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RICO — Bring It On!

It NEEDS to happen.

April 3, 2019  0


There is no doubt about one thing when it comes to the non-stop news of cover-up bishops and their malfeasance — faithful Catholics, the politically conservative ones — want the full weight of the federal government brought to bear to ferret out this evil from the Church.

Look at these numbers from a Church Militant poll we conducted over the last seven days. Going on 7,000 people responded to the online poll, and the results are flat-out overwhelming.

A whopping 92 percent of Catholics want the U.S. Department of Justice to initiate RICO charges against the U.S. bishops. That is a staggering percentage.

But even more telling is this number: 98 percent of those saying "lower the boom" are self-identified, orthodox, believing Catholics. No matter how you slice and dice these numbers, they are bad news for the USCCB and a green light for the feds from faithful American Catholics.

It's important, politically speaking, to make the crucial distinction between faithful Catholics and mediocre, lukewarm, social justice Catholics. The latter bunch didn't vote for Trump and probably never would. They are essentially Democrats with a crucifix on the wall in their house somewhere — maybe; think Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy.

What that crowd thinks, one way or the other, is meaningless when it comes to President Trump and his Justice Department making a decision whether to pursue RICO charges against the bishops.

They wouldn't vote for Trump in 100 years, so, frankly, the president shouldn't even weigh that in his calculus — nor should Attorney General William Barr.

And in case you're wondering why there is so much political talk surrounding this, it's because a decision in a case like this is rife with political considerations.

Right or wrong, that's just the way it is — just like in the Jussie Smollett case. There is the case itself, and then, there is all the politics of it, as was evidenced earlier this week this competing rallies for and against Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx and her dropping of the charges.

Any high profile case always has a political dynamic to it, and the optics of the federal government going after the U.S. Catholic Church as though it is an organized crime syndicate would certainly be potentially explosive. All that said, this has got to happen.

Day after day, prosecutors and investigators all around the country are saying, publicly and privately, too many of the bishops are corrupt, are not cooperating with their investigations, not capable of policing themselves, have too much to cover up and are more sinister than dealing with mob bosses.

That is why there is a growing groundswell within the ranks of law enforcement for RICO to be activated.

When the former Cardinal McCarrick was finally outed for decades of sexually assaulting teenagers and seminarians, not a single prelate in the Church stepped forward and admitted that they knew about it, helped covered it up, profited, sometimes enormously, for their silence.

Dozens and dozens of bishops, and men who would become bishops, saw their ecclesiastical careers accelerated for their willingness to turn a blind eye his evil.

And McCarrick, although a big one, is still just one case. Not every seminarian sexually assaulted was assaulted by McCarrick, not by a long shot.

Hundreds if not thousands of seminarians over the decades, including recently, as well as thousands and thousands of teenage boys, are the victims of these negligent men who still to this day have gotten away with it.

Sure, they had to approve collectively $4 billion in payouts, but that didn't come out of their personal wallets. It was money from the faithful.

The bishops themselves still live financially well-off lives. They get their pay, their health insurance, their extensive travel, their staffs, all the perks. They are in fact pretty much immune from the negative consequences of their malice.

And when they retire, material life will still be good and all provided for. For those who have profited off the system of cover-up and lies and deception, this isn't right.

Look at LA Cardinal Roger Mahony, who actually shipped priests out of the country to hide them from the law; or D.C. Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who participated in the cover-up and lied about what he knew of McCarrick and then lied about lying.

Men like this should face at least some measure of justice in this life, for their own good as well as the good of the faithful, and also to begin the much-needed restoration of the Church.

These men have sat atop what has essentially been a politically liberal machine for decades, taking billions and billions in government money and distributing large chunks of it to anti-Catholic groups who happen to also be get-out-the-vote Democratic non-profits.

Government money has been funneled by these same men into so-called "social justice" organizations which have registered huge numbers of Democratic voters in order to advance socialism as the ruling coalition in the United States.

The entire social justice arm of the Church was established in fact in cooperation with community organizer atheist Saul Alinsky, which even provided the training ground for Barack Obama back in 1980s Chicago.

As Church Militant has been revealing and reporting for years now, not to mention earning the hatred of the USCCB, the entire bishops' national headquarters is modeled after Saul Alinsky’s worldview, which is why they have been referred to frequently as the Democratic Party at prayer — talk about a swamp in need of draining.

They have betrayed the American Dream. They have betrayed the Catholic Church. They go to great lengths to slam many of Trump's initiatives, falsely labeling or suggesting they are un-Catholic.

No, Your Excellencies, what is un-Catholic is covering up sexual assault by the thousands — of teenagers, 80 percent of whom are physically mature boys. Many of them have led corrupt lives, and all of this must be brought to a screeching halt.

In truth, many of them deserve to be behind bars but have skillfully managed to avoid that by shredding documents, stonewalling investigations, calling in favors from Democratic politicians — you name it.

There is nothing they have not engaged in, including the cover-up of thousands of sexual assaults.

This is the driving force behind the desire on the part of an overwhelming number of faithful Catholics wanting to see Donald Trump approve a RICO investigation by his Justice Department. If there was ever a cause of justice, criminally, politically and theologically, this would be it.

As the bevy of investigations continue to unfold, the reality of this will undoubtedly be coming into much sharper focus.

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