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Not This One. The NEXT One.

Gotta think four moves ahead.

July 16, 2018  0


There is a big chance, a golden opportunity, that Trump is going to get a wall built. Despite all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, there is very little Senate Democrats can do to prevent confirmation hearings and a full floor vote on Trump's Supreme Court pick.

But this one, as important as it is, isn't the most important, but in terms of politics, it will set the stage for the next one.

Follow this: There is a general consensus among political junkies that there is a bit more enthusiasm among leftists to get out and vote against Trump, because they are boiling over with rage and anger and hatred at him. There's probably some truth to that. They are probably more passionate although — word of caution — that doesn't always mean votes. It almost always means riots, but not always votes. But lay that aside for the moment, and assume it does mean votes.

The enthusiasm gap is not as wide as the fake news establishment media would have you believe. For all their non-stop "Russia Russia, Stormy Daniels, hates immigrants, met with North Korea, tweets too much, impeach him now" coverage, Trump's approval ratings have slowly improved to where Obama's and Reagan's were at this point in their first terms.

That's not necessarily good news, however, for Trump. It's better news, but not necessarily good news. Both Reagan in 1982 and Obama in 2010 got swamped in the midterms by the other party, and this is why the Kennedy retirement looms so large.

Nothing — and we mean nothing — turns out conservative voters like the issue of the Supreme Court. There are still huge numbers of Americans, tens and tens of millions, who know abortion is the slaughter of innocent preborn children, and now, thanks to Justice Kennedy, that sodomy does not equate to marriage.

This is the brass ring that conservatives have fought for for decades, so if they do get out and vote in droves to show their support for Trump's fulfillment of his promise to make the High Court pro-life and conservative, what effect will that have?

Well, in the House, it's not entirely clear. It might be just enough to stave off the so-called Democratic "Blue Wave" and reduce it to a trickle — picking up some seats, but not enough to take control. But over in the Senate, enough conservative Republican voters showing up on election day could have a devastating effect for the Culture of Death.

Here's why: Right now, most predictions are the GOP will pick up two or three Senate seats, increasing its majority from 51 to 53 or 54.

But a shock and awe presence in key swing states where Trump won handily in 2016 could bump that majority to as high as 55 or 56 and, on the outside, maybe even 57. If that were to happen, the Senate would be in virtual lockdown conservative for the next Supreme Court vacancy and, well, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is looking pretty tired.

If Trump were to have yet another opportunity to appoint a justice, it could move the court from a 5–4 solid conservative to a 6–3 virtually unbeatable, insurmountable barrier for the architects of the Culture of Death. Trump would have built a wall, all right — just not necessarily the one he was thinking about.

Ruth, who spends her time snoring through oral arguments, is 85. Next up is Stephen Breyer, who will be 80 when the Court reconvenes in October. While it is likely that you would have to pry either of these two's cold dead hands from the bench as long as Trump is in the White House, we don't get to determine when we die.

Both are living on borrowed time, as they have each surpassed the average life expectancy as well as the average retirement age of a sitting U.S. Supreme Court justice.

The other key factor in increasing Republican control in the Senate is that almost all the new up-and-comers are rock-solid pro-life conservatives; while the RINO crowd — Republicans in Name Only — is still around, their ranks are growing thinner.

The same extremist galvanizing happening to the Democrats is happening on the other end of the spectrum with Republicans. At the moment, Trump has to be somewhat cautious or judicious in his pick because the possibility of pro-abortion Republican Lisa Murkowski from Alaska or Susan Collins from Maine voting down a pro-life pick would doom the nominee with such a slim majority.

But with a future five- or six-vote majority, the Murkowski and Collins pro-abort objections to the next pick could be ignored and the sixth pro-life vote seated on the bench. To think all of this is at least able to be talked about is somewhere few would have ever expected the country to be less than just two years ago.

Hillary was supposed to win. She would have replaced Scalia with a pro-abort, changing the Court to a 6–3 pro-abort court from its current 5–4 composition, then Kennedy returning would have given her a chance to solidify that for a generation with a much younger pro-abort justice, and the cycle would have repeated with Ruth Bader and Stephen Breyer happy to retire under a Hillary presidency.

The thought of a Hillary presidency is terrifying. She would have ensured not just a 6–3 pro-abort Court, but a very young 6–3 pro-abort Court, and that would have spelled the end for any hopes of Roe being overturned.

As it is now, Roe being overturned is an actual reality for the first time in 26 years or longer. The Democrats are scrambling, Planned Parenthood is having conniptions and thrashing about for smelling salts, and all Republicans need to do is get out the vote like they have never gotten out the vote before.

This one really is for all the marbles. This wall, not the wall, but this wall is looking to be built — a wall around the Supreme Court.

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