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Nine Graves

Look closely at who is in them.

August 12, 2022  0


The refusal on the part of many Catholics to accept the proven reality that the clerical ranks are dominated by homosexuals plays perfectly into the hands of those same clerics. Likewise, aside from denial, there is also widespread indifference, which, given the acceptance by most Catholics of the sexual revolution in their personal lives, can't really be all that surprising. 

For those who don't really care that their priest is a sodomite, there's not really much that can be said to convince them of how this undermines the Church. But, hopefully, some inroads can be made with those who are still persuadable (or at least open to learning) about where we are as a Church right now and how we got here. And, for the record, we are in a state of total decline — spiraling further downward every day.

And Pollyanna dreams and statements like "Oh, but the young priests wear cassocks" or "The young priests are more orthodox" or "More people are going to the Latin Mass" just don't cut it. On the question of more faithful young priests, there is more required of a priest in these tumultuous times than just his own personal belief and faithfulness. Saint John Paul personally believed the Faith, clung to it, loved it, lived it, and yet, the Church imploded on his watch.

While it's true that the seeds of much of what went wrong when he was pope were planted decades before, it nonetheless remains the case that he almost entirely missed the boat when it came to dismantling the anti-church. In fact, many of the men whose names we report on regularly — gay bishops, homosexualist theologians and so forth — all rose to prominence under John Paul, with many of them actually being promoted by him personally.

Personal orthodox faith is insufficient on its own if it doesn't translate into action on the part of leaders.

For example, Donald Wuerl was made a bishop directly by Pope John Paul in St. Peter's in 1986. Blase Cupich was made bishop by Pope John Paul in 1998. This isn't to knock John Paul; it's to make the argument that good, solid personal orthodox faith is insufficient on its own if it doesn't translate into action on the part of leaders, something true even for a pope. So if it's true for a pope, how much more is it true for a little ol' priest in the middle of nowhere?

And, on the question of the current hierarchy, many of whom are straight-up gay and have set out on a course of destruction of the Faith by a reorganizing of the Church, understand that there is no way we could have gotten to this point without it being decades in the making. Too many Catholics who don't understand the depth of this are too willing to simply point at Vatican II or make ridiculous claims like "All we have to do is go back to the Latin Mass." When the Church was already falling apart, the Latin Mass was the only Mass there was. It didn't "lock down" the Faith — far from it. 

It can certainly be argued that the shelving of it a decade or so after the council helped speed us along to where we are now, but the decay had already been set up long before the council opened in 1962. In fact, decades before that, homosexuals were already flooding into the seminaries, and, for the record, they were all saying the Latin Mass. So please disabuse yourself of the nutty notion that a priest is holy just because he says the Latin Mass. He's not.

To demonstrate just how far back this all goes, and why these "young, holy, more orthodox" priests will require much more than simply saying their personal prayers in the rectory while the Church burns down around them, look at this. It's a grave marker from the Hawaiian Memorial Park Cemetery. There's nothing especially noteworthy at first glance. But as you pay closer attention, you see that there are two men buried in this grave: William Spain and Robert O'Donnell.

But then, look closer and notice — inscribed on the stone for each of them is not only their birth and death dates but also their ordination dates. These two men, these two priests, were gay lovers. They were each dumped in Hawaii after being transferred there by their respective dioceses in San Diego, California; and Helena, Montana; for, you guessed it, charges of homosexual sex abuse of altar boys. In fact, there are nine such graves, gay lover priests buried together in the same plot in this cemetery.

Spain was ordained before the council, which means he was raised, catechized and went through seminary in the Old Rite. He offered the Latin Mass, gave absolutions, presided over weddings and performed baptisms in the Old Rite, all the while being an active homosexual. And while his partner priest, Robert O'Donnell, was ordained the year after the council, it remains the case that he too would have been raised, at least, and gone through seminary as well in the Old Rite. We are waiting on pictures of the other eight grave markers, but it won't be surprising to find the same story repeated.

All of this is to make one simple point: This homosexual clergy crisis stretches back at least to the immediate aftermath of the World War II timeframe. Likewise, as the decades rolled along, it increased in intensity. In his retirement, Pope Benedict offered a revealing comment in 2019 on the topic of seminary culture in the 1960s and '70s. He said, "[In] various seminaries, homosexual cliques were established, which acted more or less openly and significantly changed the climate in the seminaries." 

And, in a statement worthy of nomination for the largest understatement in history award, he added that this created a "far-reaching breakdown" in the proper formation of priests. Here is the problem: A good number of those men have now moved on to become bishops, even cardinals, which means they have operational control of the Church. In short, the hands of gay men are on the levers of power in the Church. And this is true from Rome all the way down to the local parish.

The decay had already been set up long before the council opened in 1962.

And to underscore this, in a private conversation I had with a well-respected prelate a few years back, he told me he personally had knowledge of "a number" of gay men who were his brother bishops, and he had no problem with it. If I revealed who the bishop was who said this to me, you would be as shocked as I was. Even among so-called good bishops, there is an acceptance of the belief that homosexuals can be ordained and even consecrated, just so long as they are chaste. That is the fundamental error in their thinking, an error that presents a serious doubt regarding who is being ordained today.

After all, it was just in 1998 that Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill was ordained, the priest who came to be known as "Msgr. Grindr" for his prolific use of the homosexual hookup phone app. After the public scandal, and after a few months of being shelved, his bishop placed him right back into public ministry in his home diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Ask yourself, what if he had not been busted? How much carnage might he have inflicted within the Church? And ask yourself further, how many other "Msgr. Grindrs" are out there who haven't been busted?

As the homosexual bishops and their homosexual clergy begin to move off the scene like O'Donnell and Spain, they have created an atmosphere within the Church of near total destruction. They were, and still are, personally invested in pushing and sustaining a broad-based acceptance of the sexual revolution among day-to-day Catholics, and they have been wildly successful.

So as lay Catholics look to the future and pin all their hopes on the "young, holy, cassock-wearing" priests, they better keep in mind that that's exactly what the scene looked like 60 years ago and earlier. Perhaps many of these young men today being ordained may not be homosexual, but do they have the masculine virtue of fortitude to face this all down while in seminary or even after they are ordained? It is a powerful demon inside the Church and simply wearing a cassock and personally believing the Faith won't be enough.

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