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Safeguarding the Innocent

Saints die fighting.

October 26, 2020  0



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So when this titanic struggle is all said and done, what it all comes down to is this — protecting and safeguarding the innocent.

This Marxist evil has been at work for over a century, and with each passing generation, it perverts more and more minds and hearts by seizing control of each of the cultural institutions. This is now so prevalent and longstanding that both in the Church and in the culture, a young person growing knows nothing other than lies and evil.

It's part of the air they breathe that a person can defy nature and choose to switch genders or sexes, that a person can choose to kill a child, that a person can choose to live in a state of perverted sex and call it marriage. The list is endless.

Imagine what a college-aged young man sees these days when he looks out on the world, a world he sees as nothing else than "normal." And the reality is, subjectively speaking, to him, this is normal. Where else would he have heard anything else?

Imagine what a college-aged young man sees these days when he looks out on the world.

He goes to school and is taught how to masturbate and engage in so-called safe sex. If birth control fails, he's taught to choose to kill his child so his life isn't "ruined." He seldom hears an utterance about God, unless it's to ridicule the few remaining people who actually do believe.

And in the midst of all this, those guardians of truth — the bishops of the Catholic Church — continue to wallow in their vomit of perversity and corruption.

It's taken almost a century to get to this point, and speaking in just strictly earthly terms, it will take much longer to reverse it — if that's even possible. Nonetheless, it is the solemn duty of every baptized Catholic to stand in the breach and fight against this century of demonic possession of the culture, which affects the Church most especially.

Until the Catholic Church is purified, put back on course, there is no hope for the culture. What is being fought for in this election is an opening, a breathing space for a culture to be impacted in a healthy way by a Church getting itself back on track.

It is the solemn duty of every baptized Catholic to stand in the breach and fight against this century of demonic possession.

It was the Church that brought an end to the paganism of ancient Rome and the barbarism of the dark ages, and it will be the Church that will do it again, one way or another. The hard way will involve winning this election and then rolling up our sleeves and staying on our knees.

The harder way will be a persecution. Either way, it's going to be hard. But so what? We're talking about salvation, and how each person responds in this time and space will determine their eternal destiny.

It's that important.

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