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The Deep Church

Evil on a scale too grand to imagine.

April 12, 2018  0
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If you are even slightly attuned to political or cultural happenings, which you should be given the spiritual warfare occurring in these arenas, then you have probably heard the term "the deep state." It's the name given to the covert activity within the U.S. government by leftist holdovers from the Obama years to do everything they can to destabilize any attempt by President Trump to undo decades of their sneaky Saul Alinsky tactics to completely convert America into a socialist state. All you have to do to spot their activity is look at the results — a political version of "by their fruits, ye shall know them" — so, the constant leaking of private White House conversations; the constant pounding of the now-discredited Russia, Russia, Russia narrative; the ever-expanding but still going nowhere Mueller special prosecutor probe; the attempts within the FBI to cover for Hillary's illegal activity with both Uranium One and the 33,000 missing emails and illegal server; even the wiretapping of Trump campaign officials obtained under false pretenses by Obama intel officials.

As an aside on the Hillary stuff, which once it comes fully into the light will also implicate Obama, the gamble by the Party of Death was that Hillary would win and there would be no way any further questioning could happen about her because it would be a Democratic administration that could just let the whole thing quietly pass into history. Any intrepid snoopsters nosing around too much under Hillary's administration would no doubt wind up "missing," mysteriously dead in a weird car accident or drowning or shooting or one way or another never be heard from again.

But when Trump won, the whole plan to sweep everything under the rug got blown up. There was more than one reason for all those tears and thoughts of political suicide at Democratic Party HQ  on election night in 2016. Their whole plan was now able to be exposed. So the plotting and scheming had to begin in earnest, which meant other "secret allies" would have to now come out into the open and begin the assault against Trump, namely, the leftist media. Ah, but Trump, with perhaps the best political instincts this side of Ronald Reagan, hit back against the deep state plot by taking to Twitter and counter-attacking. And that's where everything now stands.

Most Americans are fed up with the Russia, Russia thing. They believe Hillary was guilty and should be gone after, a substantial percentage agree that the media has been weaponized by the Left against Trump and the whole thing has pretty much blown up in their faces. And the plans of the deep state, while still creating a swarm of gnats type irritation for the Trump White House, has been pretty much reduced to that - a big irritant.

Trump hasn't been able to be impeached, he has not been discredited in his claims that Obama and his ilk wiretapped him illegally, and there was no collusion with Russia — boom! So now, let's use this template of the deep state and pivot to the Church, shall we? And to keep things in their proper alignment, we shall call all this that we are about to address the deep Church. Just as there has been massive plotting, scheming and otherwise evil-minded intents in the political arena to transform the American nation, so too, to a much larger degree, a parallel action has been going on in the Church only for much longer, with much more sophistication and much more important consequences although the cultural/political consequences of the deep states are not insignificant.

In the Church, for more than the past century, there has been a largely successful attempt to undermine and unseat not a president, but rather, the teaching authority of the Church. While this can never be successful in its final goal, for the teachings of the Church and Her authority come from God, not man and therefore are not reachable, the perception of these can be perverted, and this is where the deep Church has scored its major hits over the decades. Similarly, as the deep state had to remain hidden so as to best accomplish its nefarious ends, so too the deep Church preferred to remain hidden as well, hence the term "deep" as in buried and out of sight. But the fruits of their actions are everywhere.

A near worldwide apostasy brought on by numerous factors like a complete inversion of the liturgy from God-centered to man-centered, a collapse of Catholic education on all levels from grade school to universities; a devastation of religious life impossible to have imagined in centuries earlier, a near complete rejection of teaching in the areas of sexual morality; a rampant infection of sodomy and sodomites in the priesthood and many other reasons. All of these have been used and worked hand in hand with each other to bring about the erosion of the Faith and a loss of Catholic identity. It has gone largely unnoticed on any large scale until the emergence of the internet where truth has a way of bubbling up from down below.

And here, there needs to be an acknowledgment of the stalwart Catholics who held the line against the deep Church for decades prior to the rise of the internet. These were faithful solid Catholics who stood alone and were mostly buried or mocked by the Church Establishment for their efforts to demand fidelity from the shepherds. Faithful Catholics of the online age will always owe these brave Catholics a debt of gratitude too great to ever pay down, for it was their eyewitness of the horrible evils that began coming to light 40 and 50 years ago that have provided the baseline for the work now carried on by outfits such as Church Militant and a number of others.

What they were the first witnesses to was a degree of malfeasance by the deep Church that Obama's deep state could only dream of ever achieving. The entire direction of the Church was changed by these wicked men and women religious. The "smoke of Satan" that Blessed Paul VI referred to was bought into the Church by these dissidents and heretics and schismatics and apostates who were still hiding in their robes, miters and collars. It was they who corrupted vast swaths of the priesthood with their admitting and promoting of active homosexuals who went on to stand in pulpits and pervert the minds of the sheep and destroy their devotional lives and lie to the sheep about their duties to God and Man. Even more heinously, they were protected by like-minded wicked prelates or simple-minded or naive or careerist bishops suffering from hyperactive egos or cowardly streaks or a quiet hatred of the Faith.

From his very first awareness of the priesthood, Satan has gone after it with all the hellfire strength he can muster. It was right there at the institution of the priesthood in the Upper Room on Holy Thursday night that he presented himself before the Divine presence of Our Blessed Lord and had the gall to demand that God hand over to his diabolical will the Apostles, who would be the ones from whom the priesthood would descend through time. It has been the priesthood and episcopate through which Satan has introduced every heresy and evil into the Church from schism to heresy to a denial of truth. From Arius to Nestorius to Luther to James Martin with scads in between, they have each and all been his instruments to invade the Bride of Christ and bring Her to ruin. And as fantastical as some blissful Catholics may find this, ask yourself this question, "Do you not think there is a devil who desires that all mankind perish?" If this be true then wouldn't it also be the case that he would most energetically spend himself in destroying the one and only single entity which triumphs over him — the Catholic Church. And if that be true, then the means by which the Church is best able to do battle against him is the power buried deep in the priesthood, given to the Church by Christ Himself, for it brings us sanctifying grace in the sacraments.

The deep state is populated by sinister men intent on destroying the natural law underpinnings of the American state to convert it to a socialist nation. The deep Church is populated by wicked men, some of whom are self-deceived — intent on bringing a new man-centered Church into being. The deep state is obedient to a philosophy and ideology of evil. The deep Church does the will of their father — the devil.

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