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The Back Door

The secret way in.

May 13, 2022  0


When Church Militant broke the story last year that the music director of the archdiocese of Detroit, Joe Balistreri, was/is an open homosexual, was living with his sodomite partner and it was a pretty much open secret in the Detroit chancery, we didn't realize just how right we were.

As a refresher, recall the secret surveillance footage that got the ball rolling on his "separation" from the archdiocese and the empty words from the chancery in language crafted by attorneys to deliberately obscure the truth from the faithful.

We heard through the grapevine (which is very extensive here in the homosexual-friendly archdiocese run by the homosexual-friendly Archbishop Allen Vigneron) that plenty of people were ticked at his outing — including the archbishop himself, who sources tell Church Militant still regularly inquires about Balistreri through various mutual acquaintances.

Some sources also tell us that Balistreri walked away with a pretty tidy sum of money in exchange for keeping his mouth shut about all the gay-clergy skeletons he knows about. In fact, it would seem, from his own recent words in a speech he gave, that the gay network under Vigneron runs quite deep here in Motown.

See, there's a heck of a lot admitted in those words from Balistreri (remember, an open homosexual living with his partner), who, sources tell us, was known by Vigneron and/or his various chancery officials. His own words — that chancery types were warning him to watch out for getting outed — seem to confirm all we have reported about Vigneron for some time, that he is part of the homosexual clerical network to at least some degree.

Do anything you like, just don't get caught.

And why wouldn't he be? Even more comments from Balistreri come from a YouTube presentation by multiple active homosexuals who once worked for the Church in defiance of the divine teaching on sodomy and many other teachings and yet have been coddled and protected by bishops and their staffs all over the country — including by Vigneron here in Detroit. Their comments (and there's no reason to doubt their veracity) reveal just how in league with this evil scores of bishops actually are. And it's not just an active homosexual employee they take that tack with, it's even clergy who rape altar boys and go after vulnerable seminarians, grooming them — or at least attempting to.

The motto of the gay hierarchy appears to be, "Do anything you like, just don't get caught because then we have to pretend we didn't know anything." That squares perfectly with reports from the archdiocese of Miami, for example, which, in the wake of Pope Benedict getting the secret files in 2010 compiled by laity of all the active sodomite priests there, unceremoniously dumped the sitting archbishop John Favalora.

Favalora was part of the O.Q.N. — Old Queen Network — dominant in the ranks of the U.S. bishops. During his 15 years in Miami, he cultivated such an extensive network of homosexual priests under him that one told a local TV station that if all the gay priests in Miami were to resign, they'd have to shut down the archdiocese.

That network was cataloged extensively in hundreds of pages of the report entitled "Miami Vice" — again, assembled by faithful laity. It was the reason for Benedict getting rid of Favalora. But that's just one example of what has become a backdoor network in diocese after diocese, backdoor because, from the public-facing appearance, all is good, but coming in the back door is the entire homosexual network, that door opened by homosexual bishops and their multiple gay staffers.

Oftentimes, opening that back door lets in the subset of gay rapists (of altar boys), who have to then also be protected by bishops, lest the entire network be exposed.

Two of these individuals worked for the archdiocese of Detroit for years. Balistreri was himself accused of trying to groom a young college student. None of these people think there is the slightest thing wrong with gay sex, and the bishops and their staffs either believe the same thing or are too cowardly to do anything about it — it's either one of the two. The only concern of the bishops is the potential PR damage if/when it gets discovered that either they themselves are gay or friendly toward it.

During his years in Miami, he cultivated an extensive network of homosexual priests.

Older Catholics, who they bilk for millions by pretending to be something other than they are, would not much appreciate all this deception. So from the front, all is good.

But it's that back door where all the damage is inflicted. Vigneron knew all about Joe Balistreri — paid him for years with faithful Catholics’ money, let him subvert teaching at every turn, dumped a priest who found out about the alleged grooming and reported it, allowed him to fill the ranks of parish music directors with like-minded and practicing gays and, when it was all revealed by Church Militant last year, sent him off with a nice payoff to keep his mouth shut.

So, question for you, Vigneron: Are you homosexual? Issue a statement denying it, now or never, and do what a bishop should do —  condemn and denounce the practice. What has been the relationship between you and your disgraced fellow archbishop and lifelong buddy John Nienstedt, a man who had quite the reputation for chasing after good-looking seminarians when you two headed up Sacred Heart Seminary.

Did you never hear about that? Why don't you reveal how much hush money you paid Balistreri? After all, it's not your money. It's ours. You just administer it. You are a shepherd, not a CEO. Tell the truth — how much of our money did you fork over to Bodman legal to draw up the secret settlement to keep Joe's mouth shut? Were you one of the ones he was threatening to out?

You can sit up on your ecclesiastical high horse acting as though none of this matters or is anyone else's concern, but you'd be wrong. It is very much our concern. The gay network here in Detroit has proliferated on your watch. In fact, according to the charges made by your favorite music director (who insiders tell Church Militant you sorely miss) the entire chancery practically is in on it.

So how about it, archbishop? Why don't you come clean? Fess up to your role in the O.Q.N., or out and out deny it and reveal the money amounts. And just so everyone out there is aware, Vigneron is next in line to become president of the U.S. Bishops Conference this coming November. If that isn't fitting, we don't know what is.

Maybe Mr. Balistreri can play the organ at the inauguration ceremony.

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