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Stop Lying!

So many lies.

September 18, 2017  0


Holy Cow, did social media ever blow up this weekend, involving the heresy-preaching, pro-sodomy priest Fr. James Martin and Church Militant. Late Friday, Church Militant broke the story that the seminary at Catholic University of America had canceled Martin's speaking event at an upcoming event the first weekend of October. That started it. The priest blamed Church Militant, in part, for the cancellation and started whining about it on Twitter. His allies in the Associated Press and other secular media came screaming to his defense. Church Establishment types — like Fox News consultant and Cdl. Timothy Dolan mouthpiece Fr. Jonathan Morris — came out of the woodwork, accusing Church Militant of being "demonic," and the rest is history. And all of this since just Friday night. Clearly, Church Militant has kicked the hornet's nest of homosexuality in the clergy. 

Martin noted that Church Militant had a hand to some degree in some other recent cancellations like at the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher's big gala dinner in New York, also next month. He also revealed in his Twitter crying fest that he had been disinvited from giving a talk at the Catholic international development charity in England (CAFOD), scheduled also for late October. Looks like Fr. Martin's planned Oktoberfest speaking circuit has turned a little sour but not before his speech before the Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference being held in Baltimore next weekend was also canceled. The official reason trotted out for that one was Fr. Martin's health. 

Note to self: Whenever you hear about a priest suddenly not showing up where he's supposed to be and the reason given is his "health," you can take it to the bank that it isn't his health. So that's at least four times Fr. Martin has been given the heave-ho from previously scheduled appearances. Good.

The homosexualist priest has said numerous heretical things like the Church needs to re-think its teaching about homosexuality. Instead of saying it's objectively disordered, it should say it's differently ordered. He also said gay men should be allowed to kiss during Mass, and people should pipe down about it. What's the big deal the homosexualist priest asks?

Most recently he took the wrappings off even more, trumpeting the need for the Church to "reverence same-sex marriages" — his words. Martin refuses to answer the question of whether he himself is same-sex attracted, and it came out this weekend that his Jesuit superiors have ordered him not to talk about his sexuality. That's extremely weird and probably telling that's he's been ordered to stay silent about his sexuality. It makes no sense whatsoever that religious superiors would tell their priests to stay silent if they were heterosexual.

This man has the open backing or at least tacit approval of not a few cardinals in the Church, which calls into question their fidelity to the Church's teaching and perhaps even their own sexual self-identity. Maybe every one of these backers of the gay agenda should have to declare whether they are homosexual. Joseph Tobin, cardinal of Newark, New Jersey, praised Martin's scandalous book, Building a Bridge. Donald Wuerl, cardinal of Washington D.C., was more than happy to endorse Martin's presence at the Catholic University of America event by his silence. Kevin Farrell, cardinal now in Rome and formerly of Dallas, also showered down praise on Martin's wicked book. And of course, pro-gay Timothy Dolan, cardinal of New York — whose chancery he has allowed to be run by an infestation of gay clergy and who orchestrated allowing active out-and-proud homosexuals into the annual St. Patrick's Day parade — had put his seal of approval on Martin's talk to the Equestrian Order until a rebellion broke out among the knights and the invitation to Martin was pulled.

But that hasn't stopped homosexualist Abp. Dolan from advancing Martin. The pro-gay, dissenting priest is the featured speaker at the New York archdiocese event for teachers being held in Westchester County. And also in his archdiocese over Labor Day weekend, the pro-gay cardinal and his pro-gay BFF Fr. Martin showed up at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish in the Bronx for a re-dedication of the parish. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel is the parish of Fr. Jonathan Morris who called us demonic, which of course is pretty ironic, considering he publicly supports and praises a priest advancing heresy.

Father Morris: A question for you? Do you think gay men should be making out at Mass like Fr. Martin does or do you think the Church should reverence homosexual unions like Fr. Martin does? Same questions to Cdl. Dolan. The faithful have a right to know just how much you are all undermining the Church.

Martin finally issued an extremely weak defense for his complete ignoring of Church teaching in his Building a Bridge book, saying he wasn't a moral theologian and everyone already knows what the Church teaches anyway. Well, he's not a Scriptural theologian either but that didn't stop him from declaring that Jesus didn't really know who He was and that the Son of God actually "learned" about His mission from humans on earth. Here's the bottom line: The homosexualist priest is going around lying about homosexuality, presenting it as a gift from God, that you are born that way, that it should be accepted as nothing more than different as opposed to disordered and that same-sex relationships need to be reverenced by the Church.

If you read his Twitter-followers comments, they are completely deluded, slamming Church Militant for being against "love." So, unable to resist, we went on our own Twitter rampage in the dead of the night, Friday night into Saturday morning, telling his supporters that sodomy is not love and that they should stop lying. See, here's the difference between faithful Catholics and dissenting heretics — the faithful celebrate liberation from sin. Heretics celebrate the sin.

So, since Fr. Martin and his followers think Church Militant is evil and rotten and mean and judgmental, we'd like to extend an official invitation to Fr. Martin to publicly debate his position about homosexuality any time, any place. Surely with the backing of such prominent homosexualist princes of the Church, as well as celebrity priests in love with themselves, judging from their rather unpriestly photos on their Facebook page, the pro-sodomy priest should relish the opportunity to slam Church Militant in person and before a packed house with cameras rolling.

How about it Father? You talk a good game. Let's talk it out in front of God and everyone. You think the Church is wrong like so many other clergy, and we think it's right. A little throwdown should settle this once and for all, right? And for all those deluded followers of his, you should be encouraging your pro-gay hero to take up the challenge.

Church Militant has been engaged with him and his followers on Twitter for months now. By the way, if you don't follow us on Twitter, please do at @Michael_Voris and @Church_Militant. We encourage you, highly, to join up, follow us and go to Fr. Martin's Twitter account, @James Martin S.J., and post this Vortex, inviting him to have a dialogue where all are welcome to have a language event. And while everyone's at it, hop on Fr. Jonathan Morris's Twitter feed @fatherjonathan and ask him if he thinks gay men making out at Mass is okay. Once again, that's @fatherjonathan. And lest anyone think we are kidding, we're not. Father Martin needs to be outed in his heresy. 

It is these dissenting clerics and their allies who have chosen the weapon with which they are trying to destroy the Church so that same weapon needs to be picked up and used to slay them, hopefully, to show them the error of their ways. And if not, well, at least many others will see the error of their ways so they at least cannot be deceived.

Perhaps Cdl. Dolan could even sponsor the debate, and it's perfectly acceptable to us if His Eminence wants to sit in the pro-gay corner. We'd expect nothing less.

As a matter of fact, just before we hit the air, we found out that Fr. Martin, in the archdiocese of New York, is going to be presenting Cdl. Dolan with an award, get this — the Pope Leo XIII Award — Fr. Martin giving it Cdl. Dolan!

So, let's have a great big dose of that transparency that so many leaders in the Church never stop rambling on about. Let's dialogue. Stop all the name calling, right? Let's get down to it.

And in case you think we are kidding, we are as serious as a heart attack about this because the out front challenge to this homo-heresy has to be done. So come on Father. You know you're dying to. Come on.

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