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No Priests

Because of homosexual bishops.

May 16, 2022  0


A couple of weeks back, the archbishop of Detroit, Allen Vigneron, in line to be the next president of the U.S. bishops conference, publicly bemoaned to the faithful that, for the first time in generations, the Detroit archdiocese would have no men ordained to the priesthood.

In fact, Detroit's track record for ordinations under Vigneron has been nothing less than abysmal, ordaining fewer than 50 men in his going-on 14 years as archbishop here. In the past 10 years, specifically, he's ordained just 42 men to the priesthood while, over those same ten years, 125 Detroit priests either retired or died. But at least he can pass the buck and say, "it's not my fault, it's happening everywhere."

On that score, at least, it would be the most truthful thing he's ever said during his reign over Detroit. Church Militant contacted every archdiocese in the country and compiled their numbers for ordinations this year. Here's what we found — for the 34 archdioceses in the United States, there will be, this year, around 100 ordinations. That is not only beyond pathetic, it is completely unsustainable.

Consider that 40% of all Catholics in the United States live in those archdioceses, 28 million souls. And yet, there will only be 100 newly ordained priests to serve their spiritual needs. That breaks down to just one priest for every 280,000 Catholics. Good thing most Catholics don't go to Mass or believe the Faith because, if they did, the few priests there are would not be able to keep up. The premiere diocese in the country, New York, also will ordain no one this year. 

For the 34 archdioceses in the United States, there will be 100 ordinations.

In fact, 5 of the 34 will ordain no new priests. And 11 will ordain either one or two. In short, half of the biggest dioceses in the nation will ordain two or fewer men to the priesthood this coming year. According to a recent study from the bishops' own official bean counters, in the last half century, 1970–2020, there has been a whopping dropoff in the number of priests in the United States of 60%. Last year, 2021, there were only 441 priestly ordinations.

Now, what's curious in all this is the ecclesiastical head scratching going on, the question of why this is happening. In an interview addressing that very question, Detroit's vocations director, Fr. Craig Giera, said, "I don't know, statistically, why this [shortage] is happening, but I think the culture and secularization of our world is taking God out of everything, and men are not thinking about coming to the priesthood."

Conspicuously missing from his answer is the truth that the U.S. hierarchy has taken God out of everything in the Church. The bishops have not only de-Catholicized the Church, but most have embraced the secular culture that Giera points to as the cause. For example, does Fr. Giera realize that one of his predecessors as vocations guy, Fr. Jim Bilot, used to screen seminary applicants to see if they would be suitable for sex with some other Detroit clergy? Church Militant was informed of this directly by one of the victims — which is why we called Bilot and left him a voicemail to get his response. He never returned our call.

The bishops themselves are 100% responsible for their situation. They have refused to preach the fullness of the truth. A hefty portion of them are homosexual, which completely skews their thinking process, being more afraid of being rejected for saying the truth because, if there is one thing the entire gay mind orbits around, it is fear of rejection. That single fact defines their entire identity.

Half of the biggest dioceses will ordain two or fewer men this coming year.

Likewise, a practical result of not telling the truth is the major drop off in family size among Catholics — down from multiple children to the standard 1.4. It's simple arithmetic. The fewer young men there are, the fewer there will be available to be ordained. Likewise, as the bishops have greatly accelerated the cultural acceptance of sodomy and the whole gay culture has become dominant (and thereby more accepted), there is no longer a need for same-sex attracted males to go hide in the priesthood.

Through their inaction, the bishops have created a sexually immoral atmosphere in the culture, which is now causing earthquakes as it flows back into the Church. Of course, none of the ladies in mitres will have the testicular fortitude to admit any of this. Their sins of omission (and in some cases commission) are now being visited on them and, in a display of hubris unmatched by most, Allen Vigneron now calls on the laity to pray for vocations.

Give me a break. How can you ask God to step in and do something when you continually, consciously, actively work against the will of God at every turn? The U.S. bishops need to fess up publicly to their sins — all of them. They need to admit the damage they have caused, the severe damage and everlasting damage, and then step down. They need to condemn themselves and their predecessors, predecessors who constructed an "old queens network" and chased heterosexual faithful males from the seminaries in droves.

They created an old queens network they have personally profited from as they set the Church on fire, and, for clarity, bishops, that's Hellfire, not the fire of the Holy Spirit. Weak men, homosexual men, unfaithful men created the vocations crisis, nothing else. That is the problem — tired old queens who can't vacate their current posts fast enough, one way or the other. The only question is, will the next generation of bishops be any better? They have been "formed" under these feminine clowns, these Judases, these homosexuals.

We'll know soon enough because, in the next roughly two years, almost all of them will be gone: Dolan, Vigneron, Gregory, Cupich and so forth, a cavalcade of destruction the Church in America cannot survive another generation of. The next group must loudly and publicly denounce their predecessors and the carnage they have caused, pick up the pieces and try to salvage whatever can be.

The current homosexualist bishops may have already pushed the Church over the cliff. That we won't know for perhaps another few years, but, in the meantime, those waiting in the wings had better wake up fast.

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