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Secret Gay Operatives

It’s time to drain the clerical swamp!

February 17, 2017  0


A simple question needs to be asked and answered: Father James Martin, are you homosexual? Yes or no?

Martin, the 56-year-old editor-at-large for the extreme, leftist Jesuit Magazine America, is near the top of the list for undermining Church teaching on homosexuality. He accepts awards from so-called Catholic groups who oppose the Church on this teaching, as well as many others.

He has been on a decades-long personal crusade to get Catholics to accept homosexuality as normal and just another way of being human, no big deal. To be sure on this, he has many allies in his crusade — Fr. Thomas Rosica comes to mind instantly — in his glaring efforts to distort (and by that we mean lie) about what was being discussed at the two most recent synods in Rome.

Father Martin's lies and distortions and advancing of gay propaganda goes back decades. For example, in 2000 he wrote an article in America Magazine where he makes the case for homosexual priests, an essay filled with logical flaws, huge assumptions, dismissing of Church teaching and sins of omission.

He wants the reader to understand and embrace the "reasonableness" of having homosexual men be ordained, and before he's done, he even attributes this to the will of God.

Martin is a liar, and he needs to be called out on it — and so do many others in the hierarchy who allow this garbage to continue. There are so many errors in his article that it would take a book to address them, maybe two. But we will address a couple.

About the only thing he says that's true is that somewhere between a quarter to more than half of all priests are homosexual. He paints the most dramatic portrayal of them as victims whose inner suffering makes them at least as good as heterosexual priests, if not actually better. He claims homosexual men struggle with their sexuality because the Church persecuted them, but this struggle preconditions them to lives of superior holiness and spirituality, which is what we want our priests to be, after all.

He even steps into the world of stereotyping and offers that homosexual men are more "creative" than heterosexuals and can contribute enormously to the Church in the areas of liturgy, preaching, art, liturgical dance, music.

Sure, as long as all those things are about them.

Said quite frankly: What a pack of lies.

You'll remember that at the 2014 synod in Rome, I got to ask a question in a daily press briefing about the famous claim that homosexuals have certain "gifts and qualities" that can help the Church. I asked specifically: What would those certain gifts be and do heterosexuals not have them?

I asked Abp. Bruno Forte — the man directly responsible for the language in the first place — and he laughed off the question because he knew he had been busted. See, this theme among homosexual clergy and their allies that they make better priests than heterosexual men has been around a long time.

The now-retired Bp. Tod Brown of Orange, California even came out and said it. They secretly believe it to be true. Among themselves they blame the Church for their psychological problems, as is evident every time some scandal erupts involving them. Think Abp. Rembert Weakland of Milwaukee. Think Fr. Krzysztof Charamsa, who revealed he was living with his gay lover while working at the Vatican.

Too many men have used the priesthood to try and work out their own emotional and psychological illnesses. And now they have become so numerous because they protect and promote each other that they stand at the door demanding change, a huge gay lobby.

There is little difference psychologically between all these deeply disturbed homosexual clerics and the more out gays in a pride parade. In fact, they are more dangerous because of the authority they have. The intense self-absorption so present in the gay community — one of the sins of omission Fr. Martin fails to address as he is canonizing the homosexual priesthood — is a hallmark of the entire subculture, both in the Church and out.

He treats the Church's teaching on homosexuality as though it is wrong. Period. He makes the over-the-top claim that men who are homosexual priests were created that way and called by God to be able to be the priests who can really experience the suffering of their sheep, with the implication, of course, that heterosexual men cannot, or at least not as effectively.

The outrageous claims, distortions and lies are so thick that it makes you ill after a while. He even claims God made some people gay on purpose so there would be empathy in the priesthood. And he wraps it up by saying that the "Church" must learn to discern the prompting of the Holy Spirit — which is to say, anyone who believes what the Church actually teaches needs to stop believing it and think with a "gay mind" until they no longer believe it.

Interestingly, Fr. Martin and others like Fr. Rosica have never come out and publicly said that they are gay, that they identify as a gay man, think like a gay man and want to make the Church gay to the extent it abandons its teaching in this area. Instead, they hide behind their collars and use the influence of their positions to subvert the Church's teaching at every possible turn. They are dangerous men to have in collars.

So the question needs to be asked, and they need to answer, because it's a matter of full disclosure: Fr. James Martin, do you identify as a homosexual? Yes or No?

Is your article really about yourself?

If he or others like Fr. Rosica do identify as gay men, then the Church has a right to know that because it means they have a dog in the fight. They need to come out publicly and answer this question. No priest should be able to hide behind his collar and attack Church teaching while not also admitting his motive for doing so.

In your own pysche, an area you spend a great deal of time talking about in your article, do you identify as a homosexual man who feels he is more compassionate, more able to identify with those who suffer, who is more creative, which you claim gay priests are?

It's a simple question, Father. What's your answer?

It's time to drain the clerical swamp of this evil.

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