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The Church Censoring Catholics

Join Church Militant because they don't want you to.

January 19, 2021  0


Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

In the unfolding revelations of censorship we see all around us, there is one area where Catholics specifically must pay very close attention: It's the subtle calls for censorship coming from within the Church from influential Catholics, especially clergy. A few days ago, pro-gay priest Fr. James Martin was the guest on a little-viewed podcast hosted by liberal America Magazine.

In the podcast, Martin warned about the dangers of listening to Church Militant. That sort of talk is a dog whistle for censorship, for bishops and others to begin cracking down on authentic Catholic voices. Martin's real problem is that groups like Church Militant involving ourselves in the larger political discourse base our productions on authentic Catholic teaching, something Martin is an expert at distorting.

But the Jesuit is completely dishonest in his characterization of groups like Church Militant repeating Catholic teaching. That is a lie. The Church does not teach that. Pope Francis amended the catechism to have it say that, but, in so doing, the pope overstepped his authority and jurisdiction. 

Martin is the same man who insists Jesus didn't really know who he was all of the time and who is also on record saying the Bible is wrong on various points, including homosexual acts.

The Church has universally taught that capital punishment is not intrinsically evil, meaning always gravely immoral. That has been held by the Church forever, and therefore, no pope can simply change Church teaching. So with either ignorance or malice, Martin is saying something flatly incorrect. And then doubling down accusing us and others of teaching incorrectly.  

The dishonest Martin strongly suggests that lay Catholics such as Church Militant need to be somehow dealt with. Voices like that of Church Militant should be hunted down and silenced. All of this, of course, stems from Martin's distorted theology. Martin is the same man who insists Jesus didn't really know who he was all of the time and who is also on record saying the Bible is wrong on various points, including homosexual acts.

The current political climate affords Martin an opportunity to virtue signal and whine on about violence and anger in his soft, melodious, "reasonable" tones. But underneath that voice is a man who wants the Church to embrace much of the communist, Marxist agenda, especially with regard to sexuality.

So if he can help create a climate of censorship in the Church, capitalizing on the larger current cultural trend, then he's going to do it. Martin spouts off the same old seamless-garment garbage — that all moral issues have the same weight. They don't. See, the "non-judgmental" priest actually judges the motives of the people he wants silenced. In short, if you disagree with his take, based on a pure, loving union with the Church, then you must be other-motivated — using religion to advance a political cause.

In reality, it's exactly the other way around: Church Militant wants the country restored to an environment where authentic religion can flourish. For Martin, the authentic religion stands opposed to his embrace of immorality, so he wants politics used to crush the authentic faithful. This is only going to escalate in the Church, just as it is in the culture.

Church Militant wants the country restored to an environment where authentic religion can flourish.

Voices of truth will be attacked, marginalized, demonized. It's what we say here at Church Militant. Come to the site directly. Do not passively wait to view our videos on some social media platform, but come to us. Give us your emails, and let us send you our productions (like this Vortex).

The time for letting phony clergymen distort the truth with the aid of Marxist-minded elites who want the Church destroyed has come to an end. The first step in this battle is to come to us and begin to build an effective network of opposition against all this. We've been too passive for so long. That's how a man like Martin got to where he is.

A final thought: It's funny that he would accuse bishops and priests of letting Church Militant and others get away with stuff unchecked. Once again, the truth is the exact opposite. Martin has gotten away with much evil because the bishops have let him. 

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