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On Being Saved

Everyone in Heaven is Catholic.

July 11, 2016  0


If an Evangelical, to use that example, dies and attains salvation, be sure of this: He was saved in spite of being an Evangelical, not because of it.

This goes to a much deeper understanding of God, Heaven, salvation — an understanding that most of the world rejects, ignores or is ignorant of, because they don't want their current comfortable lives and worldview upset — and it is upsetting on a whole boatload of levels.

First, let’s look at the question of God. God is not pluralistic. He chose one nation, not many. It is from that one nation that He chose to come forth drawing our humanity into His own divinity. The oneness of His actions is a reflection of the oneness in Him, the unity that exists in Him. He established oned Church, not many. So stop for a moment and think how over-the-top stupid it is to even imagine, much less preach, that there are people of many different religions in Heaven — a complete failure to comprehend the nature of God. Religious pluralism may work on earth (not really), but it absolutely does not work in Heaven.

Various religions hold contradicting views, so they cannot all be correct. Contradiction exists in this world because of sin; but there is nothing but unity in the next world, which is free of sin. Historical fact: Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Lord, established the Catholic Church — indisputable. That means, quite frankly, it is His Church; it emanated fom Him. So what it teaches is from Him because it belongs to Him.

How then, ask yourself, could He establish one Church, His own Church, intended to exist with Him forever and then say, "Oh sure, it's okay for people to be in Heaven who completely disagree with the Church I established"? And since no one dies a second time, that means eternity would automatically involve eternal conflict and contradiction.

Sorry. For all you soft-in-the-head "co-exist" folks out there, your entire philosophy is built on an idiotic proposition. Same for Protestantism. How could Baptists or Evangelicals live for eternity in union with Catholics? Answer: They can't. Anyone who goes to Heaven will be Catholic — whether they were Catholic on this earth or not.

There are no Protestants in Heaven. There are no Muslims in Heaven. There are no Jews in Heaven. Everyone in Heaven will be unified in the same truth. That, in fact, is one of its hallmark characteristics. If a Protestant, if an Assemblies of God, if a Baptist gets into Heaven — if such as these are saved, it is not because they were Protestant, but despite being Protestant.

Catholics need to start talking plainly — and if the leaders won't, then the laity need to. No one in Heaven is anything but Catholic. This is what the Church means by the Church Triumphant — a dogma of the Faith. On earth, we belong to the Church Militant. In Heaven, we are the Church Triumphant, those who were saved. How stupid is it to think that in Heaven there would be humans who would continue for eternity in their opposition to the Church Triumphant while being in the Church Triumphant?

Nope.  Not. Gonna'. Happen. If you are saved, you are a Catholic. Period. There is nobody in Heaven except Catholics, even if they weren't Catholics in a formal sense here on earth. Once dead and the fullness of truth revealed to them, if they are saved, they will draw into that fullness of truth and be Catholic in the Church Triumphant, just as anyone baptized in the trinitarian formula is baptized into the Catholic Church, whether they realize it or not, whether they like it or not. As St. Paul says, "One Lord, One faith, one baptism." Where do people think that one faith and baptism come from? It comes from the Catholic Church. 

Everyone in Heaven is Catholic. And if you weren't Catholic on this earth, but were still somehow saved, then you will be Catholic in Heaven.

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