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Ripping the Church to Pieces

And that has been the plan all along.

January 30, 2019  0


Catholics who know and who care have to begin speaking in very clear and certain terms about this dire moment in the life of the Church. Modernists, Marxists, the malformed, homosexuals and their allies — all of whom are nearly, to a man, all financially corrupt, as well as criminals — need to be exposed for who they are and what they are doing.

The what they are doing is ripping the Church to pieces. It doesn't matter where you look, their destructive handiwork is everywhere. Just go down a list of news from just the past few months and the accumulated toll is staggering to consider, and this is just what has come to light:

Lying cardinals and bishops caught in their cover-up lies; pederasty scandals on every level of the Church; active homosexuality preached as a good and even a gift from God; the Chinese Catholics being betrayed by the Vatican; the Covington boys being piled on by the establishment Church; the refusal to excommunicate when events absolutely call for it; the vindication of everything that Archbishop Viganò testified to; the continued push by the bishops of a globalist agenda; state and federal investigations by the dozens with the Church in the crosshairs; the hiding of assets by numerous bishops — allowed by canon law or not.

Notre Dame covering up the Christopher Columbus murals bringing the Faith to the Americas; the advancing agenda of homosexual activists within the Church on all levels; homosexual orgies in the Vatican apartments complete with drugs; the grooming and sexual assault of countless seminarians by faculty and clergy; the ineptitude of so so many prelates — paralyzed into inaction by their emasculation.

The ever-growing influence of secular humanism at supposedly Catholic colleges; the continuing watering down of the Faith in the liturgy, catechesis and evangelization; the undeniable proof that the Vatican is shielding homosexual predatory priests; the plans to certify only leftist Catholic sites with a "seal of approval" from Rome; stacking the deck at the Youth Synod in Rome to produce a favorable "gay" outcome; the silence of nearly every bishop in America to call out homosexuality in the clergy; next month's sex summit, carefully crafted to avoid any link between abuse and pederasty; the silencing of faithful Catholic priests for their solid preaching and calls for purity; the ordering of solid priests to kill their social media presence; the shipping off to crazy houses of faithful priests to marginalize them; priests having to go into hiding to avoid the wrath of power-mad prelates; the growing tone-deafness of the U.S. hierarchy and circling of the wagons with regard to concerns of the laity; the pressure from Rome to get the bishops to be "unified" — or at least appear so.

Throwing faithful Catholics out of so-called listening sessions when the bishop doesn't want to really listen but just propagandize; the near total corruption of women's religious orders run largely by old lesbians who are selling off the property at breakneck speed and no one knows where the money is going; cardinals trying to divert tens of millions of dollars for unspecified reasons to causes that never get the money; tens of millions of dollars of Catholics charity going to leftist political causes; and the never-ending push to raise billions and billions of dollars in dioceses across America before old Catholics die off.

Every one of these evils does not just fall out of the sky. There are people — individuals and groups — actively making all this happen. There is an enormous crossover or overlap with these various groups and persons.

Between all of them, they have operational control of the Church, but they have no supernatural faith. They are men and women of the world who view the Church as an institution of the world to be used for making massive cultural change in the world.

The supernatural, the other world, never enters their minds or gets on their agendas. Depending on which man or woman or group you are talking about, they are either wicked or corrupt or evil-intentioned or naive or malformed or lust-filled for power or sex — or both.

They have torn, and continue to tear, the body of Christ to pieces — they are ecclesiastical rapists and spiritual terrorists, and they must be exposed to the fullest extent possible.

The only acceptable "leader" in the Church are the ones who identify these evils and fight against them — clearly, with a clarion voice, motivated by a love for the salvation of souls.

No other leader can be acceptable in what he says or what he does or what he commands to be done. They are hirelings who care nothing for your soul or the souls of your loved ones. Any trust we are called to have in them has long since evaporated. It is now up to us, you and I, to assume the mantle of teaching the Faith and passing it on to our families and friends.

These men and women, these perverts of doctrine and liturgy, will all soon be gone from the scene, and not to mention be damned for eternity for their hatred of Christ if they do not repent.

In the process of the Church being ripped to pieces by them, what has been revealed is just how pitifully few actual faithful Catholics there are, a small percentage who hold to and love the teachings of the Faith and live them — or try hard to, even if they fall. A great apostasy is now rampant in the Church, and it began in the ranks of the ordained.

These apostates and heretics stealthily set about seizing power and advancing others like them until the scales had tipped in terms of numbers, and there are now more unfaithful wicked men in control than there are faithful men.

It has been a palace coup of the most diabolical kind. This fact must be recognized and understood by every man or woman who still has any touchstone to the Faith. You are now responsible to a degree not really imaginable just a few years ago for the evangelization of everyone you know in whatever way you are able in your circumstances.

If you love the Church, you will make this work your number one goal. You must lay aside your love of earthly things — often times perfectly legitimate — and now take this mantle upon yourselves.

You must learn of the history of these malevolent men and their awesome powers of perversion and destruction, and when you have learned it, you must warn those who you love and care about before it's too late.

Given the depth of the depravity and corruption of all these wicked clergy and their lay allies, this is going to get much worse, which means you need to respond in kind.

Think about that list and ask yourself: How could all of this have happened?

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