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Something we all need.

November 30, 2021  0


As the world and culture convulse around us, many men of goodwill are perplexed, not knowing exactly how we got where we are right now, not understanding what happened, who the players were, and are, that drove civilization to the precipice. 

The reason so few people understand so little of all this is an issue with a couple of different dynamics at play. 

First, when civilization was still, well, civilized, people naturally just went about their usual day-to-day lives, because the impact of those bent on destroying the world wasn't yet felt in its full fury. So it was understandable that if you don't see a threat, you don't respond to it. 

Second, the lack of seeing a threat doesn't mean there isn't one; it just means a person is not clued in enough to its reality. Life was good, moving along, so why go actively looking for bad stuff? 

Third, that second point bespeaks a lack of understanding of how the world works, especially the supernatural world. Saint Peter warns us to be on the lookout for the Devil, who prowls about like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. Blissful ignorance leads to destruction. It's just that simple. 

The great evils we see visited on our families these days first began as an idea.

The world is full of dangers — seen and unseen — and the cold reality is the unseen are the most dangerous because those are the ones you have your guard down for. A lack of vigilance, which goes back to a lack of knowledge, opens the gates for the invaders.

For more than 15 years, Church Militant has been constantly preaching this message (that knowledge is absolutely necessary), echoing again and again what the Lord God says in the Old Testament, "My people perish for lack of knowledge."

The devil-and-angel-on-the-shoulder concept is accurate because all of humanity is in a spiritual war (collectively as well as individually), and unless God permits some individual case of demonic influence, the normal route to destroy society is for the demonic to gain control over the intellects of those who open themselves up to that control.

The great evils we see visited on our families these days first began as an idea — a demonically inspired idea, certainly, but an idea nonetheless in some individual's mind. From there, it grew, attracted followers and adherents, was pushed wherever an appropriate incubator could be developed and eventually flourished into a movement (and then became overwhelming, to the point that the demonically inspired idea became the norm and to resist it was seen as "evil").

Here at Church Militant, we have traced the intellectual development of many of these actual evils and produced all kinds of programming about them to help you understand how all this current state of affairs got to where it is right now.

While it is always a spiritual war, it plays out in the material world — through people, places, events and so forth. Ideas like contraception, homosexuality, global warming, multinational organizations, social justice, freemasonry, political usurpation, philosophical rebellion: All of these were and are used to destroy souls. But they all began somewhere, someplace in our temporal human history where movements were born, and (understanding this is absolutely key) having the knowledge and information arms you in fighting back.

It was a perversion of knowledge that got the world to where it is today, and will be a proper understanding of how the world works, was created to work, that will begin to correct it.

We humans are spiritual beings in a material existence, and both aspects of our existence must be engaged. It's not enough to just pray (that leads to the heresy of quietism, i.e., sitting back and just letting God tend to affairs) as though we have no responsibility to our neighbor. The spiritual works of mercy demanded of us are, in fact, carried out in time and space — instruct the ignorant, admonish the sinner.

How can a person do these things which salvation depends on if they don't know and understand sufficiently to engage with their neighbors? Of course you pray for your neighbors, but if all you do is just pray when you are capable of doing more, then you cannot claim to actually love your neighbor.

Evil and wicked men throughout history have been "concerned" enough about their neighbors to make their lives' work the destruction of their neighbors. And yet, here we have hundreds of millions of supposed Catholics who walk away from that kind of commitment, and they do it every day.

We know it takes a massive commitment of time alone to go back and learn what we were never told — were too blissful to pay attention to. That's why Church Militant developed and produced the programming we have. On our homepage, if you simply go to the drop-down menus and click on "Video," then scroll down to "All Shows," click on that and you will see our complete library of almost everything we have ever produced.

The one we'd like to direct your attention to today is FBI — Faith-Based Investigations.

Click on that and multiple episodes will pop up. As we said, this is a catalog of all sorts of movements used by the demonic in spiritual warfare — spiritual warfare aimed at destroying your soul and souls of those you love.

