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Seek and Destroy Young Men

Evil has been recruiting young men for a long time.

March 17, 2017  0
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As the social revolutionaries of the past 200 years or so unleashed their plans to first destabilize and eventually destroy Western culture, which had been created by the Catholic Church, they almost always concentrated on recruiting younger men to their causes. For example, eventual founder of the Italian Communist Party Antonio Gramsci was recruited for the Italian Socialist party when he was 24.

Vladimir Lenin was recruited for the Bolsheviks while he was still 26. Voltaire, one of those who helped lay the kindling for the French Revolution, fell under the influence of anti-Catholic philosopher Rousseau while 24. Heinrich Himmler, mastermind of the so-called Final Solution, was brought into the early Nazi party when he was 23 by Erich Fromm. The list throughout history of how young men were recruited for such evil causes is actually frightening.

The agents of evil appealed to young men's sense of wanting to bring about change, gave them a cause they could dedicate themselves to, and trained them up in their twisted ideologies, which cost the lives of hundreds of millions. One tactic of the diabolical has been to use his earthly disciples to recruit and use young men, poison their minds with anti-Catholic rhetoric and set them loose in the world to carry out his agenda.

His ultimate agenda is the destruction of the Catholic Church, but he sets about accomplishing this agenda in many many arenas: the destruction of the family, the blurring of the lines between the sexes, the devaluing of human life — especially preborn life. And these goals he succeeds in accomplishing by influencing the societal and political cultures. And here is where his troop of young men, as they grow older, become so useful to him.

Given the current climate in society, where young men are buffeted from every side, and the overwhelming majority of those who go to college will have their minds filled with anti-Church propaganda, faithful Catholics need to respond to this, in whatever way each can.

As many of you know, we have been running a program here for the past couple of years that we call PAUSE, where we gather a group of young men who are concerned about the future of the Church and the role they can play in helping out. We call the program PAUSE because those men accepted into the program push "pause" on their lives for a year to discern how they want to be of service to Holy Mother Church for the rest of their lives.

They think about either ordination or religious life or married life or being an apostolic celibate. And whatever they discern, they consider how they can best serve the Church in their future state of life. While here, they undergo an intense reading curriculum of philosophy, theology and history.  

They read a wide assortment of papal encyclicals and various documents from councils and conclude by reading writings of some of the great Catholic thinkers. We meet on a regular basis to discuss and review the readings, as well as current happenings in the Church, and tie together how cultural and political events impact the life of the Church.

We are announcing applications are now being taken for our third year of PAUSE, which will begin in August. To apply or read more about the whole program, please click on the PAUSE button link and you will be directed to the full description of the program as well as the actual application.

We have to add, at this time, we are only able to accept applications from American citizens owing to U.S. State Department visa regulations in place from the Obama administration. Hopefully that will change, but for now, we are prevented from pursuing international candidates.

Again, this is our effort here at Church Militant to help form up young men, to recruit them year after year and help form their intellects in Catholic thought, to seep them in Catholic tradition.

Let's face it: The other side has been doing this for a long time. The other side understands the value of "getting 'em while they're young," so that they can be of use later with the implementation of the agenda. It's exactly why the revolution was taken to Catholic universities — to capture those young minds and twist them. Faithful laity must respond to this, and for our part, this is what Church Militant's PAUSE program is all about.

So, how about it men? Are you willing to commit a year of your life to learning and discerning about Holy Mother Church and how you can be of service to Her for the rest of your lives?

Are you in the fight or are you out of the fight? Click on the link and learn more.

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