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The Candidates’ Souls

She may win the White House and lose her soul.

October 18, 2016  0


With all the banter and rancor of the campaign, there is one question not even being thought of. It will not matter to either Clinton or Trump when they die that they had won the White House. Almighty God has no care if the soul before His judgment throne was a peasant or president.

So when Catholics pray for our leaders, as we often hear at Mass or semi-public devotions, we quite frequently hear prayers offered that take into account the common good — which is fine, of course. But what about the souls of the leaders themselves?

Despite the popularly held, idiotic notion that everyone goes to Heaven — that we have a "reasonable hope" that all men are saved — they don't, and we don't. So Catholics, who never want anyone to be damned — anyone — should also consider in our prayers not just the common good, but also the good of the candidates' souls.

So we should pray that whichever one wins, it will be the one whose best chance of salvation will involve the winning. Likewise, we should also pray that whichever one loses, it will be the one whose losing will best serve the cause of his or her salvation.

So imagine, Hillary has spent her entire life lusting after power. She tolerated the infidelities of her husband not out of a magnanimity, but because being hitched to Bill she saw as her best chance of advancing politically. She wants power so she can finish off America and turn it into a European-style socialist state complete with its antipathy toward religion. She will complete what Obama has begun. That includes enshrining and locking into place all kinds of intrinsic evils.

Whatever small chance of turning back from the evil course America is already on will be completely ended if she wins. She will be responsible for the future deaths of tens of millions of preborn children, the further coarsening of society by advancing the homosexual agenda, and polluting the minds of young children with mandatory, graphic sex education in the schools.

There is no evil that she will not promote because she is the devil's daughter, which is why lying comes so easily to her. With her Supreme Court stacking, it will be that way until America comes to an end.

If she wins, this will be the case, and the Church will come under direct persecution by her government. And if she wins, when she dies, she will stand before Almighty God as a lost soul — presuming she never repents.

And that's the point — there isn't the slightest bit of evidence she even perceives anything she supports is worth repenting of. Indeed, she has said publicly just the opposite: that it is religious beliefs that need to be repented of and change, not her.

If, however, she loses, her entire life's ambition is over. There will be no recovery for her from her earthly desire. Her empire will topple, and all she will face is the grave. As things now stand, a loss would appear to be the only reasonable opportunity for her to repent. She would face the solace of the grave, a life's work destroyed.  

In such circumstances, some stop and reflect on their lives, especially at advanced years with the perspective that comes with age. If she wins, she keeps doing the devil's work right up to the moment she is judged before God. If she loses, she might be so devastated from the loss, her whole life shaken to its core, that she might take personal stock, personal inventory, and a moment for grace to break through could overtake her.

She will certainly have the time. It may be the one opportunity she has to free herself from being the devil's daughter. She may win the White House and lose her soul.

As we pray for a good outcome to the election, let's make sure we include that outcome which most assures the candidates' personal salvation.

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