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The Commie Coup (Against God)

Where is it all going?

December 2, 2020  0


Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

God created man free to worship Him, to overcome internal spiritual civil war and to be united with the Holy Trinity forever — God, Church, freedom. Do you seriously think none of that is worth fighting for and dying for if necessary? 

Americans may very well have had an election stolen from them. Loads of evidence is pointing that way. It's coming down to a very narrow path — still winnable, but very narrow.

The Marxists need to lock down the White House, and that means getting favorable rulings in a multitude of court cases. So far, it's been a mixed bag, but mostly rulings have gone in their favor.

The only serious firewall left is the Supreme Court of the United States. The constant howl from the communist media is "there is no evidence of widespread fraud," which is a blatant lie. I'm not sure when hundreds of eyewitnesses stopped qualifying as "evidence," especially witnesses making statements under oath and subject to penalty of perjury. But hey, when you hold the microphone, you get to lie all you want.

Ceding the institution of the media was the first and most damaging error of the always-and-forever-asleep-at-the-switch conservatives, and that is the trump card the communists always hold. As Abp. Sheen said, communists have all zeal and no truth, and we have all truth and no zeal.

That will dictate the winner every single time: aggression vs. passivity. Bet the mortgage on aggression. If events play out that Biden will illegitimately be taking the oath, then all eyes will shift to those two Georgia Senate run-offs.

Communists have all zeal and no truth, and we have all truth and no zeal.

Lose those, and it really will be lights out: Again, communists are aggressors. With complete power, which they would have, nothing will deter them. If the communist election coup is completed, life in America as we have known it will come to an end. It's idiotic to pretend otherwise. 

Planning for the future, retirement plans, building your own business, you name it — get serious. State control means just that: control by the State. Your personal freedom will be gone. You will submit. If (and we still don't know) the Marxist election coup is successful, then patriots and faithful Catholics are going to be faced with some very hard choices. 

Do you really want to exist (not live, exist) under communist rule? That's what's coming — fast. We'll see. In the meantime, start thinking that some things are worth dying for: God, Church, freedom. Communists hate God, Church and freedom. Why should half (and probably more) become subjects of these Marxists? 

The division is real. It's why talk of more drastic realities cannot be dismissed. Just today, Rasmussen published a poll showing that U.S. voters now regard each other as bigger enemies than Russia or North Korea and just as dangerous as China. Shockingly, 24% of likely U.S. voters think Biden voters are America's biggest enemy. Nearly as many — 22% — regard Trump voters as the biggest enemy. 

A deeper dive finds that 37% of Republicans feel Biden voters are the biggest enemy; 35% of Democrats think Trump voters are the biggest threat. What's more, 75% of Republicans and (get this) even 30% of Democrats believe the election was stolen. That's essentially half the country. 

That means if Biden is the dude, half the nation will consider him illegitimate. All of that is tinder for secession, violence and even war, if it comes to that. A total realignment, however that would play out, is absolutely on the table if Biden takes the oath and those two Georgia seats go Democrat — a point Church Militant raised months ago and kept repeating in the run-up to Election Day.

The fix was in. The only question was if it would be sufficient to overcome Trump's Election Day vote. This is why civil wars happen. Good people fall asleep and let evil take over. Now it may be time to pay the price for that "nap" — in blood.

Unless godless communism is directly confronted and defeated — spiritually and physically, it will kill you. What communists correctly understand (and too few Catholics do) is that this is a fight to the death. Tens of millions will perish eternally and temporally under Marxism's reign of death.

That's what abortion has been. That godless dogma of controlling humanity by slaughtering it in the womb — that's why governments allow it, promote it and even pay for it. Marxists wield influence within the halls of power, an influence that has kept increasing until we've reached this point of an attempted and somewhat likely successful coup.

Perhaps their attempted coup will have been one election cycle too soon (maybe not but there is no denying the trend). Faithless U.S. bishops created this environment, too consumed with gay sex and money. America has come to this point because the guardians of human dignity, the bishops, sold out for gay sex, theft and personal power. 

It's all about human dignity (humans are made in the image and likeness of God) — something the greedy bishops blather on about non-stop with their constant social justice warrior pronouncements. But down in the trenches, it is they who set the stage for all this to unfold, inverting the Second and First Commandments.

Only the Church stands between true freedom and the evil of communism. Too many bishops accepted modernism, the communists' philosophical underpinning. And what's more, they still cling to their modernism as if it is the salvation of the world.

For Catholics who have no idea what all this is about because you've been too busy running the kids around to soccer games on the Lord's Day, understand this: The Queen of Heaven did not come to Fatima to warn about the errors of "liberalism" or other vague ideologies spreading through the world. She warned in very specific terms about what was occurring in Russia — the Bolshevik Revolution, Marxism, communism.

All of it is communism, the State replacing God. In the political sphere, America is (or was) the final stand against communism, but it has always had within it the seeds of its own destruction, just as Benjamin Franklin said when he warned, "We've given you a republic, if you can keep it."

America doesn't guarantee freedom unless you fight for its survival each generation. But unopposed communism does guarantee its loss. It's a very definite possibility that people in the United States are going to have to choose sides very soon. Why, after all, should the United States be exempt from internal war? A final conflict between good and evil comes to every civilization.

A geographical migration of sorts has already started happening. People are moving from Marxist states to more conservative ones. That's fine except this is a coup of the federal government, and the Marxists, once they have seized power (if they do), will not give a rip about states' rights. They already don't.

Only the Church stands between true freedom and the evil of communism.

If this coup is completed, then all that will be accomplished for conservatives who are moving to more-friendly states is that the can will have been kicked down the road a bit. State leaders will be confronted with a federal communist tyranny, and they will have to rebel against it or go along with it.

Likewise, the "blue states" will clamp down on anything they view as dissent or rebellion. The Wuhan virus is being exploited to its maximum advantage. A virus that has a 99.9% survival rate is being weaponized as though it is the Black Death. Of course, people die from it and get sick — just like they do from hundreds of other diseases. Human life is terminal.

Since when is the answer to shut down a civilization? (Unless, of course, you want to bring that civilization to an end.) And if a civilization is brought to an end, another is always ushered in on the previous one's corpse. Half the country believes the election was stolen. Now all that remains is to see what's going to happen in response.

We already know where the U.S. bishops are on that point. They tripped all over themselves rushing to congratulate "President-elect Biden," totally disregarding the calls for justice from their most ardent faithful.

Funny how things come around: The very men who have personally profited from all the social justice garbage now deny justice to an entire society and, in the process, potentially usher in communist rule. I wonder what they will proclaim once the shooting starts, if it starts. On second thought, who cares?

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