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Real men talk with clarity and purpose, with the goal of holiness.

August 5, 2016  0


The disaster that has befallen the Church for the past half century has been a failure of manhood, largely on the part of the clergy, most especially bishops, which has been transmitted to Catholic men in general.

In the face of the Women's Liberation Movement of the 1960s, masculinity and paternity became four-letter words, and were roundly mocked by the media and society's trendsetters and influencers. This coincided with a flood of homosexual men entering the seminaries, as well as heterosexual men deliberately being screened out.

Large portions of the priesthood became a kind of career for homosexual men, an accepted fact recognized by such polar opposites as the New York Times and the Vatican. Lousy Catholic Maureen Dowd writing for the New York Times said that the Catholic Church had become a haven for gay priests.

Meanwhile, the Vatican itself has had to deal with the crisis of homosexuality in the ranks of the clergy, from the sex abuse scandal to a special investigation announcing that gay men are not to be ordained to admissions by both Pope Francis and Pope Benedict that "gay lobbies" were at work in the Church.

The presence of all this has severely weakened and distorted a true view of authentic masculinity within the Church. Many Catholic men are simply lost, without any understanding of authentic manhood. They cannot look to the clergy for any clarity in this area because many of the clergy are likewise infected with poor training, a malformation which they received in the seminary.

One of the aims of the rebellion that took place in the Church was to knock out any real sense of the masculine. Wholesale changes in the liturgy subliminally reinforced this message. Abuses in the liturgy which became standard further undermined the role of men. The clergy became effete, the Mass became treated as though it was a personal theater production for many priests, and men became turned off.

No matter how you view it, there is a man crisis in the Catholic Church today, brought about by men in crisis over their own manhoods. This has caused enormous suffering for souls, both in this life and the next, because the strength and courage needed to lead a holy and virtuous life is no longer allowed to be spoken of. False notions of tolerance, rooted in deformed masculinity, now reign supreme in much of the clergy, and many of the faithful, especially the young, have no real concept of the masculine and the demands it places on them.

There is good news, however, little rays of hope here and there. In various places in the Church, attempts to expose the lie of distorted masculinity, the deformed masculine, are beginning to crop up. There are more and more discussions of this topic appearing in various Catholic blogs. A few Catholic apostolates are beginning to increasingly focus on this topic, realizing its importance.

Church Militant is proud to be one of the apostolates that has recognized the issue and seized on this aspect of the crisis, and we are truly blessed to be able to speak to it. The last weekend of August, we are sponsoring our second annual men's conference, aimed at helping men to understand this current disaster in the Church, and to varying degrees even within ourselves.

Men have been put through the ringer of the diabolical in the last 50 years, reduced to juveniles owing to pornography, entertainment media, video games, a hyper-sexualized society and a host of other causes. This has, in effect, neutered men, cut them off from an understanding of their masculinity and its true calling.

This evil, corrupt understanding of the masculine has invaded the Church. It was a key component of the rebellion and it must be resisted and fought against. That's why we are unifying this second annual men's conference with our newly created Resistance Movement — a movement to face down the evil that has invaded many quarters of the Church.

So we are extending an invitation to you to set aside the afternoon of Friday, August 26 and Saturday, August 27, and join us here in Metro Detroit for our second annual Strength and Honor Men's Conference, which we are titling "Resistance Boot Camp."

Hear what the saints have to say about masculinity. Meet other guys dedicated to resisting and turning back the evil that has invaded our parishes, homes, seminaries, universities, families and chanceries. If there was ever a modern example of masculinity for us to emulate, it would be Abp. Fulton Sheen. 

He recognized the ability of men to be saints or evil, and he made the perfect distinction in this area. He noted the difference between being bad and being evil. He said, "Bad men steal, rape, ravage and plunder. Evil men may not always do these things, but they seek to destroy goodness, virtue, morality, decency, truth and honor." This is how real men talk — with clarity and purpose, with the goal of holiness.

Please join us for our Strength and Honor Conference the last weekend in August right here in Metro Detroit. Just click on the link for details and to sign up.

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