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Prepare for Attack

And the attack IS coming.

April 3, 2017  0


Hillary lost. Badly. The entire Establishment was not only convinced she was going to win, they actually assisted her — the media, by deliberately ignoring her crimes and failing to report on the facts behind the Clinton Foundation; the media, again, by ignoring the plotting of the Deep State in the wake of her stunning loss and Trump's ascendancy in the days leading up to the inauguration. And even now, the whole fake news assertion by the Left about a Russian connection, which is more and more being revealed, was actually the case with the Dems, not Trump.

The entire Left was caught completely off guard, unprepared for the Trump win. But that was five months ago. In the meantime, they have managed to get back up off the mat. The agenda of the Left could have been much more easily implemented had Hillary won, no doubt about it. That's why we prayed like crazy.

Religions, morality and so forth would have been completely obliterated in everything but lip service. In fact, that was exactly the plan as WikiLeaks dumps revealed. And using the powers of the federal government would have made their task of ridding America of conservative faith much easier.

But now that they have come to terms with the fact that, for now at least, they do not have that power lever to pull, the Left has now shifted to attacking from the corporate world instead. They are certainly used to attacking from the White House and courts, but they don't have those anymore, so now it's on to the corporate world.

And here is where we are appealing to you for help. Our apostolate is website driven. It didn't start that way, but that's what it is now. That means we are completely dependent on those who run the internet and those who run the access to the internet. And by this we mean outfits like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and various video players which are the platforms that run all our videos, like Vortex,for example.

All these outfits can't necessarily control our content or our message; that would have been for a Hillary administration to do. But they can control the means of access for you to our content. Already, two weeks ago, Twitter killed the Drudge Report account, as well as flamboyant conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. Last week, a very big video player platform simply denied access to hundreds of conservative religious videos. Facebook has promised to start censoring whatever it deems "fake" news. And all of them got their marching orders from Obama when he offered some remarks in the closing days of his reign, saying all these "fake news" sites should be censored.

We say all of this to say Church Militant is not going to just wait to be censored and have our videos yanked, like this one, for example, and access to our site denied by Google or whomever. Right now, like just about any other site in the world, we are reliant on these tech giants.

For example, everything we do internally here at Church Militant is on Google Drive, largely because it's free. But that means at any moment, Google can simply turn off our access to our own material, which is up on the cloud, and we have no access to it whatsoever. And yes, things are that scary.

So anticipating eventual problems and given the current trend now developing, this is not a question of if but when. So given the new reality, we have had to dip into a reserve and spend almost $50,000 to purchase our own internal server so we can get off Google as fast as our little circuit boards can carry us, before someone reports us as being "haters" and Google shuts down our access to our own stuff. And yes, they are perfectly within their legal rights to do that, in case you are wondering.

We are currently going through the laborious process of installing all of this — it takes weeks — and dealing with all the side headaches that arise from any major corporate change. We've even had to hire an additional staff member to help with all of this because administering your own internal server every day is no easy matter given the capacity we need to run an enterprise this size.

And we will soon be looking for another method of delivering videos that we can secure and get safely out of the range of any leftist corporation firing at us. This whole technology-behind-the-scenes thing is complicated and involved, but given the world today, the forces and personalities who control it, we have to be as proactive as possible.

Any solid Catholic presence on the web is now in danger of suddenly not being on the web, either directly or through an alignment of the various resources they employ, which keep the whole operation accessible to people at home. YouTube can simply shut down any channel anytime it wants. Facebook can simply kill a page or block certain articles whenever it wants. None of these giant companies were really paying attention to any of this until Trump won. Now, things have changed forever.

So here are a couple of things we are asking from you. If you view us on social media pages like Facebook or YouTube, please start the habit of coming directly to It's actually better for you anyway because our homepage has everything we do right there, and there's much more to what we do than just Vortex or a news article.

Secondly, we aren't going to request donations to help offset the sudden surge in expenses (we have of tens of thousands); however, if you would like to, it's much appreciated and needed. But what we would like to stress is the need for you to become a Premium member — $10 a month — less than the price of a cup of coffee a week. We live on a combination of donations and then revenue from Premium subscriptions.

We've spent years and years compiling the most extensive inventory of Catholic video available on the internet — over 1,000 hours of material. And all of it is accessible any time you want with a Premium subscription. Large numbers of people have told us that our videos have changed their lives, helped them convert to the Faith or become much more knowledgeable in the Faith. That's the point. And that's why we want to stress to you the importance of a Premium membership. It helps you and loved ones and helps us keep trucking along.

The times have changed. We are entering into a whole new arena of conflict. We have all grown accustomed to an uncensored internet, but given the current polarization, that is going to change — is in fact already changing.

So Church Militant is preparing for this attack and is appealing to you for help. There's a whole new world emerging, and those unprepared are going to be swept away. If you want to send in a donation, God bless you and thank you.

But please sign up for a Premium membership right now and start coming to the site instead of relying on social media outlets that can cut us off from you at any moment.

A whole new world, and we need to be prepared for the attack.

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