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Pushing Back, Hard!

The need for Catholic resistance.

September 27, 2021  0


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I'm Michael Voris, coming to you from our first Church Militant Resistance Boot Camp — this one in Orange County in Southern California. More than 130 Church Militant Resistance members are here for the entire weekend learning, asking questions, getting the lowdown on what's going on and, ultimately, on how they can push back.

And if there were ever a time for pushback by the faithful, now is that time. There are a variety of things that need resisting within the Church, and the distinction needs to be clearly understood.

Sexual abuse is obviously never acceptable and must be exposed in the full light of day. The abusers must be dragged out of the shadows, and those who protect them must be pressured to resign. Those who participated in the cover-up (in even a minor way, hiding behind religious secrecy) must also be revealed.

All of it is arising from sexual abuse — mostly of physically mature teenage boys.

Those who participated in legal gamesmanship, developing schemes to buy the silence of victims (essentially re-victimizing them, ignoring or minimizing the harm inflicted on them), need to be exposed as well.

Likewise the financial corruption and malfeasance that always accompanies these sins — the taking of money given for the promotion of the Faith being used instead to be paid to legal teams to cover up their sins and their crimes. Parishes are being shut down, and their assets, oftentimes including large parish endowments, sold off and the money diverted to the bishop's control.

All of it is arising from sexual abuse (mostly of physically mature teenage boys): It is the fuel that powers the machinery of the Church establishment these days. The entire power structure is kept in place to protect this dirty giant reality.

Men are promoted based on their willingness to either participate in this evil or help cover it up. Young men are often allowed into seminaries based on a "best guess" by admissions personnel that applicants can be manipulated into not objecting to the status quo.

As a result, all sorts of other evils spring up in the wake of this filth. There is no such thing as just one cockroach, as my dear mom used to say. Evil begets more evil. As a soul moves further and further from God, they plunge further and further into darkness.

It's the nature of spiritual warfare. You are never stagnant. You are always moving either toward God or away from Him. No other condition is possible. There is no neutrality on the battlefield for the soul.

However, navigating the battlefield is its own dynamic. That's the whole point of this Resistance boot camp: to dig down deep into the details, understand how to diagnose the issue (e.g., who the individuals are involved in the corruption, identifying specifically what the corruption is, who can be of inside help, determining if there are documents, how they can be gotten hold of, what to do after information is discovered and vetted).

In short, Resistance entails an element of subversion. Think of it as subverting the subverters. Never forget, these men came into the Church willing to undermine the Faith and destroy your souls. Previous generations were asleep (even most of the current generation is) and, as a result, the subverters gained the upper hand and now control the operational structure — very much like the "deep state" in the government.

Resistance entails an element of subversion. Think of it as subverting the subverters.

So the "deep church" needs to be combated in a very intelligent way. It must be dislodged, and it must not know where the next battle is going to be engaged. The Faith has been penetrated by wickedness, wickedness which must be, as Our Lord cautioned, battled against as slyly as the serpent and as innocently as the dove.

This is the heart of the Church Militant Resistance — learning and understanding the Faith and battling places in the Church where it is being undermined. And overshadowing it all is the principle that we have a duty to protect the innocent, the victims of all this, and to do everything we can so bodies and souls are never subjected to these evil perversions again.

They've been in control for decades: It will take at least as long to bring them down, but it always has to begin with a first step, just like they did.

May Almighty God bless us in our work for souls.

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