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No Trust

It better turn around fast.

April 5, 2022  0


Before we begin, just a note that next week, Church Militant is holding its annual Retreat on Land (what used to be the Retreat at Sea, until the COVID madness descended). We are returning to Frisco, Texas, just outside Dallas, and have some limited room left.

Our theme this year is going to be "the dialogues of the Passion," and it promises to be a superb getaway, a solid Catholic retreat from all the insanity plaguing the world right now.

For more information, please just click on the link for all the details.

And now, speaking of the insanity, take a look around and assess the damage — the psychological, emotional, financial and, most of all, spiritual damage brought about by evil people. First, it turns out Hunter Biden's laptop is a real thing. It turns out that Obama knew all about Hillary inventing the Russian-collusion fake news. Also, it turns out Hillary's 33,000 emails were not a joke and were not about Chelsea's wedding planning. Likewise, Trump nailed it when he said Obama spied on his campaign.

You can't fool all the people all the time.

Also, proving the old saying is true that you can't fool all the people all the time, half the country still knows and believes Biden stole the election. And, lastly, there isn't really any sane person in the nation who doesn't know that Anthony Fauci funded the creation of COVID-19. All of that is your government tax dollars hard at work.

What did all this cause, all this corruption and evil from elite globalist oligarchs?

It caused:

  • A million or so deaths
  • A tanking of the economy 
  • A bolstering of government tyranny
  • Millions out of work
  • Family businesses operated for decades wiped out
  • An out-of-the-atmosphere national debt
  • An idiot in the White House (whose path there was illegitimate)
  • A supply-chain crisis
  • An energy disaster
  • A war in Ukraine
  • Record-setting inflation
  • Dismal economic performance
  • A massive shift of wealth to Big Pharma
  • A totally unqualified racist Marxist on the Supreme Court 
  • American cities torched

We could go on and on. But perhaps the longest-lasting impact is on the nation's trust. No one really believes anything said to them anymore by any authority. And, frankly, why should they? But let's shift our attention from government to the Church. Here, we see the same type of litany, such as:

  • Tens of millions of fallen-away Catholics
  • A Church in total free fall
  • Rock-bottom numbers of ordinations
  • Massive contraction of all things Catholic
  • Attacks against tradition and orthodoxy
  • Dioceses tearing down parishes
  • Bishops shuttering schools
  • Chanceries hiding personnel files
  • Active homosexuals in collars and miters given free rein
  • Denials of the Deposit of Faith
  • Deaths and suicides of victims and clerics trying to expose corruption
  • Financial scandals
  • Gay cover-up bishops being paid enormous sums
  • Schism in Germany on the horizon
  • Schism established in rad-trad circles, complete with their own sexual abuse cover-ups
  • Universities turning out homosexual Marxists
  • Gay-abusing bishops promoted and protected
  • Zero catechesis and even less authentic evangelization
  • Good priests persecuted by the dozens — likely hundreds

Again, you get the picture and, yes, like with the government stuff, we could go on and on. Yet here we are again on the issue of a trust almost entirely obliterated by a hierarchy even more infested with pride and Marxism than its political counterpart.

So what's happening on the human level as a result of all this? No one really believes anything anymore — disastrous both temporally and, especially obviously, eternally.

People want to trust. That's how so many continue to be fooled.

People want to trust. That's how so many hundreds of millions have been, and continue to be, fooled — because the reality of not being able to trust is simply too frightening for most to imagine. But that is the reality. It is the way things are now, thanks to so-called leaders in the secular and, most especially, religious realm.

And in the midst of all this, in secular and religious realms, what do we find? We find a completely complicit media covering up everything in the nation and the Church, reducing media outlets to little else than propaganda arms.

Their reasoning may have been slightly different — between secular and religious realms — but, in the end, it was, and continues to be, nothing else than self-serving. For the secular types, it was to promote their ideology. For the religious press corps, it was to keep their pockets lined by not ticking off their bishops. 

Look at where we've arrived for a typical Catholic patriot, for example. He doesn't trust his vote will count. He doesn't trust his priest or bishop — or both. And he feels as though he has nowhere to turn, which is likely right, at least in the general sense.

He doesn't trust his kids will be taught the Faith, civics or simple biology, and he can't trust his daughter will not have to beat a boy in the girls' sport she excels at. In fact, he can't trust that he can trust anything, including the future.

Bill Gates, the world-famous physician — not — has just released a book on how we can beat the next pandemic through all the "valuable lessons" we learned fighting the first.

When "Dr. Gates" starts talking about the next pandemic and Anthony Fauci continues going on about the need for a 239th booster shot and World Economic Forum creep Klaus Schwab keeps prattling on about global this and that and Biden can't understand that Michelle Obama was not the vice president, who on earth could possibly think trust would not be destroyed?

When trust is so eroded, so destroyed, people will start hero shopping, looking to fulfill natural desire to trust. Religious people will turn to whacky private visionaries, and secular types will turn to the latest snake-oil salesman.

There must be a re-establishment of trust in immutable Catholic teachings and truth. And it must happen quickly. We know it won't come from a bunch of homosexual bishops, so it must come from faithful laymen.

Neither the Church nor the world can take much more of this.

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