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Protecting the Victim Priests

What about them?

March 8, 2021  0


There are many things to be ticked off about right now with the U.S. hierarchy and their complicit kiss-ups in chanceries and the supposedly Catholic media. But one thing that seems to get overlooked for the most part is the victim priests.

All over America (as well as, presumably, other parts of the world), there are good men who have been completely sidelined for doing nothing more than speaking the truth of the Catholic faith. And, as an aside, do not confuse the priests who need to be sidelined with the crowd we are speaking of.

Some priests are downright despicable human beings who break the seal of confession, break their vows, manipulate people spiritually, sexually harass seminarians, and so forth. Occasionally, this crowd goes too far — even for their crooked bishop, because word starts to spread and donors start asking him what's going on.

So the bishop does the right thing for the wrong reason and yanks the rotten cleric. What we're talking about in this Vortex is the good priests that bishops essentially defame and say just enough to have people think there's something wrong with the priest, when, in reality, there's something, not just wrong, but evil about the bishop.

Church Militant knows loads of priests who have been punished, sidelined, marginalized, put on ice, frozen out, smeared, defamed and so forth — all because they ran afoul of the anti-orthodox gay clerical network. We have brought you some of them in various interviews: Fr. Paul Kalchik, Fr. Eduard Perrone, Fr. Mark White, Fr. Michael Suhy — every single one of them a victim of the big gay-hate-machine in the hierarchy.

Church Militant knows loads of priests who have been punished, sidelined and marginalized because they ran afoul of the anti-orthodox gay clerical network.

There are many others whose stories, for various reasons, we are not able to bring you, at least not yet. Who speaks for these spit-upon priests? Who comes to their defense? Who gives them a voice?  

Since the very beginning of this apostolate 15 years ago, we have learned many things — become aware of things — that, frankly, at the beginning, we were extremely naive about. We had no idea there was what amounts to a "priest gulag," for example, where men who want nothing more than to shepherd those in their care to Heaven are banished to ecclesiastical Siberia.

They simply disappear overnight. The bishop's thugs come and lie to the congregation, implying (without actually saying explicitly) that something is "wrong" with Father, and then you never hear another word about him. And since this is the same treatment that actual bad priests get (and deserve), the laity are left to wonder, "What happened?"

They ask questions and get no answers. They are told to trust the process, to keep Fr. Such and Such in their prayers, blah blah blah. Then, banking on their stonewalling tactic to simply wear down the laity, which it does, the faithful simply get frustrated, grow bored with it and move on with their lives.

From the bishop's standpoint, mission accomplished. Fr. Such and Such preaching about contraception and abortion being evil gets shipped to Siberia, the hippie Catholic donors are appeased and the bishop just ignores the peasant Catholics. It's quite the operation. It works like a charm (unless you're the priest).

Consider, these are men who answered the call by Christ Himself for a vocation to serve the faithful. Some of them gave up profitable careers. All gave up family life. They gave up all for the sake of the Kingdom, and they are discarded by crooked, wicked, usually gay men who despise them for their love of the truth.

And because they respect their vows of obedience, unlike their bishops, they are persecuted. Imagine the mental, psychological, emotional toll this takes on these men. How could it not? Even though they may accept the cross, it cuts right to the very core of their manhood.

They experience a pitch of emotions — from betrayal to shame (undeserved) to you name it. They are truly the forgotten souls, one dynamic of this filth in the Church that might occasionally get a brief moment in the limelight. But the cunning, wicked bishops know all they have to do is simply ride out yet another storm, and this too shall pass.

As we said, none of this was known by us when we began in 2006. But it is known now. And the situation wherein so-called Catholic media outlets — who know all of this — remain silent because they don't want to tick off the gay bishop crowd is revolting.   

For example, EWTN is proudly announcing a brand new program coming online to take a look at the world from a Catholic perspective. Big deal. No, it won't do that. It will look at some things in the world from a Catholic perspective, but anything that touches this third rail of episcopal evil, you can bet your sweet assets that it will get exactly zero coverage.

The network founded by Mother Angelica to combat the evil and ignorance in the Church has largely become complicit in that evil by its silence. Why can't EWTN or Catholic News Agency, for example, report on what Church Militant reports on? Why can't Relevant Radio — too busy taking cash from the Joe Biden campaign (until they got caught) — report on all this?

We've discovered all this. And we started way behind the eight ball. Is Fr. Perrone's story not newsworthy? How about Fr. Mark White? And on and on. A media outlet (along with, of course, individual souls) is measured by its love of truth. Yet the Catholic-establishment-media world sidesteps these truths. They won't touch them.

EWTN, Ave Maria Radio, Relevant Radio: If they went near these stories, bishops would blow them up. So let's be very clear here: They make a deliberate choice to not report on the sufferings and victimization of these priests. As such, they participate in their marginalization by going along with it, fueling the silence campaign.

Church Militant has privately communicated with some of these outfits and provided them the details of what we know, and nothing ever comes of it. Disgusting. Because it comes from Church Militant, which the bishops have cursed (like we care), none of them touch us or anything we know.

But someone must speak for these priests among the human debris of the homo-network in the Church. This is one reason we are asking you to help us with our continuing efforts here to expose the rot and filth in the Church: It destroys people's lives and vocations. If you're able to donate $25 a month to help us in our continuing effort, it would be very much appreciated.

It sometimes takes a monumental effort to get at the truth of corruption and cover-up. Unlike the Church of Nice and its army of homo-heretics, cover-up artists and complicit media, we don't have hundreds of millions of dollars in endowments hidden away from the laity's eyes.

Church Militant is declaring war on the Church of Nice and its liturgical, moral, doctrinal and financial corruption.

We can't summon a platoon of highly paid attorneys to cover up moral crimes and strike secret non-disclosure deals to keep the truth buried. These crooks understand that money is a powerful weapon — not the only weapon, of course — but a powerful one. So they misappropriate the donations of the ignorant faithful and use those monies to conceal, lie and deceive.

What Church Militant has that they don't is a passion for truth. Ultimately, that always wins because truth always comes out. It is the very nature of truth to be known. But all this takes financial as well as spiritual resources.

Church Militant is declaring war on the Church of Nice and its liturgical, moral, doctrinal, financial corruption, and we need your help to keep the attack going. Private investigators cost money. Staff researching all this for hours and hours on the phone and meeting with sources costs money. Being in touch with attorneys costs money. You get the picture.

So if you are able to contribute to our continuing efforts here, we would be extremely grateful. Someone has to keep the fires burning on behalf of victimized priests. We are happy to step into that role and fill the void.

We just wish all these other so-called Catholic media outfits would do the same, but, considering their complicity, we aren't holding our breath. In fact, if they want to prove their mettle, how about inviting Church Militant onto your shows EWTN, Ave Maria Radio, Relevant Radio?

Surely we can sit down and do an interview like men and bring all this stuff out. We don't care about what you think of us. We haven't cared for 15 years. Do you think our feelings are going to be hurt now? So give us a call just like victimized priests do. We're easy to find.

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