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Obama at ND Changed Everything

What a wake-up call!

May 23, 2017  0


Many people, as well as organizations and even countries, can often look back in their lives and point to a significant moment when everything changed — their outlook, their view of the world, even their own self-perception. Such a moment is so significant that it's called a "watershed" moment — a time so monumental in their lives that everything changed because things became so much more clear.

Such a moment came for us here at the apostolate back in 2009 when Obama took center stage at Notre Dame at the school's commencement exercises, being invited not just to speak and address the graduates but also to receive an honorary law degree, giddily presented by university President Fr. John Jenkins. It was a nightmarish scene if you are a faithful Catholic — the Baby-Killer-in-Chief being draped in honorary garb by a Catholic priest at a school dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who brought forth the Author of Life. Could a more symbolically horrific event have occurred in the life of the Church in America?

It was so shocking visually, so soul-disturbing, that it caused us here to stop and take stock of everything we had been witness to up to that point, in what were the still early days of our apostolate. We had believed up to that time, which was three years into the apostolate, that the secular culture was what needed focusing on, that it was eroding and destroying the Church in America. We couldn't have been more wrong.

What the Obama Notre Dame event revealed to us was just how corrupt things were inside the Church, which means of course on a personal level of many Churchmen. Evil doesn't float around in the air. It resides in persons, individual persons, who help to bring about its effects in human lives and events.

Obama strolling across the most prominent stage in the Church in America was the result of a long, sordid history of a betrayal of the Faith by various Churchmen that was monumental. Obama started praising the deceased Cdl. Joseph Bernardin, who was one of the leading architects of the demolition of the Church in America and a homosexualist cleric. There was a certain air of victory, almost like a victory lap, that was heavy in the air that sunny, May Sunday. All the dissident and heterodox Churchmen who had worked so hard to bring about the collapse of the Church in America were finally celebrating.

They had worked laboriously to get Obama elected. They participated in every Saul Alinsky tactic in the book to bring this community organizer to power so he could bring about a climate in the country where the Church would become less relevant as it shifted gears to a social justice organization and away from a factory for making saints. And they succeeded. Obama swept into office with 54 percent of the Catholic vote.

This event at Notre Dame was their claim to victory. And it was our awakening here at St. Michael's Media. From that time on, things were different. And the Vortex, which prior to Obama's rise to power was aimed primarily at the secular culture, now switched to examine the conditions in the Church which allowed so many Catholics to support this promoter of death.

When we switched emphasis from the evil in the world to the evil in the Church, unsurprisingly, the Church Establishment that was being called out for its lack of zeal and cooperation in the destruction of the Faith was none too happy. Church Militant and the Vortex started getting hammered and attacked by the Church of Nice and the Establishment.

But that was almost 2,000 Vortex episodes ago, and the things that Church Militant points to in the Vortex have resonated with millions of people, and much of this is now the subject of our latest book from St. Michael's Media — The Vortex: Trapping and Exposing Lies and Falsehoods. This is the first volume of what we are planning to be multiple volumes of our latest book, The Vortex. The various articles and scripts in the book encapsulate the various problems in the Church and how much worldliness has been embraced by Churchmen. It's a must-read for wanting to understand the wide range of errors and their effects that have been promoted in the Church these days.

Part of the difficulty in trying to help correct course is that so many Catholics are kind of in a daze about the demolition of the Faith. They just go to their Church of Nice parishes for an hour on Sunday, smile for a little bit and shake hands, and go home and have no idea of the disaster lurking just below the surface.

Some, maybe even most, actually agree with the current trends, but others suspect something is wrong and can't put their finger on it. This book is for them. It helps explain why their children no longer believe, why most of their former Catholic family members no longer practice the Faith. These gigantic trends don't just happen. They are caused. They are brought about by conscious decisions of individuals, in this case, individuals who wanted revolution in the Church and got it. It's a really helpful book for breaking down the issues into short, easily digestible subchapters that you could read during a coffee break.

We designed it to be very readable in short chunks so that everyone can get thinking about how the Church needs restoring and the garbage going on in Her needs resisting. The books are being delivered from the printer this week, so please click on the link and place your order.

Your purchases help support our continued work and put something in your hands that you can place in other people's hands to help educate them about the disaster that has befallen the Church. We need to help save souls one at a time, and that is accomplished first by waking them up.

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