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The Damned Never See God

Only the pure in heart will.

March 10, 2020  0
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I'm Michael Voris, coming to you from the annual Bringing America Back to Life convention, sponsored by the Cleveland Right to Life.

There is a purity that is needed today by Catholics, extending far beyond just the more usual understanding of sexual purity.

All purity arises from a purity of heart, a single-mindedness required — note that word, required — for salvation. Without this perfection, Heaven is not possible, despite the nonsense about having a reasonable hope that all men are saved. No such hope exists because it contradicts reason.

Purity of heart is needed, as David tells us in the psalms: "A pure heart create for me, O God." It is, in fact, so necessary our Lord Himself tells us that without this purity of heart, a soul loses God forever: "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."

On the last day, the damned, the reprobate, are never allowed to see God. The sight of God, the vision — the Beatific Vision — is reserved to those with a pure heart. Beatific means blessed, as in the blessed souls, the elect, the saved. They see God. The damned never have the Beatific Vision.

Our Lord says, "When the light in you is darkness, how deep will the darkness be!"

So, acknowledging the truth of this maxim, what must a person do to have a pure heart, or at least begin developing it, as David prayed for? All of our actions, spiritual and temporal, must be single-minded in their goal — to align ourselves with the will of God, period. We fall short of that, certainly. Welcome to fallen human nature. But we keep pushing on, trying again and again and again. Those who will be damned failed to keep striving, persevering — presuming they ever did try.

Our natural destiny is Hell, because left to our natures, which are fallen, there is no hope. Reach down from Heaven and save me; draw me out from the mighty waters. But our Lord presents the means, the ability to realize our supernatural destiny, which is the Beatific Vision. This, however, is not unconditional. God's love is unconditional, absolutely, but salvation is not. What we do, say — everything conditions us for salvation or damnation.

In the current climate, truth has been trampled underfoot, most especially by too many weak or wicked prelates who are missing the requisite charity for souls to teach them the truth. This will be nowhere on greater display, no more visible for all the world to see, than the upcoming campaign season. Already news is circulating around the Catholic world that various bishops are thrilled that fake Catholic Joe Biden looks like the nominee of the Party of Death.

These bishops betray Christ and His Church with their phony moralizing about "taking care of the weak." How much weaker could any human being be than being in his mother's womb when forceps, razor blades and a vacuum enter in and slice him to ribbons in an orgy of gore and suck out his remains? There is a blackness of heart that our Lord speaks of which applies here on the part of such so-called shepherds. Our Lord says: "When the light in you is darkness, how deep will the darkness be!"

There is much, much at stake in this year's campaign and election-day vote. Along the way, various clerics — who have no concern for souls, much less their own purity of heart — will try and deceive ignorant, malformed Catholics into thinking that all the issues have the same moral weight. Those men are liars and cheats, no better than the Pharisees whom Our Lord referenced as the offspring of the Devil, because he is the Father of Lies. They are, in actuality, worse than the Pharisees because the members of the Sanhedrin did not have the grace of office that these men do and have discarded.

At a convention like this, where the issue is life, and the stakes are clearly understood in terms of a hierarchy of morality — that abortion is the pre-eminent moral issue of the day — these wicked men are understood for exactly what and who they are. Do not let them deceive you. Correct the errors they may have imparted to your loved ones or your friends.

Purity of heart demands that a person love the truth completely and entirely and dedicate himself to it, even in the face of massive opposition. Your reward for defending truth will be the possession of God Himself. 

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