It's all right there ("Global Warming Unmasked," for example). For this particular episode, Church Militant invested more than 700 man-hours (extensive research, interviews, etc). It's well worth the watch — it was "Pachamama" before Pachamama, and it helps you understand the how and why of the entire environmentalist movement.

Likewise the investigation into homosexuality, even down to the origin of the actual word "homosexuality" and its incredible propaganda value in leading unsuspecting people to believe that there is actually an alternative sexuality. There isn't. There is one sexuality and then multiple perversions of that single sexuality. But twisting intellects is the first action in spiritual warfare.

Ever wonder what Freemasonry is, precisely? — how it works specifically, its particular goals, its dangers to the Catholic Church? Our investigation into Freemasonry is another tour de force, developed specifically so you don't have to spend the hundreds of hours chasing all this down.

Likewise, the social justice movement within the Church was actually the hardcore beginnings of the Marxist infiltration into the laity. Our investigation into Saul Alinsky and the bishops lays it all out quite clearly, how it all began under the pretense of "helping the poor." Concocted, of course, by Saul Alinksy, it would have been impossible to advance without the help of already-corrupt clergy — but the clergy had a gullible audience. 

Over the decades, the so-called social justice movement has become a replacement for actual theology, passing itself off as love of neighbor, when, in reality, it is hatred of neighbor. And once it had established a massive foothold within the Church, it produced a counterfeit Catholicism, which Obama — America's first Marxist president — used to his advantage to lock down a majority of the Catholic vote in 2008. In our investigation "Obama's Counterfeit Catholics," Church Militant delves into the entire network of Catholic heretics and American traitors who combined their efforts to bring about what we are now seeing — the destruction of faith and country.

Other FBIs, you will find, cover topics of how the laity was completely duped by treacherous clergy who occupied key posts in the Church and used those positions to institute moral anarchy (like Theodore Hesburgh, president of Notre Dame for decades, who used the leading Catholic institution to warp Catholic education, even cooperating with Planned Parenthood).

"The Contraception Deception" FBI, paired with the "Rockefeller Foundation" investigation, brings home vividly how average Catholics have been and — this is key — continue to be betrayed by leaders.

We could go on and on about all these investigations, which really are 60,000-foot overviews that help you understand all the madness going on now in the Church and by extension the world.

Ideas have consequences — that's the entire point of an idea, to leave the mind and become alive in the world, for good or for bad. Given all this, we'd like to ask you to sign up and become a Premium member here at Church Militant so you can gain access to all of this. Just that small sampling of just our FBI programs represents literally thousands of hours of research for you, helping you understand and bring into focus the reality of the crisis, the depth of the philosophical swamp we are in.

But all of this is not meant to frighten, although there is a dimension of it being frightening. It's meant instead to awaken your intellects so as to inspire you to become involved, active participants in fighting against this tsunami of evil in your own sphere.

Church Militant was doing this long before anyone else in the Catholic world and is still the leader today.

Church Militant Premium membership is a paltry $10 a month, an amount we have never increased since we first started our offerings. And your Premium status not only gains you access to the FBI category, but dozens of other programs, each with multiple episodes (hundreds and hundreds of episodes, in fact, the most comprehensive video library of hard-hitting, straight-up, authentic Catholic material on the planet).

Church Militant was doing this long before anyone else in the Catholic world and is still the leader today. No one in the Catholic world does what we do, and your $10 monthly Premium subscription allows us to keep doing what we do.

Even programming we provide to you for free (like this Vortex, for example, or Catholic Info Hour) isn't free for us.

It costs a huge amount of money to run this type of apostolate because media is expensive just by its very nature. So when you become a Premium member, you aren't just gaining access to the Premium channel; you are also supporting all the work we do here — from providing our morning and evening prayer from our chapel via livestream, to all the other programming we provide at no cost.

So please consider signing up today, right now, by just clicking on the provided link and becoming a Premium member.

You not only support our work but you engage with us precisely how we want to be engaged with in the material world — by learning, so you can, in turn, inform others and fight in the spiritual war.

Thank you in advance for signing up!

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