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The COVID Ghetto

It's right around the corner.

August 6, 2021  0


The country and the Church are approaching a tipping point. That tipping point is the official declaration: "Get the COVID jab, or else."

The "or else" category comprises a host of punishments we can simply lump together as "the COVID ghetto." Much of this is already forming, but it will take on an official capacity sometime in the next handful of weeks because that is when the FDA is expected to give its official blessing to the experimental gene therapies, transferring them from the category of "Emergency Use Authorization" to sanctioned as safe and reliable.

When that happens, as apostate Anthony Fauci declared recently, then government mandates can kick in, state as well as local. A mandate has the force of law even though it's not actually a law in the usual sense we understand it. But the punishments will be punishments nonetheless.

But these are the days we live in, where the unvaccinated are increasingly viewed as terrorists.

Right now, we have this uneven patchwork of rules and practices by both state governments as well as various companies — such as Home Depot, which just announced employees must go back to masks while customers, for the moment, do not.

A former Obama aide wrote a piece in The Atlantic a few days back arguing for the FAA to mandate the vaccine for anyone who wants to fly, creating what amounts to a no-fly list for the unvaccinated. No-fly lists were developed to keep terrorists off planes so they wouldn't blow them up — not to discriminate against people exercising their rights to refuse a jab. But these are the days we live in, where the unvaccinated are increasingly viewed as terrorists.

For Catholics, there are going to be some bumps in the road ahead — and don't look to the bishops to have your backs. They already slammed the doors of the churches shut last year, and that was before any actual law or mandate was officially in place.

When the FDA officially approves the vaccine, likely around Labor Day, then the floodgates will open in the blue states and even in what we can call "blue communities" (areas with a heavy concentration of Democratic voters) within red states. That battle is already unfolding in Florida, where Catholic governor Ron DeSantis has declared no communities are to mandate masks. Local school boards in areas with heavy concentrations of Democrats have told him to drop dead; they're instituting their own mask mandates when kids return to school in a couple of weeks.

So what will things look like for Catholics in a diocese or archdiocese in a blue state or heavily blue local area when city councils or county boards of commissioners — using the FDA pronouncement as its legal backup — mandate everyone must be vaccinated or they cannot go into any public gathering space (grocery stores and churches included)?

Very recent data points to one deep concern. Those who are most likely to reject the jab are Trump supporters and conservative Christians. And that correlation is overwhelming. If you deeply hold to your conservative religious beliefs and voted for Trump, you are in the group that overwhelmingly wants nothing to do with the jab. That one point has not been missed by the Marxists who now control virtually everything, including not a small portion of the Church Herself.

The Church appears no different from the culture at large in being split into what amounts to two large camps, with a lot of little subcamps within each. Even the final vote tally of Catholics from 2020 broke at just about even between Biden and Trump. Even to this very day, there are still dioceses around the country demanding the faithful wear masks, sanitize their hands (not so much their souls, though), receive Communion standing and in the hand, social distance, etc.

And in further evidence of how the COVID cult wants to marginalize the unvaccinated, all of the current hysteria is being blamed on the Delta variant, but actually more than just the variant. It's the fault, don't you know, of those "non-vaxxers." They refuse the jab, so COVID gets inside their disgusting unvaccinated bodies, transforms into the Delta variant, and then they walk around contaminating the vaccinated with the latest strain (which, by the way, is a flat-out admission of just how really ineffective the so-called vaccine has been and is now the latest point of attack as to why the country needs a new vaccine and never-ending boosters).

We certainly haven't really seen any stories in the Marxist press about just how incredibly wealthy Big Pharma is getting off all this — trillions of taxpayer dollars, for the record. Likewise, we haven't seen many stories on the deaths and side effects of the vaccine. And we haven't heard much in the Church from bishops about the perverted application of Church teaching on the morality of taking a vaccine created with the cell lines of aborted children.

And for clarity on that point, the Church allows (doesn't order, allows) Catholics to be administered such an inoculation if the threat of death is grave. But since COVID has a recovery rate approaching 99%, it's not quite clear how "grave threat" is being defined here.

But notice that while the media and even some in the Church are laying the blame for all this at the feet of those opposed to the jab, which is a clever roundabout way of saying political and religious conservatives, there is almost no attention on the true culprits behind all this: the communists in China and their U.S. Marxist allies who helped fund this nightmare to begin with.

As Church Militant and others reported months ago, the virus was created in the Wuhan lab in China. Period. The world did not come to a screeching halt because some kid ate some bat in a wet market. Now, in the past few weeks, it's come to light that U.S. tax dollars flowing through the hands of Anthony Fauci and his government institute were used to gin up the virus and make it even stronger: "gain of function," it's called.

Think about that term for a moment: gain of function. What's the "function" of a virus? To kill. If you "gain" the function, you make it more deadly. Turns out it's nowhere near as deadly as they were likely aiming to make it, but that's no thanks to them.

So here we have an apostate Catholic, yet another theological Frankenstein created by the homosexual bishops, clergy and universities in the past 60 years, who takes U.S. money and conspires with communists in China to create a "super killer" virus. Then somehow it gets out of the lab, either by accident or prematurely on purpose (that part is still being figured out). With all that, the finger of blame is getting pointed at those who want nothing to do with this jab. It's all their fault. Don't let them fly. Don't let them shop. If they play for the NFL, get those yellow armbands on them.

So what will the bishops do? Well, here's a clue: They won't even protect the Body and Blood of Our Blessed Lord from child killers. Don't think for a single moment they're going to protect you. They will, however, probably compose some wonderful blessing for those Catholics shoved into the COVID ghetto.

It seems the only people who get to define the meaning of existence are those whose definition excludes the Divine.

In the infamous 1992 Planned Parenthood v. Casey U.S. Supreme Court ruling (the case that really protected Roe v. Wade almost 20 years later), Justice Anthony Kennedy, another theological Frankenstein Catholic, included in the court's opinion one of the most destructive theological and philosophical applications to secular law you could envision. In defending child slaughter and Roe v. Wade, Kennedy wrote, "At the heart of liberty is the right to define one's own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe and of the mystery of human life."

In other words, liberty permits persons to decide how the universe operates for them, so much so that they can kill children they don't want. But liberty stops short and fails when a person deciding how the universe operates for them concludes they don't want a needle being forcibly stuck in them and, therefore, can be denied travel and commerce. 

And yes, when it comes to the bishops, you can add the sacraments to that list as well. It seems the only people who get to define the meaning of existence are those whose definition excludes the Divine.

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