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Resist and Restore

Before any Restoration, there must first come a Resistance.

May 21, 2019  0


This past weekend, Church Militant hosted our first-ever, in-person Resistance Conference.

It was attended by 120 faithful activist Catholics from all over the country and even a few internationally. Ever since the news of McCarrick broke last summer, Catholics have been spitting bullets about how the hierarchy has lied to them, deceived them and covered up crimes or conducted unethical, immoral practices — all the while hiding behind spirituality.

It is the specific abuse of spiritual authority that brought these people together and a good deal others who viewed via a livestream. Again, these are Catholics from all over the country who came together to learn the nuts and bolts of how to resist all this evil in the Church.

We had speakers talking about how to organize other Catholics in their area; how to locate sources in their local church who will give them information they can make public; how to protect the identity of any sources, any legal concerns that might arise, how to make friends with local law enforcement. We gave some instruction on how to package news of any financial misdealings or lack of transparency and deliver it to local media.

In short, a weekend-long tutorial on how to resist the evil in the Church, to fight against it.

The formula, the template of how many of these wicked individuals work in the Church is somewhat standard.Where you find one kind of evil - whether it’s sexual, financial, moral, legal, doctrinal — it doesn’t matter — where you find one, you are certain to uncover others, because as my dear mum (God rest her soul) used to say, "There's no such thing as one cockroach."

Sin begets sin. It multiplies itself. It grows and advances like the cancer that it is. So if there is some homosexual activity going on among priests in your diocese, you can bet your bottom dollar there is further evil — doctrinal, financial, whatever. And if that is the case, it's a virtual guarantee that something is being covered up by the bishop or people in the chancery.

These people will lie, commit crimes, do anything they need to to keep the status quo. We are long beyond the claim that these are all just disagreements of a prudential judgment. They are crimes, deliberate betrayals and cover-ups.

Not everything going on is necessarily criminal in nature, although judging from the number of chanceries being raided by local, state and federal law enforcement these days, there must be something criminal. There are vastly more important spiritual crimes going on, occuring on a daily basis, in parish after parish, not addressed by the local bishop, oftentimes supported by the local bishop.

Just a tick down the list of the large number of bishops who have allowed the homoheretic Fr. James Martin to come into their diocese and spread his poisonous homoheresy, and you see right there, at the very least, the spiritual crime of negligence. Then add to that the ones who have sat silent in general and refused to say anything at all.

Loads of the men who now have large influence and power in the Church are only one or two steps removed from Theodore McCarrick, and they learned well how to lie, deceive and lead the faithful into the fires of Hell.

It must all be resisted.

And speaking of flames, the sad sight of Notre Dame ablaze during Holy Week provides an apt analogy to the current horror in the Church. Yes, the 800-year-old cathedral must be rebuilt, or better stated, restored. But before it can be restored, those flames had to first be resisted.

So too in the Church, the flames of the evil of Modernism, which are engulfing the Church today, must first be resisted. Their diabolical source must be extinguished, drowned, under a flood of effort poured forth from faithful laity who care deeply and are dedicated to the Restoration. If it takes getting information to the feds to help launch the RICO investigation nationally, then so be it. If it means gathering information about financial irregularities being reported to local media, then so be it.

To many of these men, wicked or hapless men have been throwing gasoline onto the fire for too long. The time to organize the Resistance has now arrived.

If you'd like to know more about the Church Militant Resistance and how you can get involved in your diocese, just click on the provided link.

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