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Step Down

You are not worthy.

December 5, 2022  0


Last week, a letter was published, written by Fr. Paul Kalchik, a Chicago priest driven from the Windy City by Cdl. Cupich's failure to protect him from the gay mob desirous of his blood for burning a gay banner.

Kalchik and some parishioners discovered the banner stuffed into the back of a cupboard in the sacristy of Resurrection Parish. It had hung in the sanctuary years earlier by order of the homosexual pastor who died in the rectory, hooked up to a sex machine.

Once discovered all those years later in 2018, parishioners burned it in the parking lot, and Kalchik got the blame for it, as well as the hatred from Cupich. Kalchik is a victim, not once but twice, of homosexual predation at the hands of a priest — so the letter he published last week has some gravitas to it. A link to the full letter is below.

It is in response to the election of Bp. Barry Knestout of the diocese of Richmond, to the chairmanship of the bishops' Committee for Protection of Children and Young People. The problem is that, back in the day, Knestout was secretary to the most prolific homopredator in the Chuch's history, Theodore McCarrick.

Knestout was secretary to Theodore McCarrick.

In a damning line from his letter, Kalchik blasts Knestout, saying, "Clerics like you, who have shown a blind eye to sexual predators they worked under, are not fit to lead any reform among our U.S. priests." Kalchik details how, as a seminarian, he was dispatched by the rector to pick up McCarrick at O'Hare airport for the funeral of homosexual Cdl. Joseph Bernardin.

Once seminarian Kalchik got McCarrick to the hotel, McCarrick propositioned him, inviting him to the hotel room for a drink (not the hotel bar, mind you — his room). Kalchik, of course, declined but knew in less than an hour that McCarrick was a gay predator.

So how could Knestout have been in his presence day in and day out as his secretary and not know or even suspect? You will recall back in 2018 when all the McCarrick news broke, cardinals and bishops practically trampled each other racing to microphones to deny any knowledge of anything whatsoever about McCarrick. Knestout was among them.

And now the man — another man who knew absolutely nothing, suspected nothing — was the chair of the committee to protect children and young adults from the very sort of man he worked for closely. But Knestout has another weird twist here related to McCarrick.

Back in the day, Mark White was actually ordained by McCarrick. And when the news broke that the man who had actually ordained him was the most prolific homosexual serial predator, he went public with his feelings on social media blogs. Knestout — who, remember, knew nothing about McCarrick — went ballistic, blasting Fr. White, ordering him to take down his posts.

Good priests should be supported in their fight for justice and truth.

Fr. White refused, and his case is in canon-law court in Rome. That said, the vengeful Knestout — who, remember, knew nothing about McCarrick — has actually petitioned Rome to have Fr. White kicked out of the priesthood. Yes, you heard that right, actually kicked out of the priesthood because he posted his feelings about being ordained by McCarrick — who, remember, Knestout knew nothing about.

Father White has written a book, and St. Michael's Media has published it. It's called Ordained by a Predator and is an extremely personal account of what it feels like to be abused by the hierarchy for merely telling the truth. If you'd like to purchase a copy and help support him, please click on the provided link.

It's true that the bishops hold almost all the cards. It's also true that there is very little that can be done about them (in this life). However, good victim-priests should be supported in their fight for justice and the truth. Both these priests have been steamrolled by the bishops' gay juggernaut and deserve support and embrace by the laity. And these rotten bishops, across the board, need to be sent a message.

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