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Take Back Your Home

Prepare to be challenged.

June 28, 2019  0


For five years now, Church Militant has been sponsoring an annual men's conference we call Strength and Honor.

They've all been very successful, as evidenced by the number of returning participants each year who also bring their sons or buds along with them the next year.

Strength and Honor last year happened just as the McCarrick news was breaking and the ripples had started rippling.

But — big but here — it was before the Pennsylvania grand jury report was released, as well as before Archbishop Viganò had dropped the bomb that there is a corrupt mafia running the Church, fueled by a homosexualist current within the hierarchy.

This year's conference will be taking all that into account; not so much the details which we provide you constantly, but rather the effect all this is having on Catholic life and most importantly what you can learn from it.

This year's theme is "Take Back Your Home: Prepare to Be Challenged."

What the state of affairs in the Church is proving is that the threat to your family and friends is greater than ever and that real men need to step forward and start putting things back in order.

But we aren't going to be focusing on those great big 60,000-foot macro-level issues. We are going to be talking much closer to home — what you can and need to do.

All this filth in the Church is directly responsible for the rot of the culture, and that rot, that sewage, is backing up right into your basement, your daily life with family and friends.

Minds are being polluted in the culture which are having a direct impact on your sons, your cousins, your workmates, your college buddies — current or past.

While we can talk about great big cultural issues, the truth is, like politics, cultural rot is local — local to your loved ones specifically.

A toxic femininity has descended over the West which demands truth be sacrificed for the sake of never giving offense. And loads of men today have bought into that poison and downed the Kool-Aid.

Sacrifice by men is now routinely mocked as though there is something rotten with it. The idea of men living their lives by principles and rules for the sake of keeping spiritual and societal order is vilified.

Men often forget that we are the first line of defense against the diabolical filth, and given the level of crisis, we now need to man up — literally.

It doesn't matter if you are older, married and with a family or still just a young man stepping out into the world on your own for the first time, or somewhere in between.

Whoever and whatever your state in life, and this includes clergy, men must re-infiltrate the home and the Church and start some hand-to-hand combat with this evil.

Men, as men, are discounted and marginalized and this must stop. In fact, it has happened precisely because so many men simply let it happen; again, it must stop — all of it.

Now, how that can happen in your own life, your personal life, is the overall subject of this conference. We aren't going to be talking about grand strategies or organizing million-man marches through the streets of D.C.

We are talking about a single-man march through the wreckage of your life and those you love.

We want you leaving this conference with actual fixes for what you need to do, because in truth, the only perfect man is Our Lord, which means every single one of us can not only do better but must do better.

The barbarians are not just at the gates, they're in your living rooms and you must throw 'em out.

You must take back your home, and given the scope of this year's Strength and Honor Conference, we have subtitled it "Prepare to Be Challenged" — and we mean it.

We have as guest speakers Jesse Romero, who will leave no stone unturned in your personal inventory of what to do; Doug Barry, who is ready to jar you into action by showing you how you have let much of this happen and what you need to do to change course; our own Simon Rafe will boil it all down to 20 rules for you to live by, very practical, hands-on, change-your-outlook-type points; and I'll be talking about how men have failed to respond to lies and falsehoods and how that must change immediately.

So we hope that's enough to get your engines stoked and ready to commit, which you can do by just clicking on the link and signing up.

Again, dads, bring your sons. Sons, tell your dads — sign up.

This society is going to Hell because individual homes are going to Hell. What is society anyway, other than just a giant collection of individuals, most of whom have been poisoned?

The great Catholic challenge in our day and age is this: Men must take back their homes, their households, their country, their culture and their Church.

Are you men, or are you wimps? 

That question, or a close variation, may be the very thing this generation of men may very well have to answer when they stand before the Perfect Man at our judgments.

Click on the link, and sign up today.

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