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I wanna do THAT work.

February 11, 2019  0

We're Hiring!


Among the various nightmares we see unfolding in the Church today, we also must realize that much good is emerging as well. The evil has gotten so bad and so visible that loads of sleepy Catholics — the Rip Van Winkle crowd — are waking up, or being "red-pilled," to use a more contemporary analogy.

Various lay groups are forming all over the country with a huge array of missions, depending on where any given group may be and what they see as needs to be addressed.

And its people of every stripe, age, ethnicity, race, etc. — a true example of diversity. We know about all this because we get the emails and phone calls from all kinds of people everywhere, and it's truly inspiring.

From Catholics forming groups to address deficits in catechesis or evangelization within their own diocese to faithful parents getting together to ensure an intellectually and morally safe environment for their kids' education.

Other people are now getting onto parish councils or finance committees to try and right the ship to informed Catholics launching YouTube or other social media channels to get other Catholics informed. You name it, it's probably happening somewhere; in fact, there so many start-up initiatives going on, there's no way to even begin to name them all.

Of course, Church Militant is one of those efforts. Everybody here is working in response to the crisis — the causes, effects as well as solutions. Our apostolate, St. Michael's Media, just happened to be one of the very first efforts along these lines, beginning almost 14 years ago — hard to believe, we know; time flies when you're having fun.

And that's really the point of this Vortex episode to highlight not just the seriousness of the work we do here but also the "fun," meaning specifically, the great sense of satisfaction that comes from fighting for the Church.

Sadly, much of that fight is with other people who, while claiming to be Catholic, exhibit no real evidence of it — and many of them are clergy. But, that said, Church Militant makes a difference, thanks to our many supporters, and we get to come to work every day ready for battle.

Good persecuted clergy are in touch with us in really surprising numbers and we help them in many ways. Laity, at the end of their ropes spiritually owing to the great evil present in the Church and the world, contact us and tell us "thank you."

Every day, working here has its own rewards — consolations from Our Heavenly Father because of the intensity of the struggle. And that's why I'd like to put out there a request for smart, dedicated Catholics to come join us working here.

As you know, we are at the beginning of a major expansion campaign, and many people have responded very generously both financially and spiritually. What we need right now, at this moment, is dedicated folks to come on board and work with us.

There's a hundred reasons not to, but one major reason to. Michigan is not the prettiest state in the country; it's cold, wet and damp — a lot. The pay, while better than it used to be, isn't going to make you rich. The work, as we've said, is intense. But our work is the salvation of souls, and given the confusion and malevolence so present in the Church these days, there has perhaps never been a greater need.

We are especially looking for good people for our news writing and reporting. We get so many tips and so much information that it is literally impossible to keep up with even a fraction of it.

The exposing of the garbage, the setting the record straight on what the Church actually teaches, all of this kind of work, which boils down to informing souls, pays tremendous dividends spiritually as well as temporally.

We are making this appeal to anyone who hears this or knows someone who you think might fit the bill. The type of person who thrives in this particular environment is, first, someone who wants to help the Church and understands the nature of the crisis.

Next, he or she needs to be a smart, curious type of personality who can communicate well and learns things quickly.

He or she needs to understand the big picture and help connect the dots for people on a story-by-story or case-by-case basis. Naturally, you have to be an excellent researcher, writer and communicator. And we help people see the bigger picture through TV and video production.

You have to have what's called a nose for news, yes; but something much more than that. Instincts and drive, a sense for justice and truth, a desire and a dedication to champion the things of God and of His Holy Catholic Church.

Surely, you know someone like this — perhaps, even, it's you.

Holy Mother Church needs Her sons and daughters right now to attend to Her at Her bedside. She's been beaten up pretty badly, and this is our mother. She wants us to comfort Her not just theoretically but in practice — in act.

Now we know this kind of response isn't for everyone, but we aren't looking for hundreds of people — at least not yet. We're looking for the handful of rare people who fit the above description and want to throw their lot in with us in the work of the Restoration.

Serious? Yes. Intense? You bet — but also the most rewarding type of work you can do. We pray every day together. We work for the good of the Church. And we strive for holiness and spiritual improvement in our own private lives.

Fifteen years or so ago, none of this was really thought of, much less existed in any concrete way on such a large scale. Church Militant is the most commented on site in the entire Catholic world and the second most commented site of any religious site on the planet.

People care. They are frustrated, hurting, angry and confused over the state of the Church. As a result, there has been an explosion of not just exposure for the Church Militant, but great support.

Church Militant exists because Catholics want it to exist because they recognize the tremendous good we do here for souls. Every day, we pray, "Lord Jesus, use us to save souls, keep us faithful to your teachings, never let us be parted from you, and grant unto us the grace of final perseverance."

And we don't just pray it, we live it in our work. So please, think about this. Think if you fit the bill. Or if someone you know fits the bill. Click on the link and get in touch with us.

What we do is the work of the Church, as many Catholics do in a million different ways. How we do that here at Church Militant is extremely rewarding.

Think, pray and click on the link.

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