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Socialism Is Evil

And here it comes.

July 18, 2018  0
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And speaking of socialism, let's call this thing what it is. What is going on in the Democratic Party is the ascent of socialism, plain and simple. The recent win by the upstart big mouth Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York shows that. She even calls herself a "democratic socialist" just like the Karl Marx-inspired eastern European commie nations used to.

You can be certain because history has proved it every single time, that when "democratic" socialists get hold of power, the "democratic" part gets dropped pretty fast.

Socialism is evil — period. It is condemned by the Church, repeatedly, largely because it violates every principle of Natural Law. Man is made for God. He is our supernatural end, and the supernatural end is the heart of the Natural Law.

But socialism denies this — flat out. It denies God, it denies man's natural end, it denies the inherent worth of labor and private property. One of its central claims about denying the right to private property — that everything should be held in common and the Earth belongs to everyone — is just flat out wrong.

Lay aside the enormous clash with Natural Law there for a moment and consider the just plain stupidity of that ill-conceived principle. Men are equal in dignity, yes, but for the sole reason that we are made to the image and likeness of God and, therefore, contain within ourselves a "spark of the Divine."

But after that, there are tremendous differences — in intellects, talents, desire, ambition, creativity, skill, character and so forth. It is absolutely insane to consider that all men are equal across the board. Clearly, Ocasio-Cortez doesn't even believe that herself, why else would she "vote for me"?

If everyone is the same and deserves the same, no matter how much effort they apply or skill they have or suck out of the system, then why vote for her? You could vote for anyone, right? Everyone's the same and deserves the same, right? That's idiotic. Does Ocasio-Cortez really believe that? No, of course she doesn't. But it sounds good on her social media ads, designed to help create a sense of class warfare true to her Marxist roots. The more "sensible" Democrats in the Party of Death — if you could speak in those terms — are now in a philosophical struggle with the socialist commies starting to assert themselves and seize power.

What's most funny is that, while the Schumers and Pelosis complain and whine about decorum and so forth — and earn the public condemnations of the extremists in their already extreme party — the truth is, they caused all this, they brought it on themselves. For decades, they have preached an anything goes, personal liberty means personal license philosophy, and they have packed the courts with socialist-minded judges who would support what they could never get through on a vote of the people and viola, here is what you get.

But really, what could you expect? For years and years, the leadership of the Democrats have demanded that the middle class be taxed to death so the money could be given largely to people who refuse to work, want free education, free health care, need clean needles for their habits, want their abortions and contraception for free, mortgages they can't afford, causing the Great Recession and so forth. Once you condition people to getting free stuff and telling them they deserve it, what the hades do you think is going to happen?

Listen, there are lots of evils that capitalism leads to — spiritual and temporal — but the system itself is built on the sound principle, supported in Catholic teaching, that labor is a good and private property should be protected.

The fact that some people begin to idolize money and it becomes their God doesn't make the foundation of the system bad. But socialism's foundation is bad right out of the gate. It makes individuals subservient to the state, which they humorously call "society."

Yeah, society — right, society. By that, they mean the ones who govern society. And this is the great hypocrisy of socialism. The leaders never surrender their power to the people. They use the people and trick them into thinking all will be good once "the people" come to power, but once "the people" come to power, the gulags open up and the execution squads start loading their weapons.

Communism — which is socialism — killed well over 100 million of its "society" in the 20th century. As you look around at the violence of the New Left, the less respectable polite type of Pelosi and company, you can only imagine what violence will be unleashed on their opponents once they gain power.

And as history points proves, you don't really have to imagine. These midterm elections are gonna tell us a lot. America is undergoing a fundamental fight for its identity, and the socialist commies have finally come out of the woodwork.

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