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The Dark Underbelly

Now everyone sees it for all its ugliness.

June 28, 2022  0


I'm Michael Voris, coming to you from the U.S. Supreme Court, where its justices are on a tear, reversing decades of Marxist advances. From gun rights to state rights to religious rights, this term will go down in American jurisprudence history as the month when American originalism was finally resuscitated. 

To be certain, there is still a lot morally wrong in America. Some of that immorality long predated the sexual revolution of the 1960s, but that decade, from roughly 1963 to 1973, set the stage for a massive assault against Christianity that has led to the current culture of rot that is so prevalent today.

Hundreds of U.S. bishops are guilty of a mass cultural betrayal of all that we consider American.

We'll be speaking more down the road about Justice Clarence Thomas' assertion that all the other Supreme Court rulings (for example, on gay marriage and birth control) also need to be revisited, but, again, that's down the road.

For today, the cases of this term, especially Friday's overturning of Roe v. Wade, show just how far America has sunk in terms of evil. It is most especially seen in the response by the Left, by the Marxists who insinuated themselves into all the cultural institutions in the first half of the 20th century and then used those institutions to pervert a country.

Every single cultural institution has been co-opted in this near century-long march: entertainment, legal, political, media, educational and religious, especially the U.S. bishops. For most of this century, as the Democratic Party was slowly being taken over, the U.S. bishops were either blind or willful participants.

But once the 1960s hit, it was quite clear who most of them — especially the most powerful ones —were pulling for. Hundreds of U.S. bishops are guilty of a mass cultural betrayal of all that we consider American.

At first, in all fairness, some of the issues — such as civil rights — did need attention and laws and court rulings and so forth. But as time moved on, immediately it became clear that whatever good intentions may have been present at the beginning were quickly seized on and twisted to evil ends. It was at that point the bishops should have stepped up and done everything they could to halt that march.

But as Church Militant has revealed so often (and why the bishops and their enablers hate Church Militant so much), the U.S. hierarchy had become little else than a gay bathhouse. Seminaries had become dens of sodomy; chanceries lost the Faith; Catholic universities were leading the charge with "wokeness" long before "woke" ever became a thing.

The bishops' refusal to confront evil — and, in some cases, their acceptance of evil — completely neutralized the Church, as the Marxist march moved into high gear. The statements that many bishops released in response to the Dobbs ruling on Friday were supremely ironical and actually insulting to the Catholic peasantry that has been in the trenches fighting this war for half a century.

While they weren't exactly taking a victory lap, the idea of making statements praising the overturning of Roe v. Wade rang a little hollow when you consider their complete ignoring of abortion over the decades. For most of them, it was just one issue among many of equal weight, right up there with unemployment, as Blase Cupich once trumpeted.

Even for one-third of the bishops, the chopping, dismembering and vacuuming out of dead baby parts did not qualify as the preeminent issue of our day. That's one-third, as evidenced by the bishops' conference vote, which, of course, the Catholic peasantry is not allowed to know about regarding how individual bishops voted.

The U.S. bishops, regularly referred to as the Democratic Party at prayer, need to resign en masse or have the ones that Catholics think are good denounce the evil of their brother bishops. Sure, call them to repentance, but when they refuse to repent, call them out and kick them out.

The bishops had zero part in this ruling last Friday. In many ways, they ensured the Culture of Death's continued existence long beyond when it should have ended. To this very day, they have still never taken up a national collection (out of hundreds of collections spanning 50 years) for a pro-life cause. It's revolting, disgusting and revealing.

They simply, for example, refuse to even acknowledge that this moment came because of Donald Trump, a man they routinely chastised, criticized, and, in the case of the Abp. Wilton Gregory, lied about.

Too many of these men are dinosaurs, trapped in some fantasy vision of the 1960s peace and love anti-war demonstrations, an era that has long since passed and was the preparation for unfettered abortion, sodomite marriage, drag-queen story hours and every other cultural perversion you can imagine.

They are simply out of touch, and that's on a good day. Moving forward, the Catholic peasantry should not expect anything from them locally, where this battle is now shifting. Their statements were simply perfunctory, almost required to save face.

And even then, many of them couldn't resist the temptation to revert to their halcyon days of the 1960s and 70s and pepper them with references to seamless garment garbage. That seamless garment garbage is the brainchild of Cdl. Joseph Bernardin, and that is what opened the door for so many Catholic traitors like Pelosi and Biden to ascend to their current operational control over the country. 

The list of those traitors is endless —Kennedy, Cuomo (father and son), McAullife, Kane and on and on — and they are all simply given a pass by like-minded traitors to the Faith who just happen to have been wearing miters.

What the overthrow of Roe has shown is just how dark the underbelly of the Culture of Death is. Whether it's demonstrated by Nancy Pelosi actually shoving a young girl out of a photo op for the swearing-in of her mother or the videos of insane women saying they're going to get pregnant just so they can abort "it" or the call by Democrats to turn military facilities into abortion centers in red states, they are off completely off the hook.

And all of this has reached this point because when they should have been doing their job, they were busy having sex with teenage boys or covering it all up. It's one thing to bleed the Church dry to the tune of $4 billion. It's another to be engineers in the Culture of Death.

These men have done both, and what is galling to peasant Catholics is that there is still no acknowledgment of this sorry history. There is a complete refusal to even say that, in the past, some bishops were bad men. What's so hard about acknowledging a very clear truth that everyone already knows? It's pathetic.

Catholics have to fight a two-front war, a second front that has now opened up because of the Supreme Court.

How to fight this war, how to engage in the battle — tactics, strategy, resources — is the focus of our Church Militant "Call to Action" convention in late August in Detroit, a conference we highly suggest you sign up for here.

This decision came about because of one thing: the hard work of the laity, faithful Catholics, who, over the course of decades, have been shunned by their bishops and their wealthy enablers. Even the Marxists understand that. That's why it's Catholic parishes that are being targeted. 

The gay, pro-abortion priests (like James Martin) need to be run out of the Church. Over the weekend, Martin actually tweeted the following: "A one-minute-old zygote is not the same as a nine-month-old baby about to be born...and women's consciences need to be heard, listened to and respected."

The bishops' refusal to confront evil completely neutralized the Church.

Any response from the bishops yet? Are they OK with the most well-known cleric in America twisting Church teaching on life? Why wouldn't they be? They've let him go on for years twisting Church teaching on homosexuality.

Donald Trump was a gift from heaven, not because of him as who he is, but because of the unveiling of all the rot brought about by his brashness. But right now he needs to be recognized for what he did to bring this moment about.

This Supreme Court has his stamp on it, and that stamp is bringing about a renewed reverence for foundational principles, principles the Marxists have spent decades trying to destroy.

No wonder they're losing their minds. So, since the bishops won't say it, faithful Catholics and men of goodwill all over America will: On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of American citizens that will be born, thank you, Mr. President. God Bless you.

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