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Our Lady’s Heel

Not a few bishops will feel the weight of it.

August 15, 2018  0


Happy Solemnity of the Assumption of Our Blessed Mother body and soul into Heaven. If there was ever a time to hit "pause" and reflect on the current state of affairs in the Church and the World, this would be it.

First, today begins a 54-day Rosary novena for the country as we approach the midterm elections. Millions of Catholics prayed the Holy Rosary before the 2016 election so that the U.S. might not set final foot onto the path of damnation. Our collective step was averted by the Queen of Heaven.

So again, we make special appeal to Her Immaculate Heart to once again protect our nation from those who would seek to destroy it morally. Church Militant has joined the Holy League's call for participation in the 54-day Rosary novena beginning today and strongly encourages this. In fact, we will be live-streaming our own communal Rosary each workday at 11:30 ET each morning, and you are more than welcome to come to the website and join your prayers to us, with us.

Initially, the Rosary novena was established specifically for the good of the country, but given the unconscionable revelations of homosexuality and the embrace of it having engulfed the hierarchy, it would seem only fitting to incorporate, in perhaps a specific way, the good of the Church.

After all, as so goes the Church, so goes the world.

A very active movement — #CatholicMeToo — has formed among the laity and is quickly gaining momentum. For example, close to 1,100 faithful Catholics and counting have committed to descend on the bishops' annual meeting in Baltimore — see the link for details — to demand change among the hierarchy.

One thousand one hundred and scores keep adding their names to that growing list every day, and we are still 12 weeks out from the meeting. In fact, a Rosary novena for the country and the Church in the U.S. seems altogether fitting given the timing — the midterms happen the first week, the bishops meeting happens the second week.

What is going on is a pitched battle between goodness and evil, played out on the battlefield of every individual soul. So souls must now choose up sides. Will you stand with the Queen of Heaven or will you stand with the serpent, because that's what this is.

It's really never been anything but this. — it's just that sometimes it's blindingly clear. Here’s the reality: Those who have given themselves over to darkness are offspring of the serpent, and those who fight that darkness are offspring of the Woman. It's just that simple. Many of the bishops in the U.S. hierarchy have simply given themselves over to darkness, whether that presents itself in active homosexuality, passive homosexuality or support of it by turning a blind eye toward it for their own personal gain.

Evil may never be accommodated or bargained with, regardless of the purity of the intention. Yet this is exactly, precisely, spot on, what many many prelates have done. And because of that, they have begun to experience a loss of supernatural faith. A soul may not traffic in evil and remain the light for very long.

As the soul, even that of a bishop — especially that of a bishop — plunges into darkness, the faculties of the soul become engulfed in darkness — the faculties of the intellect and the will. At some point, these souls become irredeemable, not because salvation and mercy and hope and forgiveness are not offered to them, but because they are rejected when they are offered.

Think of a man who falls off a ship. As he is drowning in the water, shipmates toss him a life preserver. In that action, there is hope he will be saved. However, if he simply refuses to grab hold of the life preserver, then all hope vanishes, for salvation is not a one-way effort. It requires a positive action on the part of the would-be saved. If the person rejects the offer of salvation, then how can he be saved?

To remain in persistent sin, to have the intellect darkened and the will deformed and crippled, is rejecting salvation. How else could a soul then be saved? Having rejected the preserver of his life, his life then ends. This is the miserable state of so many of the nation's bishops today. What hope of salvation have the vast majority of them?

Had the McCarrick revelation not come out, would any of them changed from their evil ways? Even in the face of the revelations actually coming out, most have still not changed. They lie, deny, disassemble, produce lengthy statements which say nothing, but only offer words of contradiction and confusion.

For example, Detroit Abp. Allen Vigneron on Monday produced a lengthy four-page document lamenting along with his brother bishops the horrible state of affairs, without ever really getting around to naming exactly what that horrible state of affairs is. Likewise, his call for purity and chastity and dedication to the teachings of the Church among priests in his charge is severely undermined by the fact that allows the homosexual Dignity Masses to continue on his diocese, being said by priests over which he has control saying the Mass.

How can anyone take this seriously? How can the archbishop expect anyone to take him seriously? So then the question arises, why would he issue a statement that he knows is irreconcilable with the reality in his own diocese?

Lots of words, but not one condemning the sacrilegious gay Masses he permits to continue, nor the heart of the issue rampant in the episcopate: homosexuality. This now marks the at least 30th statement released by some bishop, and not one has called out the real issue, the very issue that layman after layman has called out: homosexuality?

Why didn't Vigneron say the "H" word? Why did he issue a useless document, a document, by the way, that once again, deliberately, conflates the non-issue of child sex abuse with adult sex abuse at the hands of clergy? Could it be because he and his chancery staff are planning on yet another massive fundraising campaign of more than $200 million and he needs to appear orthodox and acting like a leader?

Whatever the reason, this "statement" is like so many other statements from his brother bishops who will not directly call out the evil in their own ranks. It, like them is useless, says nothing, and in a week or so will be forgotten.

But Vigneron and all the others will be able to say that, in the face of the greatest evil facing the Church in America in her history, they issued a strongly worded statement. Church Militant is currently compiling a list of all the actions or inactions of the archbishops and cardinals in every archdiocese of the country, showing the massive collective guilt of these men in allowing this evil to fester in their own ranks and their own dioceses.

We will be sharing that list in the next few days, right after all the dust has settled from the release of the grand jury report detailing thousands of examples by hundreds of priests and multiple bishops in engagement in and covering up of homosexual abuse by homosexual priests and bishops.

If the bishops won't use the "H" word, then the laity have to. Are they afraid their own pasts are going to be revealed if they say the word? If that's the case, then they need to admit they are compromised, publicly ask for forgiveness, resign and go join McCarrick wherever he is, because truthfully, they helped create the environment where the McCarricks of the Church could thrive — and still do.

So bishops, one last life preserver, only this one is your eternal life preserver — are you on the side of the serpent or the Woman? Your moment to choose has arrived.

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