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Our Foxhole

We shall never give in.

May 25, 2018  0
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Two priests I'd like to focus on for a moment: Fr. John Hardon and Fr. Pablo Straub. Father John Hardon, who has been a continual source of inspiration and information for us here at Church Militant, once said called the liberal mainstream media "The Luciferian Media" because of the evil they poured into people's minds. And it didn't matter if it was news media or the entertainment media. He correctly saw that it was all a very valuable tool of the diabolical in destabilizing the culture and the Church.

Father Pablo Straub — a saint of a man who was a dear friend of ours here at Church Militant — once said to me in house one evening while we were visiting, “Michael, we have to bring Christ to the internet.” He was channeling the same inspiration of Fr. Hardon, that the media must be utilized to bring as many souls to Christ as possible, no matter the ferocious uphill battle against the demonic we may face in that industry along the way.

And so here we are. And I'd like to get very personal with you if I can for a moment. This apostolate, as you've heard me say many times before, exists to be used for the salvation of souls. We have faced many many obstacles along the way, from opposition from multiple Church leaders who despise our presentation of authentic Catholicism and pretend it's about the tone, when it's really about no such thing.

We've had a small contingent of people who were at one time close to our work here join forces with those who would seek to destroy us and betray us. We've had blackmail, extortion attempts, necessitating my public confession two years ago of my past sins. We have been blasted by no less than a dozen times by the secular media over the past year and half and labeled every imaginable slur and insult.

We were also specifically singled out by faithless men in the Vatican itself who felt the great need to slam us in a widely publicized article last summer. And through all these times we have stayed true and dedicated to the one prayer we make multiple times a day: "Dear Lord, use us to save souls."

We have consecrated this work to the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother. We have dedicated our work here and placed it under the protection of St. Michael the Archangel. And they have never abandoned us. They have stood right beside us every step of the way — as difficult and emotionally draining as many of these times have been. They have stayed with us, supporting us, because we have remained faithful to Our Blessed Lord's Bride, the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and, please God, always will.

Years ago, for a variety of reasons, the least of which was not that my entire career had been spent in the television news and production broadcasting business, the decision was made to launch an effort never before undertaken in the Catholic media.

We would, as Fr. Pablo instructed us, bring Christ to the internet, and we would do it through the daily presence of video. One or two at first, but then expanding.

Twelve years later, Church Militant is the most commented on Catholic internet site in the world, recognized as one of the premier news and information Catholic portals and gaining in influence and attention because of the ever-deepening crisis in the Church.

No one else in the Catholic media world does what we do everyday. We bring you the most direct authentic presentation of Catholic truth — no holds barred — in the most professionally produced manner of anyone else. A number of the secular media outlets that came to Church Militant last year to due their "exposé" reports on us were very free with their personal assessments that we were every bit as professional as anything they saw routinely as CNN or MSNBC. And here is what sets us apart from the rest of the Catholic media world: We understand that in this time and place in history and the culture, the visual image is king.

While I personally agree that reading is much more important, in founding and running this apostolate, I understand the reality of the visual image and its impact of viewers. I made my living for decades in this industry. It was my stock and trade and, frankly, I got sick of this wonderful medium being used as a tool of Satan.

So here we are now, constantly elevating our production standards — as many of you have said to us — always digging deeper in trying to get to the heart of the matter of whatever we are conveying to you. In truth, dollar for dollar, I would stack our content and its production value up against anything the Luciferian media has to offer.

We specialize in two major areas of video production: news, current events and theological. For the most part, our news and current events are offered for free, and our theological content resides in our Premium offering for $10 a month.

In short, we generally use the free content opportunity to alert people to the reality that the Church is on fire, and the theological content to provide a solution, which always comes down to increasing your knowledge so you can convert that to increasing your sanctity — the end goal of the Catholic life.

We have hundreds of hours of Premium content, as we said, for a mere $10 a month and your being a Premium subscriber affords us the opportunity to do much more than just produce Premium programming. Your monthly subscription, even if you often times may not have a lot of time to view the Premium offerings, fuels the entire infrastructure of what we do here.

Our annual budget is more than $2.2 million. Yes, TV costs a lot of money — not just paying the dedicated staff of more than 30 in-house employees, but the cost to keep up with ever-changing technology as well as the day to day equipment failures and maintenance required.

We have, hands down, the best productions available in the Catholic world because that is the standard we operate under. If the professionals in the Luciferian media can, and they do, spend themselves for a level of quality to pollute people's minds and souls, then the very least we as faithful Catholics can do is match their professionalism, and in reality, exceed it.

What we are asking you is please, right now, sign up for, or renew a lapsed Premium membership, so you can join us in this mission of fighting for souls amidst all the confusion in the Church and the world.

What we do here is the work of the Church, and that's all we do. We do it through this medium of the visual image, but we do it nonetheless and we put our hearts into it. Nearly everyone who began their time with Church Militant/St. Michael's Media had next to zero experience in this field — whether it was news or script writing, shooting, editing, website management, marketing and so forth.

Through your prayers and financial support we believe we have put together one of the most formidable challenges to the Luciferian media in the Catholic world today. Both of us, the Luciferian crowd and Church Militant, are battling it out for your soul. They lie to you. We give you Catholic truth in all its glory.

We have multiple people tell us, frequently, that they came back to the faith, or converted, because our site was used by Our Heavenly Father as the means to communicate timeless Catholic beauty to them. That is why we exist. That is ultimately the only reason we exist.  

Whether you have the opportunity to be a regular viewer of our Premium programming or life is a little crazed and you don't have as much time as you would like, please still become a Premium subscriber. Your subscription helps us continue the work in the trenches. The spiritual war raging all around us has many foxholes on this giant battlefield.

With your help, this is one foxhole — excellent daily video production to match the Luciferian media stride for stride — that we don't intend to surrender. Father Pablo told us to do this. Father Hardon said there was a need for it. Please sign up today and join us in this foxhole.

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