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River of Filth

ROLL Saul Alinsky and the bishops.

June 10, 2019  0


When you see a mighty river winding through across a country, we don't always stop and think about the source of the river.

Before it becomes this giant force, it's comprised of many smaller rivers and tributaries and streams all flowing into it, increasing its force as it moves along, eventually turning into a great and powerful river.

This is the exact case with the river of filth in the Church right now, many smaller things have all flowed into it to now make it the driving force throughout the Church.

There is a direct opposition between the Holy Spirit hovering over these waters, this river of filth and the darkness of the waters themselves.

Archbishop Viganò even used the term "homosexual current" to describe one of the major aspects of the ongoing crisis and scandal.

Another analogy to perhaps help understand all this better: cooking. Any dish that is whipped up in a kitchen always requires a combination of ingredients, and moreover, not just a combination, but the right combination of those ingredients which also includes the correct utensils and timing and all that.

If you know your way around a kitchen, then you get that. No one sticks a cake in the oven. The cake is what comes out.

What went in required a carefully measured and timed and prepared combination of things — likewise this filth in the Church; it required a combination of evil ingredients.

One of those ingredients, like one of the streams flowing into a river, to flip analogies, was to give the appearance, the facade of things being good.

This was the main focus of Chicago Cardinal Joseph Bernardin and his rapid pushing of the so-called social justice movement in the Church.

It was a giant snow job, a cover to smuggle in dissenters, giving them the appearance of being "good Catholics" who love and care for the poor while actually working like an army of termites to eat away at the foundation of the Church.

Note how very often many of the homosexual gang in the Church are always so into the issue of social justice. To this end, we want to point your attention to the very first FBI (Faith-Based Investigation) we ever produced here.

Almost 10 years ago, Church Militant was the very first Catholic apostolate to have a production showing the glaring evil of the phony social justice issue in the Church and that its founder was Saul Alinsky.

This whole movement was brought about in the Church, the whole CCHD Campaign, all over it, to give cover to homosexual clergy to trick Catholic laity into thinking they were all do-gooders. They were devils in disguise.

Understanding this whole issue is so critical to understanding the larger issue, that we are just going to run our very first investigative piece for you right now.  

Remember, lots of smaller rivers flow into the big one. The current river of filth is the prime example.

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