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Peasants Unite

Around the truth of Christ.

February 8, 2021  0


If you are a patriot and/or follower of Jesus Christ then you are a danger. You are a threat to the established order, and you must be dealt with. You are a peasant and must not be allowed to organize, communicate or get together because you pose too great a threat to tyranny.

That's what all the purging is about: keeping us all separated, unable to speak. But the truth, precisely because it is the truth, can never be completely overcome. For example, in the political arena, consider these truths:

  • Biden was only able to take the oath of office because you were betrayed by Republican "leaders"
  • Biden was anointed president by the swamp; he was not elected

No matter how much the ruling class says the opposite, these truths remain truths. The same is true — actually more true — in the theological realm of God's law. Truth is Our Blessed Lord. He told us Himself.

No matter how much the ruling class says the opposite, truth remains truth.

But consider that in the current climate (which is hostile to truth because it has been engineered by the diabolical), believers need to collectivize — come together and recharge, reenergize based on these eternal truths. This is why, for nearly 2,000 years, the Catholic Church has encouraged the faithful to occasionally pull out of the madness of the world and make a spiritual retreat, to meditate on the glories and mysteries of the divine.

We are in a raging spiritual war, waging combat against the Prince of Darkness himself and his offspring here on earth. We need God and His graces (most especially those we are afforded through the sacraments), but we also need each other. Community, ironically enough, is exactly what communism seeks to destroy.

Since it derives from Satan, it sees humanity and human relationship as that which needs to be destroyed. Heaven is about community, communion with the divine and each other through the divine. We even have that now in what we call the Communion of Saints, the souls on earth in the Church Militant, the souls in Purgatory and the souls in Heaven.

We were made for each other and to be perfected in the glow of the divine glory. It is not good for man to be alone, and even if a man is "alone" in this world, he is never truly alone (in a certain sense). He is always united to God, and his destiny is eternal communion. Perhaps at no other time in Church Militant history has there been a greater need to come together and be in communion with one another than right now, a time for the peasants to unite.

Many of you know that, each year, Church Militant hosts a "Retreat at Sea" — a week-long cruise jam-packed with spiritual talks, Mass, prayers and community. Hundreds of folks attend these each year; however, this year, because of the COVID crackdowns, no ships are sailing.

So we have transferred this year's Retreat at Sea to a "Retreat on Land" in Texas, close to Dallas, in a town called Frisco. And we're taking this moment to highly, strongly, encourage you to attend. We will have many of the same activities, just not on a ship.

And importantly, this year's retreat will take place during Holy Week, a perfect theme for the faithful followers of Christ to gather together and meditate on Our Lord's suffering, passion and death, and most importantly, His resurrection. It's easy, we know, in this environment to get down and concentrate on the gloom. That gloom is real, no doubt, and there is much to be concerned about.

But we belong to Christ, in life and death. We are the Lord's, and we can never lose sight of this. And notice, St. Paul tells us we are the Lord's. God is our Father. This language speaks to the reality of community. Even the word "church" has its roots in the Jewish understanding of God's "people."

So enough from me.

But we belong to Christ, in life and death.

Please click on the provided link — review the slate of many things we have going on — and sign up.

And a note to our non-Catholic brothers and sisters: While the retreat will obviously be centered on Catholic theology and will be drawing heavily from Sacred Scripture, you should not feel in any way you are not welcome. Of course, you are. Certainly, all the baptized can gather together in community and pray and meditate on the divine realities.

So please feel welcome, because you certainly are.

Again, please click on the link, and check it out. Look at the dates and let's come together in community as the divine desires and the diabolical despises.

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