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The Enablers

And they went away very sad.

August 1, 2022  0


I'm Michael Voris, coming to you from Tim Busch's Napa Institute gathering at his luxury resort and spa in Napa wine country. In case you missed earlier reports from Napa, various attendees have come up to us privately during our time here on the sidewalk because Busch canceled us and Fr. Altman from even attending. They told us they were troubled by what we keep reporting.

People are also seeing these reports and contacting the studio with their own experiences and saying they too are troubled by the soft approach that is continually presented here — the country-club, polite-society approach. For example, when we reported news that this resort hosts gay weddings, people who learned of this were ticked. 

Even comments under that Vortex from over the weekend were pretty explicit that Busch needs to take a stand and refuse that, apologize for ever allowing it and make a public declaration that, specifically owing to his Catholic faith, he will not allow that to ever happen on any of his properties. After all, are you a serious Catholic or not?

Is all this pabulum about fighting the evil in the culture and taking a stand real, or is that just a talking point to draw people to the annual event here to make a few million bucks and make yourself look good in the eyes of your bishop buddies? Speaking on behalf of Tim Busch, executive director John Meyer certainly talks a good game. Fighting the evil in the culture? Is that really what Napa is committed to?

You guys don't build community; you cancel those who love the Faith because it upsets the status quo. You would have kicked out John the Baptist. And as far as liturgies all over the place, do you tell the attendees that as soon as they leave, gay weddings and receptions will be happening right where all those liturgies happened the week before? Please. Said plainly, you're full of crap.

A question — very serious here and really the heart of the matter — do attendees here, and most especially Tim Busch and his bishop cohorts, realize that the evil in the culture is a direct result of the evil in the Church? Do any of the supposedly "good" bishops here put their heads on the very comfortable pillows here each night and not privately admit that to themselves?

You guys don't build community; you cancel those who love the Faith because it upsets the status quo.

The culture is in shambles for one reason and one reason only: It's because the Church is in shambles, owing to weak men running it and the weak men enabling them. Among the bishops are horrid rotten individuals who have sold their souls to Satan. When they die, they will go to their own place and spend eternity with the souls they dragged along to perdition.

But, and this is the very point, all of that could have been prevented if the weak, emasculated, wimpy bishops — who are the majority of them — would have stood up and opposed all this evil. For example, Abp. Cordileone is here. Why did it take him 10 years to oppose evil Nancy Pelosi? And no, he doesn't deserve praise for doing something he should have done a decade ago. It's good, overall, that he did it, but horrible that he took so long.

Bishop Donald Hying from Madison, Wisconsin, is here. He's another weak man who should never have been made a bishop. No weak man should ever be a bishop. He "disciplined" Fr. Richard Heilman the week before last for being "political," as if politics and the wickedness being perpetrated on citizens through it are somehow disconnected and cannot be spoken of from the pulpit. Hying should be standing up and saying what his priest is saying, not disciplining him for it. It is absolutely a priest's duty and obligation to stand up and call evil for what it is. That he was disciplined for it is absurd and an abuse of authority.

The same thing, as we know, happened with Fr. Altman, another "cancel" victim of Tim Busch and the Napa Institute, because of bishops scheming behind the scenes and Tim Busch enabling them.

Many of the attendees here are good people of simple faith who know there is garbage going on but have a hard time wrapping their minds around the depth of evil and corruption. Put simply, they just don't want to admit the degree of betrayal by the bishops and those who enable them. They know Church Militant is right; they've come up and told us so — many of them. It's just that all this is so devastating that they can't deal with it.

Look, we don't like that the "Church of Nice" network has banned us and relegated us to the sidewalk. But if we have to be the "bad boys," the impolite unwashed, not-sophisticated-enough-to-go-in (although we were last year, oddly) then, so be it. The faithful need to stand in the breach and fight this garbage, faithful like the founder of Operation Rescue, Randall Terry, who caught up with us at our sidewalk prison.

The Church of Nice's bishops, clergy and enabling laity fundamentally aren't honest men. They are self-centered, arranging the pieces, ultimately, for their own gain, whatever that might mean — praise of men, gay sex, money, whatever. Sure, sometimes there is a convergence of their personal interest with some teaching of the Church here or there, but when the push comes to the shove, they will not pay the high price.

Not for nothing did Our Blessed Lord make a public case out of the rich young man who initially was doing everything right. Kept the Commandments; gave money to the poor, blah blah. But then the Gospels record that Our Lord looked at him and judged him to be unworthy because of his selfishness, and he went away sad. How, precisely, is that any different from the Church of Nice? The overriding problem for the sheep in the Church of Nice is this. 

It provides a cover for thinking that something is being accomplished, when, in reality, not much is. Sure, some effort here or there is good in and of itself — a new school, a new program or apostolate of this or that. No one is saying those are not good in themselves. But what Church Militant is saying is they are insufficient for the current crisis. 

And the root of that crisis is these damn homosexual bishops and their protected gay clergy and weak men who destroy everything good they touch. Until that is eradicated from the Church, all these various other things will accomplish little. They'll do some good, but it will not stave off the drive over the cliff. An organization goes the way the leaders take it. Period.

The Church is in shambles owing to weak men running it and weak men enabling them.

The culture is rotten because the gay, weak, enabled hierarchy is rotten, and the entire problem with something like the Napa Institute is that this is never allowed to be brought up. The focus is deliberately on the culture without ever addressing the real underlying problem that caused the cultural disaster.

Tim Busch enables these weak men; he coddles them and lunches with them. He never calls them to task. He never confronts them because the neocon Church of Nice detests confrontation, just like neocon politicians and organizations. None of this is allowed to be brought up because, like the rich young man, no one is willing to sacrifice what needs to be sacrificed. No matter how good this or that may be in the short term, in the end, they will all go away sad.

Gay wedding receptions go on here. Has a single attendee gone up to Tim Busch and gotten in his face about that? If so, we haven't heard it. What we did hear, however, to end on a positive note, is that after Church Militant exposed the gay weddings that go on here and said an exorcism needs to be performed, word spread quickly among various priests. A healthy number of them performed exorcisms at the various places where the evil acts take place.

They prayed the exorcism in Latin in the cave, the ballroom, the rooftop bar and the vineyards, and that is the most significant thing that happened here this entire weekend. Not the talks, not the meetings, not the networking and not the deals to fund this or that project. For the Church of Nice, none of this is spiritual; it's all about politics and the culture and money and so forth.

For anyone who plans to attend next year, the first question they need to ask is this: Has the evil stopped, or have you allowed it to continue? If it has not stopped, then don't come. Tim Busch needs to make a public apology for the evil of gay weddings going on here, and he needs to make a very public statement that it will never happen ever again on any properties he owns. Then he needs to take any money he was paid for those evil events and give it away to some worthy cause. That's what a faithful Catholic would do. And that's what faithful Catholics should demand.

Reporting from the Napa Institute, out here at our leperous exile location, you know, on the "margins," not being accompanied by the Church of Nice, this is Michael Voris.

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