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Not Well Received

So, you can just ignore it.

October 19, 2017  0
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Father James Martin's heretical claim that a dogmatic teaching of the Church does not have to be obeyed because it hasn't been received is flat-out evil. It's a lie. But then again, his attempts at normalization of sodomy is straight from the Father of Lies himself, so you can't really be surprised by any of this. But you should be angry with righteous anger on a number of levels — his lies, the support of his lies from various senior clergy in the hierarchy, the silence surrounding his lies from so many other clergy and bishops.

What effect do his lies have? Well, first, they discourage and depress those men and women who are dealing with same-sex attraction and living the Church's teaching. His lies make them feel any number of things from foolish for believing the teachings, to discouraged for having carried a great Cross when he and his clerical allies say it was all for nothing because it was not necessary. His lies encourage younger men and women who are just beginning to cope with all this in their lows lives to throw in the towel and not pick up their Cross before they've even begun. It impacts the family members of such people who struggle in their own right to help and encourage their loved ones or friends to live according to Christ's laws.  

Instead of compassion and support, they all get ridicule from Martin and his pro-same-sex pals, who accuse them of not living integrated lives because you know to not give into your sexual lust and disorders is not being integrated. What is that — Woodstock theology, Haight-Ashbury Summer of Love philosophy? But then, again, recall where Martin is coming from — this priest who has been ordered by his superiors to keep his mouth shut about his own sexuality; he insists that God made same-sex attracted people — created them with a disorder — and it is to be celebrated and warmly embraced and received by the greater Catholic community. And the whopper we touched on at the beginning — all of this means they are free to run around and have sex whenever they want because the Church's teaching on chastity doesn't apply to them. And why pray tell doesn't it apply to them, this specially created group of men who are sexually attracted to each other? Well, simply because they don't accept it. It hasn't been received by them, so they are off the hook. Sex away, it's all good.

What else does this evil cause in the Church? As long as other bishops keep their mouths shut about all this and say nothing, the faithful come to believe there really isn't anything wrong with what Martin is saying or they come to view their bishops as untrustworthy because they won't come out and denounce heresy as bold as this. They begin to ask all kinds of questions and wonder all kinds of things. A destruction — a further destruction, following the gay priest sex abuse scandal so many of them covered up — begins to set in.

All the reports and stories and so forth about so many of them being secretly gay and afraid of being blackmailed if they open their mouths, those start to be believed or they are so poorly formed that they don't actually know heresy when they see it or they are terrified of rocking the boat, so they revert to their usual activity, which is to do nothing, stick their heads in the sand and hope it just goes away. On the last point of not wanting to rock the boat, because they don't want to tick off the Liberal Church of Nice poorly formed Catholics who write the checks for them, they better start becoming aware of the reality that those Catholics are disappearing, rapidly and so is their money.

All the growth in the Church is among Catholics who are disgusted with the inaction of the bishops toward heresy and their hostility toward tradition. It's not good business to tick off your future customer base — the very ones whom you're going to be tapping for your financial appeals. You better start to be much more concerned with rocking their boats than not rocking the boats of the aging and dying Summer of Love, hippie Catholics of the Church of Nice.

On the macro-level, this isn't even really about Fr. Martin. Smart faithful Catholics realize he is just the latest dissident flavor of the month in what has become a continued downward spiral advanced by the holding up of such men until they are no longer useful and then the next dude comes around. He will have helped move the ball down the field against a do-nothing or wink-and-nod, supportive American hierarchy, and the Church will have descended to a new lower level and then it all starts up again.

So where is Bp. Robert Barron condemning this heresy? Where is Cdl. Timothy Dolan condemning this heresy? Where is Cdl. Seán O'Malley condemning this heresy? How about Abp. Wilton Gregory, protege of Cdl. Joseph Bernardin? How about Detroit's own Abp. Allen Vigneron? Are they all afraid of suffering damage to their episcopal careers because Martin has so many supporters who wear the red of cardinals? Martin is barnstorming across the country, whipping up further rebellion against Church teaching. You don't get to stay silent, Your Excellencies. He is damaging souls who are trying to be faithful. Some of those souls are in your care. Why will you not protect the sheep? Or do you also believe that a teaching isn't really a teaching if some people don't receive it?

Be careful, because that is one very dangerous precedent.

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