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Past & Future

You’ll need to take notes for this episode

December 30, 2016  0

As a little heads up - You’ll need to take notes for this episode. Lol.


2016 is almost in the history books and it has been quite the year here at Church Militant. Quite the year.


Our Campaign and Election night coverage singled us out as the go to source in the Catholic media world for the latest most thorough in-depth discussions of all things where Church and Culture collide.


We used the Campaign as a launching pad to introduce regular LIVE transmissions on the internet on an on-going basis - the first Catholic media outlet to do so.


We were the first Catholic outlet to report the anti-Catholicism of the Clinton Campaign - in fact, we broke it LIVE.


We were the first to report and still lead the way on the scandal over Cardinal Dolan’s refusal to release the body of Archbishop Sheen so the canonization process for this holy man can continue.


In 2016 we launched our newest daily show - The Download - with thousands of views and quickly made it our first LIVE daily show with much acclaim from viewers.


We began the Church Militant Resistance Movement with hundreds of members all around the country in more than 70 different dioceses with lots enthusiasm and excitement for the coming year.


We had our 2nd annual Strength and Honor Conference with more than 60 men from all over the country attending for the weekend.


We launched our second Book - The Weapon - all about praying the Rosary as an offensive weapon in spiritual warfare.


So far this past year we’ve sold five thousand of copies of both Militant - our first book and The Weapon.


Our fourth annual Retreat at Sea was another success with about 160 retreatants who left the ship after a week - spiritually re-charged and very grateful for the opportunity to meet many other like-minded Catholics and just BE Catholic for an entire week.


And with Church Militant dom com now established after a full year in operation under our belts - millions of viewers, readers and subscribers have now viewed, read and shared our programming and new content and grown deeper in their faith - as well as had their eyes opened to the current crisis and committed to do something about it.


2016 closes out as a very good year.


This coming year - this will be the year will REALLY make our mark in this topsy-turvy world of Catholic media and media in general.


The Resistance movement is going to be moving into high gear with bi-weekly webinars and regular exclusive Resistant videos as well as a new book entitled - you guessed it - Resistance: Fighting the Fake Church.


And speaking of books - this Spring we will be releasing our third book from St. Michael’s Media Publishing - The Vortex. Our daily production has become one of the most watched and controversial contributions to Catholic Media and the book promises nothing less.


Next up - We are beginning production on our exclusive video documenting the Life of the Church prior to the visible crisis - interviewing older Catholics who still have a living memory of what the Church was like before the modernist liberal protestantism-friendly clerics tried to kill the faith.


As you heard earlier this week - we are going to be increasing our spiritual aid and comfort to priests and seminarians by arranging at least one private conference for as many as we hope can attend.  That will be one of our behind the cameras efforts, providing for some discretion.


We will be bringing back Mic’d Up for its premier season in a whole new format - much more intimate and in-depth. Look for the debut in early March.


In a surprise announcement that we are extremely excited about - Church Militant was given exclusive ownership and complete rights to more than 500 hours of audio recorded sermons, homilies and conferences given by Servant of God Fr. John Hardon, of whom Cardinal Raymond Burke is the initiator of his cause for canonization.


We are currently transferring all those hours from cassette tapes to digital format where we can then produce and release them for the public. They are a treasure trove of never before before heard reflections on the faith by the man who wrote The Catholic Catechism in 1981 to ward off the impact of the crisis.


All of this is just a sampling of our agenda for the coming year - a huge undertaking for the salvation of souls - which of course make it all worth it.


This is of course on top of our already usual work load of news reports, special reports, daily shows, 50 plus news articles a week, Premium subscription programs each week, our quarterly FBI videos and a host of other work.


This is the end of the year and we’re asking for your help to keep the engines firing at full speed here at Church Militant.


We talk about and report on and produce programming on topics no one else in the Church wants talked about because they have a completely different agenda for the Church.


They want a feel good, non-controversial, touch-feely, half-baked catechetical, unoffensive, fake ecumenism, false mercy, no hard truths preached, emotion-laden, non-traditional, politically correct, 1970s redux Church that is NOT the Church.


So, putting it plainly, they kinda hate us - many weak, cowardly, or liberal bishops. We don’t care though.


Thousands of people come to ur conferences, tune in everyday to watch our programming, read our articles, comment on our stories, share them in social media and most importantly - come to our BACK to the faith - and that's the only thing we care about.


So we’d like to ask you - as the year wraps up - to consider donating whatever you can to help us in ur work here.


TV is very expensive all by itself - and we do a lot more than JUST TV.  So if you can help us out with prayers and a financial contribution which is tax-deductible here as the year runs out - we would be most appreciative.


Thank you for helping us have a spectacular 2016 and hoping and praying for an even more spiritually successful 2017.


As we’ve said many times - we want you to think of Church Militant as YOUR work that we just run on a day to day basis.

Whatever you are able to help with will be most appreciated and put to good use.

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