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No More ‘Mr. Nice Guy’

Young men should take notes.

January 13, 2017  0

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So, young adult men, it's time for you to openly rebel against the mold you have been jammed into by the culture — the mold of appeasement, accommodation, politeness and being nice.

This isn't to say become a jerk and obnoxious, but it is to say to rediscover your manhood. Being assertive is not being rude or impolite. It is being fair. You are men, yet the culture wants you to be UN-masculine. It wants you to behave like something you are not. It's gotten so bad that society has actually dropped the use of masculinity as an identity and mushed the masculine together with the feminine. There’s even the situational term for such an occurrence: "metrosexual."

The problem the highly radicalized feminine culture — in and out of the Church — has with the masculine is its innate lack of tolerance for the bad and the illogical.

Men are different from women. Even the old nursery rhyme about "What are little girls made of?" and "What are little boys made of?" signifies the difference. But the culture wishes to severely blur the line between male and female, masculine and feminine, has in fact already done so to a large degree. That's why you see all these physically tough women in movies and TV shows kicking the garbage out of men three times their size and dominating the battlefield.

Physical toughness was almost always associated with males, by nature, but that notion had to be eradicated, so Hollywood introduces us to G.I. Jane and other women action heroes. Women, for example, get admitted to formerly all-male military schools, not so much to advance them, but to break down the uniqueness of men. Shortly after that, they are combat troops and so forth.

And, of course, things associated with the feminine (oftentimes unfairly) are transferred to men. So male characters began appearing in shows and movies as ditzy, unreliable, not serious and so forth. Women are the ones who take charge and men sit quietly by as the women wear the pants.

The transformation is nearly complete, especially when you look at the gay subculture, where all this is played out so perfectly. On TV shows with homosexual characters, it is the most flamboyant — meaning feminine — that get all the attention. Oh, the drama!

All of this is death by a thousand cuts to the masculine identity. Its eventual aim is to so redefine the masculine so as to make it extinct. The more men take on the characteristics of the feminine, the more a sick society succeeds. In the end, it's all designed to strike at the Divine — God as Father and the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity incarnating as a male.

The cultural elites, who subscribe to the anti-God mentality, want men to be women so they lose the ability to model Christ for the world. The role of men is to sacrifice themselves to protect the community, whether that community is the family, the nation or the Church. The male is the protector; the female is the nurturer. When the identities get mixed up, so do the roles – and men and women are plunged into roles not proper to them.

So young men sound like whiny little girls and women take a pass on their role of nurturing to become like men — until they largely regret that later in life. This has nothing to do with toughness or the willingness to sacrifice or be a perpetual teenager on the part of either sex. It has to do with roles each of the sexes is properly ordered to — much, not all, ordered by biology.

It's strange that as society has been telling women for a few decades now that they can do anything a man can do, the question never seems to get asked if a woman should do whatever a man can do. Moreover, this same Women's Lib movement — a radical feminism populated with lesbians and their hatred of men — wants to see men become the very thing they say they loathe in the feminine: weakness.

Men need to wake up — young men in particular — and understand the great spiritual war being fought just below the surface of all this. Men are not supposed to act like women. They aren't supposed to be flamboyant and all about the drama, which is always self-centered — the "Look at me," "Take care of my feelings" persona.

Men are supposed to offer themselves to defend the community — against sin, physical dangers, evils of any sort. Men provide the safety; they don’t bask in the role of the feminine.

All this "nice" talk that occurs between men these days is, frankly, sickening. One of the benefits of discussion among men used to be to say what needs to be said, in a clear manner. But since so many men have become — or been conditioned to think and feel — like women, their first consideration isn't the hard truth that needs to be said, but affirming people in their feelings, worrying about emotions.

That's not manly, it's not male and it's not masculine.

Niceness in men is revolting. It's a sure sign that you have standing before you a man who has suffered some major degree of loss of his masculinity. And niceness does not mean being polite and respectful. It means, specifically, accommodating error for the sake of avoiding conflict because people's feelings will be hurt.

This is not how men should be acting, but too many are — and many of them are in mitres and collars.

Let's finish with a quote from Ven. Abp. Fulton Sheen: "Christ did not come to make us nice people. He came to make us new men."

Sheen was a man who knew what manhood was all about. Young men should take notes.

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