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Nothing Short of Resigning!

There are consequences to actions — especially evil actions.

August 7, 2018  0


As the U.S. bishops annual meeting in Baltimore draws closer and closer, various Catholic notables are reviewing various options and making online suggestions about what the bishops need to do about the homosexuality within their own ranks and the ranks of their priests.

Some are suggesting that the USCCB should let some Catholic "big shots" address the assembled body and tell that how awful and evil the sin of active homosexuality is, others are suggesting that a committee and study group be formed in advance and a "white paper" be issued and discussed out loud during the meeting. While all of that probably has its place on some level, it is entirely insufficient. It not only sidesteps the true evil here, but will provide cover for the wicked bishops in the USCCB who want to appear as though they are responding.

First of all, think about it. If 400 bishops of the Catholic Church need a few hand-picked, carefully selected Catholic notables to stand in front of them and tell that sin is bad and sodomy is evil, then we are far worse off then we could ever imagine, and given the reality of what is now oozing out the American hierarchy, we can imagine quite a lot.

Secondly, the last thing needed right now is another study group and committee to review the findings — what's to study? That sodomy and active homosexuality is evil and destines a soul to Hell? That using the episcopal office to protect and cover for such men as they rape, molest and harass other men is a bad thing?

No, the inherent problem with all this is this one simple point? Some of the bishops and cardinals sitting in that room are the problem — they need to go. They truly believe there is nothing wrong with any of this. Sure, they are faking being shocked and dismayed because not ever knowing anything because their pederast leader got caught, and now, not years ago, but just now, they are throwing him under the bus — too late, way too late, just like your phony deflection prayer crusade to end Roe v. Wade so you can appear all orthodox and conservative and suddenly, well, Catholic.

Where have you been for the past 40 plus years of the slaughter? Why have you never, not once, taken up a national collection for the pro-life cause like you do every year for your liberal social justice filth, disguised as working for the poor?

No, there is only one answer, a first step that must be taken before anything else can happen and it is this: The ringleaders need to go — the men who sat atop all this, set the tone for it, created the climate, sent clever signals in speeches and interviews, established a culture of gayness in the seminaries and chanceries and allowed it to flourish in thousands of parishes.

And yes, it was precisely this culture of gayness that has brought about all of this, and that's why not only it must go, but the men responsible for it must go too. Whether they resign because they are horrible scoundrels or because they are completely negligent — or something in between can be left to Almighty God. The truth is, they have no authority left to utter a word on anything.

The senior leadership of the Church in America must resign: Cardinals Donald Wuerl, Blase Cupich, Joseph Tobin, Timothy Dolan, Kevin Farrell, Sean O'Malley and Daniel DiNardo. You must each hand in your resignations and admit your wrongdoing, at a minimum your negligence in allowing things to reach this level.

Now, these proud men are not likely to do anything on their own accord, which is why two further things must happen.

First, good bishops, those who have a reputation for orthodoxy, must now understand the moment has arrived where change can finally be affected, and this will be your only chance. You must win the day, you good bishops, or your flocks, who are watching intently, will never again trust you because your failure to act will tell them — correctly — that underneath all your outward appearing orthodoxy, you are unwilling to lay it on the line for the flock. Remember why you wear red?

Each of you good bishops has in your diocese hundreds — if not more — victims of this institutionalized evil, the metastasized cancer of sodomy in the clerical ranks, as the bishops in Pennsylvania are finding out. You must now think of them, not yourselves, not your own careers, not how the predator-enabling gang will blackball you and make sure you lose your position as ordinary of your diocese.

None of that matters. Do not rationalize to yourself that you will keep quiet because you are doing a good job quietly building the Church back up in your own diocese. That's a cowardly cop-out and ultimately destined to fail, anyway.

If you do not seize the moment right now and end this scourge of your people, all the Latin Masses and ad orientem and smells and bells and Gregorian chant will do nothing as the homoheresy continues to creep into your diocese. End it now.

Surely, among all of you, is there not one St. John Fisher, not one St. John Chrysostom who will go to the mat for the sheep? What on Earth do you think you are consecrated as a successor of the Apostles for? Wash out of your heads all the political correctness insanity they taught you at bishop school.

Now is the time for decisive action. You must act now and start calling for explanations — public explanations for what happened. It's not enough to bemoan the state of affairs and wonder out loud what can be done. What can be done is what should be done: You need to raise holy Hell at that bishops meeting in November and demand that the senior leadership resign.

And please don't react to such a suggestion with that "Oh, that's not how we do business" attitude. That attitude has allowed the rotten apples among you to fly under the radar and bring us to this moment in the first place. For the love of God, the Church and souls, develop a spine and challenge these men in your midst.

You must — hopefully anyway — on some level, secretly at least, hold them in contempt for what they have done. Go public and demand they resign. It won't be enough if just the laity do it, and they know it. Where are your interviews in the press suggesting that resignations are in order? Where are your notices in bulletins or letters to be read at all Masses, like when immigration issues predominate?

Things have changed, Your Excellencies, and it is time for you to realize this and change with them. Ignore your duty at your own peril, both for your sheep in this world and your eternal lives in the next.

The second thing that needs to be done, as has been said by many leading Catholics, the money flow must come to a stop — not another penny until these men resign, and even then it will be a tough row to hoe to restore trust because this is an Establishment Church-wide problem — systemic — a complete and total betrayal from top to bottom.

The only question is the degree each bishop bears responsibility for it. They need to go, everyone knows it, just as everyone knew about McCarrick.

They need to resign. The laity need to force the issue through finances, and the more solid bishops need to force the issue by finally doing their duty.

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