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Raid All the Chanceries

And get those secret files.

August 16, 2018  0


Every diocese and archdiocese has what it calls it "secret files" or the files "in the vault." They are required to have them according to canon law. What is in the files are essentially the private personnel records of every priest who has ever served in the diocese who has ever presented a "problem."

It was from these "secret files" that Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro was able to glean the massive massive cover-up in the Keystone State of predatory mostly homosexual priests. It would be naive in the extreme to think that all this stopped at the Pennsylvania border.

This practice of covering up for homosexual predators goes on everywhere in every diocese. Why would anyone think anything else? So if the bishop of any diocese ever discovered, if it was ever brought to him that one of the priests raped, assaulted, groped, made moves on an innocent victim, it would be in the files.

If it was ever brought to the bishop that a priest (or previous bishop) ever engaged in any behavior that was sexually inappropriate, it would be in those files. In short, every bishop knows every victim of homosexual predation in his diocese, and if he doesn't all he has to do is open the drawer and look at his own files.

This is why this massive massive outpouring of grief and sadness and lamentations and agony by one bishop after another, especially the big names in the big place with big files, is so disingenuous. In fact, it's downright patronizing the laity. If they are so sorrowful and in mourning, why is it they only get that way when the media rolls up at their door with cameras in hand?

Here's what needs to happen: For any state attorney general, or county district attorney who wants to make a name for himself, he needs to raid the local chancery and seize the secret files.

That's what police did in Saginaw, Michigan in the home diocese of Bishop Joseph "The Shredder" Cistone. According to sources present when the raids entered the property, a whole lot of shredding was going on — caught in the act.

Of course, Bishop Joseph "The Shredder" Cistone is no stranger to turning secret files into millions of pieces of confetti. He oversaw the operation when he was in Philadelphia — according to that grand jury report.

Here's the point — two actually.

First, district attorneys had better get to those files before the midnight shredding parties begin; and second, this is why the bishops' apologies to help victims and all that verbal diarrhea can't be believed. They could have done all this years and years ago. They could have done it last month when homosexual predator McCarrick was exposed.

Nope — they didn't do a thing. They don't want transparency, they want silence, they want secrets, they want secret files and secret settlement agreements. That's why 1,200 Catholics and counting have signed up for and committed to go to Baltimore for the Silence Stops Now rally at the bishops' annual meeting in Baltimore in mid-November.

Click on the link for the latest information, which gets updated each week.

Catholics who love the Faith are sick of the silence, sick of the secrets, sick of the privilege and unaccountability of men who do not love the Faith, do not care about their souls, who are more hirelings than shepherds. It's only been the culture of secrecy and silence that has prevented most of these men from being in orange jumpsuits or prison stripes as opposed to robes.

So come on, Your Excellencies, open the drawers to law enforcement. You say you're all sorry, disgusted, angry, sorrowful, crying, mourning. You want to "be" with the victims, you say — never forget the victims, stand with the victims

How come it's only the victims whose stories work their way into the newspapers you care to cry with? End the silence and open those secret files in every diocese to law enforcement. Or are you afraid that the evidence of cover-up against you — like it was for Donald Wuerl — will be too revealing?

You can deal with full disclosure now, or you can deal with it before the judgment seat of Our Blessed Lord.

Open the files to law enforcement.

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