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Not Voting for Trump

Not really an excuse.

September 25, 2020  0



Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

Earlier this week, once again brandishing his Catholic credentials, President Trump signed an executive order extending protection to babies who are born alive, surviving an abortion.

And if you're wondering why a presidential executive order is necessary to protect a living child, a child lying on the table, fresh from an attempted murder of his life, it's because the gruesome bastards who run the Marxist Democratic party can not allow even that child to live.

So they make sure he is offered no protections and is either smothered or left on the table to just die "naturally" as all the "doctors" just walk out of the room and leave the tiny person shivering and gasping for air. Frankly, "bastards" is too kind of a word for these heartless monsters. For the foreseeable future, it is President Trump alone who has offered a measure of protection for these babies.

Now, consider — there are some faithful Catholics on social media who are saying they aren't going to vote for Trump. They claim to be turned off by his demeanor or tweeting or New York brashness or clear-speaking habit. Others point to his sinful past as an excuse to beg off casting a vote for him.

And others say they are aren't going to vote at all because the whole process is somehow beneath their dignity — or they're going to vote for some third-party candidate. Of course, anyone is allowed to vote (or not vote) however they see fit, but voting — and voting correctly — is not just a choice at this point, but an actual duty. In fact, given the circumstances, it rises to a moral imperative.

And what precisely are the circumstances that we're talking about? Well, to put it plainly, you and your loved ones are staring down the barrel of a Bolshevik gun, and their finger is on the trigger. They are killers, period. And given the chance, they'd kill you in a heartbeat.

They are almost done erecting a kingdom to Satan on this earth, and when they are done, you will either bow to them or you will die. If you find that hard to swallow, consult the number of murdered children, or now, the number of murdered cops in these Marxist "mostly-peaceful protests."

If the Marxist Left wins this election, the world as you know it is going to change. Likewise, the world will change for everyone else around you, including your children. Do you really, seriously think these agents of Satan are going to let some little bastions of the authentic Faith survive?

You will be identified, hunted down, declared "illegal" for some made-up reason — which they will be able to make up because they will have all the levers of power. How dare any Catholic pretend they are somehow above all this or that Trump is so crass they will not vote for him?

If he loses and all this is set in motion, don't be expressing your regrets as you're herded onto the trains heading for the camps. When you go vote, you have to consider the effect your vote will have on not just you, but the common good.

Under a Trump administration, the Church enjoys a "safe space" to carry out Her mission.

And we don't mean the term "common good" the way the Marxist and pantywaist theology crowd throws it around (i.e., as a kind of reductionist approach). We mean the actual common good as the Church understands it: That the good of the whole must be considered as it relates to salvation. Is the Church more able to fulfill its role for mankind in these circumstances as opposed to this set of circumstances?

Under a Trump administration, the Church enjoys a "safe space" to carry out Her mission. The fact that the bishops fail does not remove our obligation to act. And in the political world, the action is voting and getting others to vote.

Under a Harris-Biden administration, the Church (the authentic Church, at least) would be snuffed out. In fact, it wouldn't be very unlike the situation the Church finds itself in under the Marxists in China — a State-approved Church versus the actual Church.

After all, if the State can order churches to close because of a virus, and the bishops fall quickly into line, the precedent has now been set. And it can, and will, happen again.

What a certain crowd of Catholics — those who might consider themselves somehow "above the fray" and who are not willing to get dirt on their hands — should consider is this: Marxists, once they've gained power, have no use for religion (as their founder himself declared).

And anyone who clings to their guns or Bibles will be considered, then labeled, then prosecuted as an "enemy of the State." Your children or grandchildren will be taken from you and "re-educated." Your access to the sacraments will be largely cut off. Hillary Clinton declared on the campaign trail in 2015 that religious values would have to change.

Kamala Harris introduced a bill in the Senate last year to say that the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of religion cannot be used as a shield to discriminate against things like homosexual rights. Obama delivered infamous remarks that poor people are bitter and cling to their guns and Bibles.

And anyone who clings to their guns or Bibles will be considered, then labeled, then prosecuted as an 'enemy of the State.'

Judge Amy Coney Barrett, during her confirmation hearings, was accused of being too religious by Sen. Dianne Feinstein. The list of slights against religion from this crowd is little else than a thin veneer covering their hatred of God and religion — and Catholicism, in particular.

If you think for one instant that the full weight of their power would not be exercised against you and your fellow Catholics, then you don't understand the world you live in. You don't get to not vote or to vote incorrectly. And that means you need to vote for Trump.

For all his flaws (which, by the way, you have plenty of as well), he is the only thing standing in the way — holding back the floodwaters — of a complete communist takeover. He's more "Catholic" in his perception of the world than most Catholics, including and especially considering the bishops, at least collectively, as well as many of the hippie gay clergy.

This goes to an even larger issue with Catholics: This timidity and lack of zeal to act. The corrupt hierarchy has gotten away with murder because Catholics have let them. Insecure personalities (who like to attribute their lack of action to religiosity) refuse to take the necessary steps they can take to challenge the status quo — in the Church and in the culture.

That's how evil has advanced to this point and how it is poised to engulf the world. Catholics were born for combat. Yet all the evil in the world is due to lukewarm Catholics.

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