always in your face. And this is true of whatever arena evil holds sway: the news media, the entertainment media, the courts, politics, whatever. They are in a continual state of confrontation. It's the only language they know because they are motivated not by righteous anger, which the good guys should be, but by rage.

There is rage stemming from their guilty consciences about their gay sex, their cohabitation, their hook-up culture, their devastated psyches — all expressed in the most vulgar terms they can dream up. Kathy Griffin and other Hollywood types with their "kill Trump" message, the Women's March with their kitty-cat hats, the leftist media with their relentless Russia-Russia-Russia narrative, are some current examples.

But now, because the political Right has found its footing, it's pushing back, confronting the confronters. CNN and The New York Times, chief among the cultural confronters, have had to retract and apologize for a series of fake news articles. Kathy Griffin is more of a "has been" than she ever was. Johnny Depp had to apologize for his comments in England that he would kill Trump. There are many other examples, but you get the point. You battle bullies by fighting back, not by succumbing.

When we pivot to the situation in the Church, affairs are even worse. Church leaders have dropped on the laity that they must be meek in the wrong sense of the word: accepting, tolerant, nonconfrontational and nonjudgmental. Meanwhile, they shove their vile evil down our throats and dress it up as theological. It's not theological; it's social justice garbage and rolling over and playing dead to sexual immoralities.

Three generations ago, our grandfathers spoke like men. That doesn't mean they were rude or vulgar or mean. But it does mean they were men. They spoke clearly and directly, and you never wondered what they meant when they were done talking. But this kind of muscular Catholicism is anathema to the effeminate clergy. They are enormous confronters themselves. They just don't want you to confront them back. How, for example, could anyone look at Fr. James Martin and Cdl. Joseph Tobin and think these men are not confronting the truths of Jesus Christ? And where are the voices confronting them back?

Unlike the cultural evils, which destroy people on this earth, the evils of these men and many others like them destroy men for eternity. On their current path, they will go to Hell, but they will take millions with them because no one stood up to confront them. Too many Catholic leaders these days are not Catholic any longer, if they ever were. They think like the world, they consort with the world, and they have adopted the tactics of the world. They need to be confronted.

You are a baptized Catholic. Get to the gym. Start pounding the weights of a devotional life. Get back on your diet of authentic teaching, and get ready for a brawl with the gym rats. The eternal destinies of you and your children depend on it.

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