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Phony Baloney

Biden and bishops.

January 25, 2021  0


Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

Just so everyone is clear, the Biden administration is no more American than Joe Biden is Catholic. The phony Catholic who rose to the highest office in the land did so through a completely phony process. There was as much legitimacy to that election as there was Pachamama being paraded around the Vatican. 

And we make the comparison between the phoniness of a Biden White House and a brain dead hierarchy because it needs to be made. Whoever argued for a separation of Church and State failed to see just how intertwined they would be in the early 21st century. 

When the U.S. bishops, under the conference leadership of Los Angeles archbishop Jose Gomez, released a letter on Inauguration Day denouncing Biden's multiple anti-Catholic, immoral policies, he got shut down by the Vatican.

Of course, behind that move was the sinister cardinal from Chicago, Blase Cupich, and his fellow homosexualist prince of the Church, Newark's Joseph Tobin. Here's what Cupich tweeted out about the letter: "Today, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued an ill-considered statement on the day of President Biden's inauguration."

They allow heresy to run rampant, dissent to dominate and sacrilege to take center stage, even giving the White House the opportunity to keep alive the phony narrative that Biden is a good Catholic.

As an aside, the only thing "ill considered" in all this is that Cupich and Tobin are allowed to still pass themselves off as actually believing the Catholic faith. Those frauds are no more Catholic than Pelosi and Biden. See how Church and State are so intimately intertwined? 

Anyway, many speculate that Gomez really only wrote the letter because of the intense heat he took from faithful Catholics after congratulating Biden on his supposed victory when the question was still very much in doubt.  

He and his fellow bishops piled on with effusive praise, barely mentioning Biden's evils then — even saying that Biden "professes the Catholic faith." For clarity for the bishops, Biden does not profess the Catholic faith. He doesn't profess it because he doesn't believe it.

But neither, apparently, do many of the bishops (not believe the Faith, that is). They allow heresy to run rampant, dissent to dominate and sacrilege to take center stage, even giving the White House the opportunity to keep alive the phony narrative that Biden is a good Catholic.

Another notable point revealing the bishops' phoniness is the timing of the letter — after Biden had been inaugurated after stealing the election. The words of the letter weren't actually that bad: They did rip into his evil-as-Hell policies over abortion and transgenderism.

Even Dolan went on the attack after the phony victory.

However, they only managed to work up the nerve to actually point all this stuff out after he had taken the oath. Talk about closing the barn door after the horse has run out. The obvious question that arises is, "Why didn't they say all that during the election?" Another question is, "Why didn't they say it when he was crowned (by the media) the 'winner?'"

Instead, they praised him. Even Dolan went on the attack after the phony victory. Again, a day late and a dollar short. So the necessary conclusion is — it has to be — they too are as phony as he is. And they each pretend they profess the Catholic faith.

If the bishops actually had professed the Catholic faith for the past half century, that phony Catholic president wouldn't be president. Talk about birds of a feather. It won't take very long under the totalitarian reign of Beijing Biden for the bishops to, at last, feel the consequences of their actions.

And when that hammer falls, there will be nothing phony about it. It will be very real.

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