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Our Sunday Visitor/Vax

Liars, cheats and frauds.

January 21, 2022  0



Church Militant's recent exposés about the nefarious activities of establishment Catholic media (you know, the media department of Catholic, Inc.) has got the compromised journalists over there all in a tither.

You'll recall that, in the last couple weeks, Church Militant broke the story about the phony "fact-checking" outfit (supported by Google, Gates and Soros) designed to crush any opposition in the Catholic world to the Vatican and Pope Pfizer's vaccine narrative.

Well, the hornets over at the Google-funded Catholic consortium are now all in a tither, swarming around the hive all ticked off.

The consortium of well-funded liars consists of about 30 different Catholic so-called media outfits, and their main job is to hover above the vaccine narrative and make sure no Catholic speaks against it, ever raises any questions about it and all stay in line — or, at least, silent.

So the Google gang over at the consortium drew straws among their 30 members (apparently) and assigned the "attack Church Militant" reporting duties to Our Sunday Visitor.

In a weak-sauce response to our reporting (without ever mentioning us by name because Catholic establishment media hate even acknowledging our existence publicly), they trotted out silly analogies and appealed to their founder, Fr. John Francis Noll.

Father Noll did a splendid job, back in the early 1900s, fighting anti-Catholicism outside the Church. American Protestants of the day used to hold tent revivals and lie about Catholics and Catholic teaching — all part of the KKK-backed anti-Catholicism of the day (especially in Indiana, whose state legislature was majority KKK).

But that was then. Today, Fr. Noll would have to travel around not to Protestant meetings but various Catholic parishes to battle anti-Catholicism (with so many of them having succumbed to the modernist heresy). In fact, he'd have to attack the very publishing house he himself founded (Our Sunday Visitor) because of the turncoat Catholicism it now pushes.

For example, there is a group called the Association of United States Catholic Priests. The AUSCP is all down with everything gay, married clergy and all the rest of the modernist agenda — lock, stock and barrel. The pro-gay homosexualist bishops of America all endorse the outfit and its agenda: Think John Stowe of Lexington, Kentucky; Blase Cupich; Joseph Tobin; the whole gay gang.

It's not a vaccine, it's not safe and it's not effective.

The group's agenda is hardly a secret, and no one associated with its heretical modernist agenda makes any bones about challenging the Church (albeit sometimes they thinly disguise it).

So as OSV (which now may as well stand for "Our Sunday Vaccine") claims its roots in Fr. Noll, making it somehow impermeable to attacks, it's a little difficult to get your mind around why they accept advertising from AUSCP. But OSV (whose guidelines state writers must not stray from the Magisterium of the Church) published advertising for the heretical outfit.

Maybe writers can't go against Church teaching but, apparently, the advertising department didn't get the memo.

Church Militant published an article on the supposedly faithful outfit (back in late April 2020) taking money from the pro-gay, anti-Catholic group of clergy. Funny, all that because a couple of years earlier, when Church Militant tried to place an ad with them for Mother's Day, before we knew of their theological compromise, we got turned down after initially being accepted.

We wrote about that as well back in 2017 and, as we dug around a little bit researching for that article, we discovered that, like so many other supposedly Catholic media outfits, they appear to exist to be massive moneymakers for their top executives.

Just like the Catholic League's million-dollar Bill Donohue pays himself a million smackeroos year, and the top dogs at EWTN pull down a few hundred grand annually, so too at Our Sunday Vaccine, the brass are rolling in dough.

Back in 2019, the top 10 folks there carved up $2.25 million in annual salaries between them, led by CEO Kyle Hamilton at a nice clip of $365,438. Right behind him, running a close second, account executive product leader Joan Lewis — $341,236.

Since they tout their roots in Fr. Noll (back to 1912), we wonder what Fr. Noll would say about the brass at his organization pulling down hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay and publishing advertising for homosexual clergy outfits defying Church teaching. That's akin to EWTN always appealing to the fact that Mother Angelica founded them, while their current leaders also do pretty handsomely for themselves — a couple hundred thousand here, a couple hundred thousand dollars there. And, again, it's like million-dollar Bill's annual pay (the granddaddy of all of them).

Working for the Catholic establishment media pays quite well (so long as you leave your conscience and ethics at the door, not to mention your soul).

So when management at Our Sunday Vaccine comes after Church Militant's reporting about the Catholic "fact-checking" consortium's lack of ethics on COVID reporting, forgive us if we don't believe a word they say. OSV is completely compromised, already having established a track record of selling out the Faith and the truth for money.  As a quick aside, the pro-vaccine publication makes a huge portion of its annual $60 million revenue figure not through its actual publication but by printing your Sunday envelopes — through lucrative contracts with multiple dioceses all around the country. 

The envelopes you toss in the basket, all around the country, are printed by Our Sunday Vaccine because of the sweetheart deals the outfit has hammered out with a corrupt U.S. hierarchy. Like in life, everything that goes on in the corrupt world of Catholic, Inc., is all about relationships, including relationships and deals with the Devil.

So it's hardly surprising that OSV, having compromised Catholic truth, would also compromise the truth about the vaccine. They appeal to the Vatican's announcement that the vaccine is morally safe to take, and, in one portion of the editorial, make the outlandish portrayal, "From the beginning, this editorial board, unlike those who have attacked us, has accepted this teaching from Pope Francis and our bishops." Teaching? That seems like a stretch of terminology. Precisely what level of teaching would that be: dogmatic, doctrinal, ordinary magisterium, extraordinary magisterium?

And if it is "teaching," at what level are Catholics obliged to obey it with divine and Catholic faith?

Get the shot — and if you die, tough.

Our Sunday Vaccine is a hired gun, paid to ride roughshod over any scientific evidence and, in that vein, any theological claim against the efficacy or morality of the so-called vaccine.

Interesting how OSV and the rest of the "Catholic" consortium simply sidestep and ignore that what's in those billions of syringes isn't even a vaccine. It's an experimental gene therapy. They also conveniently ignore the myriad side effects and deaths that have landed at its door. They never touch on the corrupt sweetheart deals that Pfizer and company hammered out with a corrupt U.S. government that says anyone harmed by the "vaccine" cannot go after the manufacturers for damages.

In short, get the shot, and if you die or have heart problems for the rest of your life, tough.

They fail to tell you that Melinda Gates had a private meeting with the pope. They fail to mention that the head of Pfizer had two secret meetings with the pope. Why the silence, guys? 

This is not science — especially when large portions of the scientific community who challenge the narrative are silenced and attacked by outfits like OSV and Aleteia and the rest of the corrupt hierarchy-supported consortium (who get paid by Google to present themselves as fact-checkers).

But, then again, OSV supports a gay outfit of priests, crafts its own sweetheart deals with corrupt chanceries to print their envelopes by the tens of millions each year and pulls down hundreds of thousands in annual salaries for its top dozen leaders.

So no one can be surprised that they'd be right there at the Catholic establishment trough, sucking up everything they could and toeing the party line that the vaccine is safe and effective.

Hey, OSV (shout out here), it's not a vaccine, it's not safe and it's not effective. Go back to promoting homosexual priests with their homosexual bishops pushing for women priests (most of whom would be lesbians). But you might want to drop the cover of having had a faithful priest found OSV more than a hundred years ago. That train pulled out of the station long ago. Drop the facade, and have the integrity to say exactly who you are and spare us (and others) from having to do it for you.

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