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Spin Cycle

'No replacements permitted.'

September 9, 2019  0


Not to harp on the scandals in Buffalo, because there are plenty of them going on in dioceses all over the country, but we'd like to draw your attention to something that occurred at the emergency press conference last week of Bp. Richard Malone.

Malone, you will recall, was secretly recorded by his priest secretary in a high-level meeting discussing the case of a homopredator priest sexually harassing a seminarian.

This was just the latest in a string of cases of neglect, deceit and cover-up involving Malone and how he runs his diocese.

The constant flood of accusations against him from within his own chancery has become almost a nightly topic on Buffalo's local news stations, and no one single local reporter has done any more work on this case than Charlie Specht of WKBW.

Specht has not only reported on Malone and the corruption that follows in the wake of the lying, cheating bishop, he has also confronted him directly at press conferences.

Malone never comes off looking good when Charlie starts asking questions of him.

It was, in fact, Charlie who aired the secret audio recordings showing Malone, again, in a role of trying to cover up and spin the story of the priest in the most favorable light — if that's possible — with a chief concern being how it would appear in the media.

So here's the part you need to really be aware of because it goes right to the heart of everything Church Militant has been reporting for years — that too many of the bishops are liars and cheats and instead of actually trying to fix the problem, they do nothing but try to spin the issue.

In short, there is no real desire to reform anything because they really think, down deep, that there is nothing wrong.

To that end, they will not allow reporters or outfits that challenge their evil and wickedness like Church Militant, for example, to gain access and ask the tough questions.

And, if you need proof, video proof, of this tactic, here it is.

Malone's communications handler, Kathy Spangler, sent out a note to local Buffalo meeting inviting only certain reporters to the emergency press conference.

Conspicuously absent from the list: Charlie Specht. 

And as background, institutions never — repeat, never — contact media outlets for a press conference and tell them which reporters are allowed in.

The only reason that would be done is to prevent a specific reporter from asking searing, intelligent, probing questions that would instantly expose the evil.

At the press conference, this exact issue arose when a local reporter asked Malone point blank why he was trying to control who was allowed to attend and ask questions.

He of course deflects and lets it appear that it was Spangler's decision — watch this exchange.

That is the most shameless display of spin control and, frankly, bull pucky you will ever hear.

Malone told Spangler that Specht was not to be allowed in, and she made up a cock and bull story about her innocently just inviting reporters she regularly worked with — and oh yeah, the room she chose was really small and not a lot of people would fit.

Kathy, stop lying. 

In her deliberately manipulative invite she sent to Buffalo media, she gave the names of who was invited and then bluntly added, "No replacements permitted."

That is the phrase that gives proof of her lie that she is inviting people she was familiar with and worked with.

Media outlets determine who goes and covers a story from their staff, not the sponsor of the press conference.

It would be much more honest for her to have just come out and said that Malone didn't want Charlie Specht there and refuse to say why, although anyone with a detectable brain wave would have known why Malone doesn't want Specht throwing out questions.

Bad bishops don't want to be challenged. They don't like being exposed. They don't like their filth and double-dealing and machinations being exposed to the light of day.

That's why Church Militant is never granted an interview by these men and it is also why the Catholic establishment media is.

The undynamic duo of Malone/Spangler is just further proof of the never-ending need for an independent Catholic Media.

And for the record, as a life-long reporter, you won't hear this story reported in the Catholic establishment lapdog media because they aren't real reporters and they don't care.

Any real journalist would be outraged at this blatant attempt to control the message by excluding a hard-hitting reporter.

Even the fake news Luciferian media threw a hissy fit when Trump pulled the press credentials of CNN's Jim Acosta a few months back.

The unaccountable hierarchy is simply out of control. They let homosexual men run the Church, they lie and cover it up, they refuse to tell the truth — and now they are blocking even secular media types from asking tough questions.

Good thing it's not a massive, massive crisis.

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