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One Giant, Jumbled, Connected Mess

A gay old time.

August 3, 2021  0


There are so many crooked things going on in the Church these days, it's getting difficult to focus on just one in any given Vortex. But there are overarching themes. Take, for example, this whole business with the homosexual-hookup phone app Grindr and its snaring of Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill at the U.S. bishops' conference.

Over the weekend, the CEO of Grindr published an article saying it would be nearly impossible to use the data they sell and connect it to any given individual phone. He compared it to looking for one specific grain of sand on a miles-long beach. Given what Church Militant has researched on this, that appears to be correct. You just don't buy generic data and then deanonymize it and discover a specific individual. It's much more likely that you would begin with the person's phone number and then proceed backward from there.

In fact, unless you are some kind of government agency, it would be extremely difficult to do anything of the kind that the Pillar blog claims it did, which was to simply buy an ocean's worth of data and then start looking for a specific piece of data. That would suggest that the Pillar blog is being used and funded to go after specific individual clergy about which some gay activity is already known by at least some well-placed people.

Catholics have a right to know if their priests are living a life of striving for holiness.

That seems all good and well, but it was over a week ago that Burrill was outed. Where are the rest of the outings? Surely, Msgr. Burrill is not the only cleric that millions of dollars and years of hunting turned up? Last week, the anonymously funded blog released a really curious posting that said, without identifying any specific individual, a number of phones inside the Vatican also turned up on the Grindr data list.

Okay, so what? Unless those are tied to specific clergy, that's really not much more than a throwaway line at the bottom of the Burrill article. However, what we do know is that a few days back, the front men for the Pillar blog traveled to Rome, and within a short while, Fr. Adam Park resigned as vice rector of the North American College. Park and a number of others, including many U.S. bishops, are the targets of a lawsuit by former seminarian Anthony Gorgia that claims homosexuality and its cover-up is business as usual at the NAC.

Park is a priest from Washington, D.C. The announcement of his departure from the NAC came like a lightning bolt, seemingly out of nowhere. That is not how business is done usually. For instance, there was no comment from Park, and the sudden resignation of the target of a lawsuit without a single advanced word to any of the seminarians at the NAC is unusual.

It's also curious that when the new parish assignments for the archdiocese of Washington, D.C. came out a couple of weeks back, Park's name was not anywhere to be found. That further suggests this was massively abrupt. Did the Pillar blog guys reveal something else? If so, why are they being so very coy about it? Burrill got outed lickety-split. So why the kid gloves with Park, if that's true? If it's not true, why is there no clarity from the NAC as to why Park just disappeared?

Is someone trying to get some cleanup going and coordinating his efforts to try and slow-walk the purge? What we mean is that there are certainly various members of the hierarchy, active and retired, who do not like the homosexual current in the Church. In fact, it was one of the first items touched on by Viganò in his first testimony back in 2018, which, perhaps coincidentally, is when all the Grindr data was first being peddled for sale.

However, there is also this lack of desire to actually reveal just how deep the rot in the Church is. Still, some want it all cleaned up without actually letting the average Catholic know, which is a truly pigheaded and arrogant approach.

So the plan could very well be to get the homosexual clergy sidetracked, bring their career advancement plans to a halt, but not actually totally out them. They remain in the priesthood or the episcopate but are relegated to some little corner where they can't really do anything else. If that's the case, then the outing of Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill would have been the warning shot, so to speak, to alert the hierarchy that "we know who you are, and you're next unless you do what we say."

If the plan is to just get them out of high positions but then leave them in the clergy, that is totally wrong and actually immoral. Catholics have a right to know if their priests are living a life of striving for holiness. We aren't talking about publishing every sin and failure — we're talking about getting out of the priesthood those who embrace sin. 

We'll see what happens as all this continues to unfold, but let it be said to those involved in it that, if this is the plan, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. A partial cleanup is no cleanup at all. They need to be ejected from the priesthood, not just stuck in some dead-end post of a parish. Letting them loose on just a few unknowing Catholics is not acceptable. If Burrill is guilty, he needs to be stripped of his faculties and dumped from the clerical ranks. The same goes for Fr. Park.

And speaking of Fr. Adam Park, that lawsuit he's involved in keeps getting postponed. But it's the reason it keeps getting postponed that drives the theme of this Vortex, how everything is one giant jumbled, connected mess. Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York and the archdiocese are named specifically in the suit because the young seminarian bringing the suit is from New York and was recommended by Dolan for further study at the NAC.

So the seminarian, Anthony Gorgia, filed his suit in New York, which means that the attorneys for the archdiocese of New York and Dolan are the ones who would be responding. But they keep asking the court for delays in moving forward. And as we see from this latest filing, the attorneys admit they simply don't currently have time to get to this particular case of cover-up and homosexuality because they are so overwhelmed by all the other cases of cover-up and homosexual abuse that have flooded into the archdiocese since the state opened up the statute of limitations. If that doesn't tell you the state of affairs in the Church, then you are willfully blind.

But while Dolan and his gang don't have any time to get to the case of a reported massive cover-up at the NAC, they did find time to make sure no priest of the archdiocese signs any religious exemption notice for the faithful about the vax. Over the weekend, Dolan had his chancery rats issue a statement to all the clergy saying, "There is no basis for a priest to issue a religious exemption to the vaccine."

In the opening paragraph, however, a huge admission is made, even if indirectly. Speaking about the experimental gene therapy shot, Dolan's underlings say the concern about the jab is "particularly acute among people who are strongly pro-life and very loyal to the teaching of the Faith." 

Did you catch that? Right there in writing is the false distinction (and, therefore, an admission by Dolan) that there are Catholics who are strongly pro-life and loyal to the Faith. Your Eminence, isn't every Catholic supposed to be strongly pro-life and loyal to the Faith? Why would others not be, and why would you be catering to those who are not?

Your Eminence, isn't every Catholic supposed to be strongly pro-life and loyal to the Faith?

Dolan also lied to and covered up to the faithful the horror show of the homosexual gay-for-pay Fr. Peter Miqueli case. As papal nuncio, Abp. Viganò personally contacted Dolan in the aftermath of our reporting in 2015 about Miqueli and told him to clean out his chancery of the homosexual clergy. Dolan completely ignored those communications. He's now being sued personally for his role in covering up what is shaping up to be a huge case of cover-up and failure to investigate active homosexuality at the NAC, with a pretty shocking number of other bishops implicated.

His lawyers (paid for by the faithful) are so overwhelmed, they can't even get to that case. All these scandals in the Church these days have one giant common thread running through all of them: It's all the homosexual stuff. It has been for decades. By the way, late last week, Theodore McCarrick (who formed the Church in his homopredator communist image) was criminally charged with sexual assault in Massachusetts. 

It's gotten so bad, criminal charges against the formerly most powerful cleric in the Church don't even raise an eyebrow anymore. When Dolan was elected president of the USCCB back in 2009, a journalist popped a question at him at the press conference about what he was going to change in the Church in America.

His answer? "I'm not going to change anything. It's not like there's a crisis."

Well, thank God for that. Can you imagine if there were a crisis, just how horrible it would be?

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