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She Will Crush Your Head

We need to join ourselves to that victory.

August 6, 2020  0
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Unless you are a pretty faithful Catholic, you've probably never heard that on May 17, 1846, the bishops of the United States had proclaimed Mary — under the title of her Immaculate Conception — the principal patroness of the whole country. Of course, those were bishops who pretty much believed the Faith and actually believed in things divine. Today, not so much. 

For evidence, when was the last time you heard that little factoid — that America was placed under the protection of Our Blessed Mother under the title of the Immaculate Conception? Interesting point: The declaration by the American bishops was almost a decade before the proclamation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, which would happen in 1854. 

That's noteworthy because it shows the dedication and faith of the U.S. hierarchy from back then. This brings up the obvious question — where is that faith now among the hierarchy? In fact, the Americas have had an intimacy with the Blessed Virgin since the very beginning. Christopher Columbus' flagship bore her name (the "Santa Maria"), and Columbus' crew sang the Salve Regina each night in her honor.

The Spanish and French missionaries who accompanied the explorers introduced a devotion to Our Lady that has remained to this day in many communities, with untold numbers of towns and villages being named after her. The devotion of Mexicans to her image as Our Lady of Guadalupe is world-renowned. 

In short, ever since the Catholic faith was brought to this hemisphere, it has been deeply bound up with the Mother of God, which, of course, is how it should be. It was only the military conquest of Protestant British troops over those French and Spanish troops that dampened this, but just a bit. The Catholic Church was in this hemisphere more than a century before the Protestants arrived with their hatred of the Queen of Heaven.

You could easily make the case, in fact, that if it had not been for those Protestant Puritans and subsequent Protestants arriving in Plymouth and Jamestown, the world would be a very different place. America, for example, would likely not be on the precipice of a Marxist revolution.

Theological errors were introduced into the Americas through Protestants, and when the military forces supporting those theological errors conquered, so too did the errors. Catholic influence and thought were beaten back and supplanted by Protestant error. It took a while — a couple of centuries, in fact — but the inevitable happened. 

Wherever Protestant error dominates, the truth will be sidelined.

Protestant morality, which has been a mix of Catholic morality and protestant error, began to change and evolve. First, Protestants allowed for divorce, then contraception, followed by abortion and same-sex "marriage" and now, transgenderism and so forth.

Wherever Protestant error dominates, the truth will be sidelined. But the consequences of truth being sidelined do not remain sidelined. Those consequences pour into the streets, the institutions, the minds, the intellects and the wills of a nation and, slowly at first (but gaining traction as time goes by), begin to be felt everywhere.

It's like poison slipping into the body. It's subtle at first but eventually deadly. And here we are today in a country that is still — even under the protection, the patronage of the Blessed Mother (under Her title, "the Immaculate Conception") — on the brink of dissolution.

It is for this reason that Catholics in America must rediscover our roots, specifically those in the Blessed Virgin. The U.S. bishops in 1846 were, perhaps, more prophetic than they realized. At the same moment they were dedicating America to Our Lady, Karl Marx was in Germany formulating and writing the Communist Manifesto.

And here we are today: Politically conservative Americans are in a fight to the death with Marxists on our own soil, a soil over which she (Our Lady) is the patroness. And how far have things gone since that time? Many of the bishops today are Marxist at heart, and the class warfare Marx so longed for is actually playing out in the Church against the backdrop of a U.S. presidential election — an election the likes of which we have never witnessed before.

All over America, groups of faithful Catholics — orthodox Catholics — are calling out the Marxism-embracing evil of the clergy, especially that of the hierarchy. Case in point — in the diocese of Crookston, Minnesota, a group of ardent Catholics will be hosting Church Militant as part of their "Roman Catholic Revival" (fittingly enough on the Solemnity of the Assumption of Our Blessed Mother's body and soul into Heaven).

We have been assured and the serpent has been promised, "She will crush your head."

I will be giving a day-long presentation entitled "The Heart of the Matter: Defending Catholic Truth and Beauty." For details and to sign up, please click on the provided link. That's next weekend, so there's still time to sign up.

Catholics, for the most part, have lost any sense of their identity because crooked leaders have robbed them of it. You see this reflected in politics where a holy people, a royal priesthood, would never choose to support child murder or be indifferent to it. But as poll after poll and election after election (and so forth) show, the Catholic voice has been essentially nullified, as roughly half support these evils (while the other half oppose them).

That is not by accident. It's been part of the plan since the communist invasion of the Church's seminaries and chanceries. The Church had to be removed as the dominant obstacle to the Marxist conquest, and what better way to remove it than to penetrate it and subvert it? But remember, America is still under the patronage of the Mother of God, and it is now to her we must appeal.

Perhaps it is not a desperate appeal, but certainly urgent. We hope you will consider attending the event. This group of Catholics sponsoring the event love the Church and want the preservation of the nation. It's no exaggeration to say we are at one minute before midnight, and — as troubling as that is — remember, we have been assured and the serpent has been promised, "She will crush your head."

We need to join ourselves to that victory. Thank you in advance, and we hope to see you in Crookston.

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