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Smashing Modernism

It must be done.

November 29, 2018  0

What we are witnessing in the Church right now is the near-final ascent of modernism — the heresy that St. Pope Pius X explained as the "synthesis of all heresies."

The saint wrote those words in a 1907 encyclical, and that means that what he termed modernism was already well established in the Church before he picked up his pen.

It's going to take a huge natural effort — as well as supernatural effort — to topple the modernist heresy which has set up shop right in the middle of the Church, and that's what Church Militant is totally dedicated — the restoration of Holy Mother Church — in clearly announcing the divinely appointed work of the salvation of souls.

What toll has modernism taken? The answer to that question is horrifically diabolical. It has brought the Church to the brink of near destruction, and if it were not for the divine promise that the gates of Hell would not triumph, they already would have.

Consider the wide swath of destruction, the path of sorrows that has been cut across the Church.

When St. Pius X talked about "modernism" and all its rampant heresies, even he probably could not foresee just how encompassing the destruction would be, how numerous the heresies that would appear.

All of these heresies have folded into one another to create a whole greater than the sum of the parts because they each feed each other and feed off each other.

The heresy of relativism helps create the homoheresy. The Protestant heresy helps create the heresy of denial of authority. The heresy of sola scriptura gives birth to the heresy of relativism. It's a hydra of heresies, all working in concert with each other, and at the center of it all is a lack of supernatural faith by the only men on Earth with the authority to fight against it: the bishops.

Too many of them are themselves infected with this poison of modernism, so they let the Mass become debased by nearly all sense of the sacred. They have let catechesis devolve into third-grade level arts and crafts that even most children would find off-putting.

They have at the very least allowed, and in some cases promoted, the overwhelming emasculation of the priesthood which has led, over time, to an emasculation of the episcopate.

An episcopate simply ill-equipped to deal with the loss of faith within their own ranks, a cowardice to say anything — except to faithful Catholics — and a willingness to go along with whatever needs to be gone along with so as to not "rock the proverbial boat."

This is no way to run a subpar home business, much less the Church established by the Son of God.

It is clearly, as Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen said, the time for the laity to remind the bishops to be bishops and the priests to be priests.

So here is the laity reminding you:

Purge the homosexual prelates from your ranks, from your seminaries and your presbyterate. Fire all the chancery personnel you have who do not believe and live the Catholic faith.

Get rid of so-called "teachers" at every level within your control who are ill-equipped intellectually or spiritually to teach the Faith to young minds.

How dare you expose those youth to the poison of modernism, virtually ensuring their eventual desertion of the faith, that you will be held accountable for before the judgment throne of Our Blessed Lord.

But, while these men dither about, the Church is burning down, and this apostolate exists to be a voice to — to step in where they will not and call out the modernist evil and warn you against it so you can protect your soul and the souls of your loved ones.

It's why we are expanding and are asking for your help to do so. What the leaders will not do, the laity need to step up and do.

Please join us in this effort and donate today — right now — to our expansion campaign by just clicking on the link.

Thank you in advance for whatever you are able to give. We know that a huge number of bishops do not like us. A few probably despise us — fine. Do your job and we will happily go away.

Church Militant was never envisioned as a bastion of fighting the evil within the Church. Thirteen years ago when we began, we didn't even know that evil existed — at least not to this degree.

Our very first program — our flagship show, The One True Faith, was aimed squarely at Catholics who had been poorly catechized so it focused on the simple basic truths of the Faith — all 118 episodes.

But we have seen and heard much since those first days, and what we have come to know and see, cannot now be unknown and unseen.

Too many leaders in the Church are active homosexuals or are compromised by early dalliances or are too sympathetic to it because their bishop buddies they were in seminary with are, or they are, cowards afraid to speak the truth.

Well here's a headline for you, Your Excellencies: The Church is not your personal property. It belongs to Jesus Christ, and whether you like it or not, we are not going away. You need to live up to your high calling and your high office, an office that we respect more than you do.

You need to see and understand this simple truth: It is your malfeasance and malevolence, your negligence in caring for the sheep, that created Church Militant.

You may view us as Frankenstein's Monster, but you are the Dr. Frankensteins that stitched us together with your embrace of sacrilege and homosexuality and socialist globalism and denial of the Real Presence and silence in the face of intrinsic evils and debasing of the liturgy and false ecumenism and embrace of every heresy under the sun.

We are the product of your lack of faith, and those of us who are faithful and love the Church will not Her go down.

See, we believe, actually believe, what the Church teaches — all of it, every last jot and tittle. You should try it — trust us, you'll like it.

You have instead embraced the homosexual subversion in your midst and now are facing federal investigations, multiple state attorneys general investigations and a falling away from the Faith like never seen the days of the Protestant Revolt.

The faithful, however few are left after you lay down your flame-throwers, will still be here, dedicated to the truth of the Church and advancing Her mission. We hope those of you guilty of these spiritual crimes repent, do public penance and, where necessary, resign.

For the rest of you bishops, how about a donation to our work here at Church Militant. You give money to all sorts of things which drive people away from the Faith. How about giving money to an effort that actually draws people to the Faith — just saying.

Please donate to our expansion campaign today, and help us in our efforts to smash modernism.

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