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Priests Should Not Vote?

How incredibly un-American.

March 2, 2020  0


I'm Michael Voris, coming to you from the floor of the 2020 CPAC Convention, where one of the dominant themes is the increased need for openness and transparency across the board in the federal government.

Various speakers have been addressing the corruption that takes place as a matter of routine in D.C. — the swamp — precisely because so much happens out of the public eye. This really is just common sense. When a person has an abundance of power and authority, that person must always be under scrutiny, in politics and in the Church.

Many faithful Catholics got extremely ticked off this week when news leaked out of the archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis that Abp. Bernard Hebda was informing his clergy that it would be best for them if they did not vote in tomorrow's Super Tuesday's primary because — get this — which party they are registered with could become known publicly.

Minnesota has a closed primary and you can only vote in the GOP or the DFL (the Minnesota democratic equivalent) if you are registered with that individual party.

Yes, almost half of Texas' bishops have walked into the voting booth and pulled the lever for child-killers.

In a statement to his priests, he cautioned them that there is no guard over either party releasing their rolls to the public and, therefore, which party primary they are voting in could easily become known.

Perhaps Abp. Bernie is a little concerned that some of his clergy will be outed as Democrats who vote for candidates of the Party of Death. If so, frankly, archbishop, you have a much bigger problem with your clergy than faithful Catholics discovering they are supporters of pro-abortion candidates. Any priest who walks into a voting booth and pulls the lever for a supporter of child slaughter should be defrocked on the spot. 

But even more disgusting is this —Abp. Bernie's desire to conceal all this information. Catholics have a right to know their priests' view in the current political environment. It puts them on the spot. No Catholic, especially a priest, can vote for a supporter of abortion, period.

Now, no doubt, Abp. Bernie will hide behind the other side of the issue, that he is trying to protect his priests from being identified as Republicans, because they will be assaulted on social media, or confronted by liberal parishioners. So what? That's good! Priests should already be out there condemning abortion and socialism and the rampant evil in the swamp. If they are too wimpy to do that, then perhaps their party registration being potentially public knowledge will force the issue.

In the past couple of weeks, Church Militant was provided information by Texas Right to Life about the party registration of all the bishops in Texas. Texas is set up the same way as Minnesota — you can only vote in the primary of the party to which you are registered — Republican or Democrat. Those registration rolls are easily discoverable by the public, which is what Texas Right to Life did. Their findings were, in a nutshell, that almost half of the state's 25 bishops have voted Democrat either some of the time or exclusively.

Yes, almost half of Texas' bishops have walked into the voting booth and pulled the lever for child-killers.

It is notably curious that after Church Militant released that report, a few days later, Hedba and the Minnesota Catholic Conference released its "guidelines" to its clergy to not vote in the primary so their party affiliation could be kept under wraps.

We don't think that was just some little coincidence. What a load of garbage this all is — first of all, just on the idea of a civic duty to participate in elections, to be a good citizen, to exercise your right to vote that hundreds of thousands of U.S. Military personnel have died for to protect. What about that, Abp. Bernie? How distinctly un-American: Don't vote — people might find out who you really support.

In this political climate, how you vote says almost everything about you, and frankly, faithful Catholics must know the leanings and the ideology of their priests because we entrust the care of our souls to these men — in confession, from the pulpit, in counseling. You're darn right, Abp. Bernie, I want to know if the priest I'm talking to secretly opposes Church teaching on a variety of topics.  

So why all the secrecy? Why the lack of transparency? Isn't it you guys who are always yammering on about how much you've learned from the laity and the sex abuse crisis and the need to be transparent and all that phony hypocritical blather you never stop with? All the abuse crisis has taught the crooked lot of you is to hide and cover up better. 

Lay Catholics can just as easily be discovered regarding their party affiliation. Why aren't you quietly counseling us to not vote? Why are you protecting just your priests from their party affiliation being unearthed?

The U.S. hierarchy makes a fortune from the U.S. government, which gives them the money for their liberal Party of Death-backed, social-justice-warrior causes.

Here's the reality: Archbishop Bernie and the rest of the bishops in Minnesota —which also applies to every bishop in America — know that half of their own number and their priests are dyed-in-the-wool supporters of the Party of Death. They just don't want you to know that. A large chunk of the clergy and episcopate have betrayed the Faith up one side and down the other, and how a priest votes — which party he supports — goes a long way in exposing who's who.

The U.S. hierarchy makes a fortune from the U.S. government, which gives them the money for their liberal Party of Death-backed, social-justice-warrior causes. This two-faced evil, this hypocritical filth — all this has to be exposed and rooted out.

We'll remind you again that none of this would be surfacing if it was not for faithful Catholics getting in the face of these men. They have skated for decades, hiding behind the Faith, keeping a cozy relationship with the Party of Death while pretending to be Catholic. 

One reason they hate Trump, besides a decrease in their money, is that he has created this "fight back, push back, question the abuse of power" environment. That atmosphere is permeating the air here at CPAC. Everywhere you go, everyone you talk to, all the speakers you listen to, are tapping into the great unrest of the common man over being lied to, stolen from, used and abused.

The exact same case is what's happening in the Church. These "hidden" prelates and clergy lie to us, abuse us and steal our money by employing false pretenses. They distort the truth and fly under the cover of their sacred offices.

Any and every bishop, as well as any priest, who resides in a state where his voting record can be discovered should have his voting record vetted, and if he is a supporter of the Party of Death, that needs to be outed and his resignation demanded.

This is war. Souls are at stake and Catholics deserve — indeed, have the right to know — that their spiritual leaders are faithful. Those who aren't faithful need to hit the bricks.

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