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The Abortion Nothingburger

Have the Marxists lost the advantage?

June 30, 2022  0


I'm Michael Voris, coming to you from the U.S. Supreme Court in the nation's capital, where the pro-death response to last week's overturning of Roe v. Wade has fizzled into what amounts to a big nothingburger.

There was actually much more outrage on the part of Marxists in the immediate aftermath of the leaked draft last month than there has been in response to the actual decision itself being handed down. There were death threats, the attempted killing of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, pro-life centers bombed and torched, Catholic churches vandalized, Catholic Masses disrupted and so forth.

But compared to what was expected to happen over this past weekend, relatively speaking, very little has happened. Expectations were so dire, in fact, that the Department of Homeland Security issued a formal advisory to Catholic bishops to be on high alert for violent outbursts.

Even out here in front of the Supreme Court itself, the supporters of child-killing have been spectacularly fewer in number than anyone expected. Church Militant has been here each day now this week and it's never been more than a hundred, and that was a one-time peak that we saw.

Pushback from God-believing patriots does matter. It does mean something. It does have an impact.  

The usual number has been much closer to just two or three dozen — normally with a woman screeching on a bullhorn — inviting some onlookers to come express their rage. So far, we haven't seen one taker. There is, however, one message that's more than the annoying droning of the mantra, "my body, my choice," that keeps being repeated by the handful of pro-child killers. That message is an attack on Christ and every time it involves attacks on the Catholic Church.

This sign sums it up best of all: "America is not a Christian nation." As this sign was being displayed, the woman with the bullhorn was assailing Catholics for fighting to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The Left is desperate to portray this as a religious fight, a theological fight. It isn't. It is a spiritual fight, but they never go there. Moving from religion into specifically the spiritual would be too revealing for the demons who are behind these protests and the whole abortion movement.

So, as long as the narrative can be confined to a message that religions don't have a right to control the government, then they can keep screaming into their bullhorns and scribbling meaningless phrases and vulgarities on the street and chanting what are, more and more, proving to be useless, worn-out phrases.

The child-killing crowd, in fact, may have so overplayed its hand that fewer and fewer Americans identify with them these days. A poll released by Rasmussen earlier this week specifically about Americans' views on Friday's overturning of Roe v. Wade showed that 50% agreed with the Supreme Court ruling.

And while 45% did not agree, this latest poll — the first since Roe v. Wade was overturned — turns the entire child-killing narrative on its head. For years, decades even, the Marxist media has told us that most Americans support the 1973 ruling that legalized abortion. But now that Roe v. Wade has been killed, 50% of Americans actually support the Supreme Court.

That is extremely unwelcome news in the camp of "team evil" and is also worrying to them that what they considered their ability to capitalize on the overturning of Roe v. Wade in the coming midterms may not prove to be the lightning in a bottle they were banking on.

Additionally, a recent voter tabulation by the Associated Press showing a net gain of "party switchers" across the country from Democrats and independents to Republicans is causing nightmares at Democratic Party headquarters.

While 600 thousand did switch and join the Democrats, a million former Democrats and independents switched over and became Republicans. And even more alarming, a lot of those switching over are in the suburbs, the very heart of the Democratic machine fueling their wins in the last dozen years.

A more balanced view of what's happening is that there is a balkanization of America into radical Marxists and constitutional patriots. Most Americans do not reject basic human rights. They do not think young children should be exposed to lewd drag queens or have schools teach them to have abortions and change their biological sex, all behind their parents' backs.

Most Americans do not think anyone should be able to kill a child in the womb for any reason at any time. Most are sick of having pro-sodomy stuff jammed down their throats morning, noon and night. The America that Marxists want to construct looks less and less appealing to the average American.

What is happening, however, is that certain states, the obvious ones, are becoming emboldened in those insane beliefs and are becoming bluer and bluer.

Two Americas have been emerging for a while now, and the Dobbs ruling may have just been the "birthing" of one and the "aborting" of the other. Blue America has supported an anti-God agenda for quite some time, but the Trump presidency exposed all that.

Red-state Americans — still with their fair share of problems with the philosophical underpinnings of their positions — are at least moving on natural virtue and goodwill.

Blue America hates children, perhaps best visualized by Nancy Pelosi shoving Mayra Flores' child in her mom's swearing-in photo op. After all, nothing says "I love children" more than giving a 12-year-old a forearm shiver.

But their hatred of children, not to mention families where children are best nurtured, is owing to the demons who control them or, better said, the demons to whom they have ceded control.

Nancy and Joe and the rest of them have traded their souls for power, and now, in the twilight of their lives, they are watching their empire contract and, in some ways, even collapse about them. They won't go down without a fight certainly.

But just as when the Western Allies crossed the Rhine into the heartland of Hitler's Germany in March 1945 — in what became known as Operation Blackwatch —everyone knew (except Hitler and a few other deranged Nazis) that the clock was running out.

These demonically controlled politicians are in a rage, sensing that the tide has begun to turn. Of course, speaking spiritually, none of this will be over and done finally until the Son of God returns on the clouds of Heaven, but that does not mean things cannot improve or that the fight should not go on.

These depraved Marxists are sensing — likely correctly — that they are about to be on the run and in retreat. Pushback from God-believing patriots does matter. It does mean something. It does have an impact. Organizing that pushback and securing what we have gained so far will be the focus of our Church Militant "Call to Action" convention in late August in Detroit, which we highly encourage everyone to sign up for. Details are here. Please sign up today, and bring as many activist-minded friends as you can.

What a supreme disappointment it would be to give back the gains we have made these past decades because the Marxists got better organized faster than we did. There are titanic battles still to come in many states - both in the Church and the political/cultural arena.

Victory is never really victory until the enemy is vanquished — so we can't let up.

In the meantime, be thankful that Almighty God has given us this opening, this victory, even if it is, right now, in its infancy and still fragile.

Victory is never really victory until the enemy is vanquished — so we can't let up.

We must build on it and advance it. Normal Americans, for all our failings and mistakes, must push these Marxists and their evil completely out of everyday life. They can't be in schools, they can't be in government, and they certainly can't be in churches.

What is most evident right now is that it appears to be an actual true awakening — as opposed to being woke — is happening on the Right, and it's coinciding with a Marxist offensive running out of steam, at least in many places.

For that, glory be to Almighty God.

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